Coupons (III)

At the 1918 election, several candidates recorded their military medals, including two holders of the Victoria Cross. Lt Commander Percy Dean captured one of the two seats in Blackburn from Labour's Philip Snowden, whose support for pacifism during the Great War counted against him. After seconding the loyal address in 1918, Dean's only other recorded contribution in the Commons concerned the Pigs (Maximum Prices) Order 1919.

After failing to capture Consett in a three-way split of votes in 1918, Lt Commander Robert Gee triumphed in the 1921 Woolwich East by-election caused by the ill-health of the Labour veteran Will Crooks. Ramsay Macdonald attempted to re-enter parliament having lost his Leicester seat in 1918, but his pacifism was unfavourably contrasted with Gee's war record and he lost again.

Gee lost quite easily at the 1922 general election, returning for Bosworth in 1924, but served only three years before resigning and emigrating to Australia.

This article first appeared in the 08 November 2010 issue of the New Statesman, Israel divided