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24 director behind latest Labour broadcast

Stephen Hopkins to imagine Tory future.

Stephen Hopkins, the director of hit TV action drama 24, has directed the latest Labour broadcast.

The film - which is to be shown tomorrow night - envisages what a Tory-ruled Briain would look like. Entitled 'A Nightmare on your Street', it focuses on the effects of Cameron's propsed $6bn cut in public spending. It portrays distressed families affected by the abolition of child tax credits for hundreds of thousands of people, and the removal of the right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks of referral by a GP.

Hopkins, whose previous credits include cinematic classic Predator 2, said the Conservative leader should not be allowed "get away with no real analysis of his policies for the country and what they would mean to families.

"When we are voting for a new Government, nothing is more important than knowing about the real effect of the different policies the parties are offering. This film is a warning to people about the Conservative policies that haven't made the news yet in this election."

Peter Mandelson meanwhile, Labour's Chair of Election Strategy, declared: "The Tories won't like this film because it exposes how their unfair policies would make British families worse off. It focuses attention on the cuts to family living standards the Tories don't like talking about."