Coupons (II)

The official results from 1918 list few candidates from the lower ranks. The only corporal was J Hayes, who stood for Labour in Farnham. Three sergeants made it to the ballot paper: James Chuter Ede (later home secretary) fought Epsom for Labour; Trevelyan Thompson won Middlesbrough West for the Liberals, having broken with his Quaker faith over his support for the war; and H Chapman stood as an independent in Leeds West.

The latter was probably a member of the NFDSS (National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers), which stood candidates in collaboration with other groups. They had varying success. Major Robert Hewitt Barker won Sowerby, helped by the fact that he had become the Tory nominee as well. Lt Ernest Thurtle lost Bethnal Green South-West but later became the Labour MP for Shoreditch, successfully campaigning to abolish the death penalty for cowardice and desertion in the army.