The Returning Officer


The Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell's name change to Haddock in 2002 (in honour of National Seafood Week) was short-lived, but Sir Nicholas Haddock sat as the MP for Rochester between 1734 and 1745. As befitting his name, he was (like his father before him) an admiral in the British navy. At least ten other admirals sat for Rochester between 1695 and 1802.

Isidore Salmon succeeded Oswald Mosley as the MP for Harrow and was a business partner of Joseph Lyons (of corner house fame). His major achievement as a politician was to help bring about the formation of the Army Catering Corps.

Peter Esslemont was the MP for East Aberdeenshire (1885-92), but left parliament to become chairman of the Fisheries Board for Scotland. Sir George Trout Bartley was the MP for Islington North (1885-1906); he stood in the Hull West by-election of 1907, but lost. His publications included The Parish Net, How it is Dragged and what it Catches.


This article first appeared in the 06 September 2010 issue of the New Statesman, The Pope on Trial