Jasper Parrott was the MP for Totnes (1832-39), and William Wilberforce Bird (a cousin of the better-known W W) served for Coventry (1796-1802).
Douglas Jay, son of a Municipal Reform (Conservative) councillor on the London County Council, served as the MP for Battersea North from 1946-83. Jay is most widely known for being misquoted as saying: "The man in Whitehall knows best." In the 1950s he became one of many people who have suggested that the Labour Party change its name - in his case to "Labour and Reform".

George Edwards was 69 when elected to parliament for Labour in 1920, in the southern division of Norfolk. He had started work in the fields at the age of six - hence the title of his autobiography, From Crow-scaring to Westminster. His county contemporary Michael Falcon was the MP for the eastern division of Norfolk (1918-23),the only Norfolk seat that Labour did not win in 1945.

This article first appeared in the 09 August 2010 issue of the New Statesman, The first 100 days