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She is aware of writing primarily and then artwork, then belly dancing and singing. It is her leisure activity when she senses cold or lonely. Hence, her siblings are specialized in a various classification of occupation and profession as the youngest of three, she centers on only one. Writing is her category and her companion in living. Although her siblings are all electrical engineer, she certainly not left writing about craft. Scientific disciplines and technology help her in many ways like writing reports, current events and new innovative developments. Aside from writing, she also on coaching in engineering and functional school to discover more practical experience and interaction about newly developed gadgets.

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Engineering in all grounds is her only way to learn P&ID Symbols. She understands most of these in examining some tips in ACM Facility Safety. Coaching and writing about safe practices are distinct in reading through some safety measures. She quit educating about engineering fields yet she is happy to be a writer of the same areas. In all specialized fields, acquiring and developing new things is she prefers most. Building bridges, buildings, and construction are pieces of her writing. Writing help her to produce words and details about safety and risk analysis. A basic tip to every engineering scholars who are engaged in engineering works is her only subject. Blogging and writing help her a lot to deal with a new impression of technological innovation as well as the progression of culture in every country.

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