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As voters go to the polls in Scotland and Wales and for local elections in much of England, the NS will bring you the best in political coverage. Can Labour revive its fortunes or is Britain heading for a new era of party-political turbulence?

Led by our political editor, Martin Bright, our writers will provide incisive coverage of Tony Blair's last task before leaving office, and Gordon Brown's last big challenge before the battle for the succession begins in earnest.

Look out for our definitive special issue on Blair's legacy, with incisive judgements from David Hare, David Marquand, Geoff Mulgan and more. After that, all eyes will be on life under Brown.

Over the past year, the NS has led the debate with a series of exclusives that, together with our interviews and articles from top politicians, has set the agenda.

In the exciting next few months, if you want to know what's going on, who's up and who's down, you know where to turn to first.

John Kampfner, Editor

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