Refugees from Syria huddle under a makeshift tent in Turkey. Photo: Getty Images
The world is gripped by the biggest refugee crisis in its history. Britain must act
By Gavin Shuker - 20 June 10:48

Britain has retreated from the world - and left the most vulnerable to fend for themselves.

A protester moves a balloon with David Cameron's likeness at the recent G7 summit. Photo: Getty Images
Government policy has long seen British Muslims as bystanders at best, suspects at worst. Today is just more of the same
By Maria Norris - 19 June 17:08

David Cameron’s call this morning for “Muslims” to be vigilant about terror in their midst did not come from a clear blue sky. 

Prime Minister Tony Blair walks and talks with Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo: Getty Images
Warning to the Labour leadership candidates: don't turn inwards, but look out, to Britain and to the wider world
By Seb Dance - 19 June 16:59

Labour's leadership hopefuls must look out into the wider world if they are to grasp the scale of the change we need, warns Seb Dance MEP in an open letter.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves speaks at the Labour conference in 2014. Photograph: Getty Images.
The shadow chancellor is the real deputy. Who will it be?
By George Eaton - 19 June 16:56

Rachel Reeves, Chris Leslie and Chuka Umunna are the leading candidates. 

David Cameron on a visit to a Manchester mosque in 2013. Photo: Darren Staples/WPA Pool/Getty Images
Why is David Cameron using British Muslims as the scapegoat for his government’s failings?
By Myriam Francois-Cerrah - 19 June 16:51

The prime minister’s approach to radicalisation sees Muslims as somehow the pure product of their religion, not as British citizens, while also conveniently glossing over government failings.

Manchester Town Hall. Photo: Getty Images
"I'll be a prisoner in my own home" - the cruellest cut of all is just around the corner
By Stuart Rodger - 19 June 15:55

The Independent Living Fund has transformed the lives of the disabled people who use it. But now it's under threat. 

George Osborne, the Chancellor, joins the Chelsea football team with the European Cup. Photo: Getty Images
Today's borrowing figures are good news - but we're not out of the woods yet
By Nida Broughton - 19 June 14:30

Britain will need five more years like this if George Osborne is to have any chance of balancing the books, warns Nida Broughton.

Andy Burnham leaves a Cabinet meeting, 2007. Photo: Getty Images
McKeever: Burnham supports LGBT rights and has the experience to win
By Kevin McKeever - 19 June 13:48

Andy Burnham's record on LGBT issues has come under scrutiny - but, says former Labour candidate Kevin McKeever, he has no case to answer: and the experience to win, too. 

Iain Duncan Smith leaves the first Conservative-only Cabinet meeting since 1997. Photo: Getty Images
What would real welfare reform look like?
By Spencer Thompson - 19 June 12:33

Britain's welfare bill can be reduced without eliminating the safety net - but not with a series of crude caps or freezes, explains Spencer Thompson.

Nicola Sturgeon surrounded by SNP activists. Photo: Getty
One in 50 adults in Scotland is now a member of the SNP – what does this mean for its future?
By David Torrance - 19 June 12:24

The party is acutely aware that it needs to keep hold of its 90,000 new members.

Andy Burnham addresess Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Andy Burnham has questions to answer on LGBT rights
By Benjamin Butterworth - 19 June 11:33

We wouldn’t accept this voting record from a Tory leader. So why should it be OK for a Labour leader? 

A yawning new born baby. Photo: Getty
Will shared parental leave make for a more equal world?
By Glosswitch - 19 June 9:53

To get to grips with the drawbacks and benefits of shared parental leave, we must look past the “maternal gatekeepers”, “commando dads” and other stereotypes that muddy the debate.

Alan Johnson addresses a press conference in 2011. Photo: Getty Images
Alan Johnson to lead Labour campaign to keep Britain in the European Union
By Stephen Bush - 19 June 8:30

Alan Johnson, the popular former Home Secretary, will lead Labour's campaign to stay in the European Union.

David Cameron outside Downing Street for the recent visit of Michelle Obama. Photo: Getty Images
Britain must walk the walk as well as talk the talk in order to get a global deal on climate change
By Caroline Flint - 18 June 18:07

The United Nations climate change conference in Paris is less than six months away. The UK can only show leadership abroad if walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Extract from an 1787 map of Worcestershire by John Cary.
The Returning Officer: Trouble in Worcester
By Stephen Brasher - 18 June 16:47

In 1892, George Allsopp was re-elected as Worcester’s Tory MP, with J T Rushton coming third.

The Labour leadership candidate was was relaxed, amusing and resonated authority and competence.
Yvette Cooper delivers unruffled performance at Press Gallery lunch
By George Eaton - 18 June 16:23

The Labour leadership candidate – often criticised for her lack of personality – appeared relaxed and amusing at a lunch for journalists.

Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper leave a Cabinet meeting in 2008. Photo: Getty Images
Here's why most polls about the Labour leadership race won't tell us anything
By Stephen Bush - 18 June 16:17

A new poll of Labour voters shows Yvette Cooper just behind Andy Burnham - but likely tells us little about the mood among party members. 

Margaret Hodge pictured at her Barking count. Photo: Getty Images
New select committee chairs for the 2010-5 Parliament announced
By New Statesman - 18 June 15:20

The 26 new Select Committee chairs have been announced.

Osborne's plan isn't working - and Labour shouldn't follow it. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
There is no economic reason for Osborne’s surplus plan. It’s time Labour stopped playing catch-up
By Simon Wren-Lewis - 18 June 14:50

Osborne is using the budget as an excuse for reducing the size of the state. Labour must not follow his lead.

Andy Burnham addresses Labour party conference in 2013. Photo: Getty Images
Andy Burnham is the man Labour needs to win back power in 2020
By Luciana Berger - 18 June 12:50

Andy Burnham knows that we don't win by imitating the Tories, but by being better than them, says Luciana Berger. 

Onward, Christian soldiers: preparing to perk up Oxford Street. Photo: Tom Pilston for New Statesman
As the Salvation Army turns 150, what role does it have to play in secular society?
By Martin Fletcher - 18 June 12:21

Faith is still central and the Army’s attitudes to social issues haven't changed greatly. But some of its members want to do more.

Could the EU be the issue which undoes the Tories? Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
Cameron’s European confusion, no rush for the Grexit, Lords legitimacy and a royal snapper
By Peter Wilby - 18 June 11:44

Ignore the Eeyores who say Labour can’t win the next election. I am more optimistic about its chances in 2020 than I ever was about 2015.

Boris Johnson's bumbling persona is starting to irritate in the Commons. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Invictus Games
Bo-Jo's blond ambition: Boris' bumbling is beginning to bore
By Kevin Maguire - 18 June 10:09

Boris, of course, needs votes to appear on the ballot when Tory members come to pick a new leader. Putting their backs up is dangerous.

How Green party members' long-term influence over policy leads to bizarre results
By Tim Wigmore - 18 June 9:58

How the Greens make - and then forget - their policies.

Tony Blair addresses Progress on the 20th anniversary of his election as Labour leader. Photo: Getty Images
Blairism isn't about moving right - it's about doing what's right
By Thom Brooks - 18 June 9:00

What matters is what works. The solutions have changed, but the spirit of Blairism would do Labour a power of good, argues Thom Brooks.

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour conference in 2013. Photo: Getty Images
Bet on Yvette? Is Yvette Cooper really the frontrunner in the Labour leadership?
By Stephen Bush - 17 June 23:37

The bookmakers make Andy Burnham the favourite. But Labour MPs of all stripes think that Yvette Cooper will be Labour's next leader.

Had the right of party not made so many unavoidable errors it would have been harder for others to define themselves against it.
As the Labour left ascends, the Blairites partly have themselves to blame
By George Eaton - 17 June 22:21

Had the right of party not made so many avoidable errors it would have been harder for others to define themselves against it. 

Leadership candidate Andy Burnham seems to think supporting the NHS is enough. Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty
The NS Leader: the Labour leadership battle shows how far the party has fallen
By New Statesman - 17 June 18:54

MPs are unenthusiastic and old divides still rule. What Labour needs is a genuine contest of ideas.

A residential building site, in London. Photo: Getty Images
The solution to London's booming benefits bill - build more houses
By Emily Thornberry - 17 June 17:51

Now is the time for Labour to bring forward positive solutions to the underlying, systemic housing crisis in London, not blame its victims. We must build, not just for ourselves but for our children.