The Returning Officer

Big namesakes

Robert Maxwell sat as an MP in both the Irish (for Lisburn 1743-59) and English (Taunton 1754-68) parliaments, describing the by-election that saw him gain the latter as "a great deal of smoaking, some drinking and kissing some hundreds of women".

Sir Julius Caesar sat for Middlesex and Windsor, among other constituencies, rising to become Master of the Rolls under James I. Further Caesars sat for Hertfordshire in the 1700s around the same time as Silius Titus, who is mentioned several times in the diaries of Samuel Pepys.

Charles Chaplin represented Stamford (1809-12) and Lincolnshire (1818-31), and John Peel (Tamworth 1863-68 and 1871-72) was followed in the Commons by George Harrison (Edinburgh South 1885-86).

Norman Lamont was the MP for Buteshire from 1905-10, following in his father's footsteps. Sir Rupert de la Bere represented Evesham/South Worcestershire from 1935-50, then becoming Lord Mayor of London in 1952.