More new jobs, but they’re not as good as the old ones
By Spencer Thompson - 21 January 12:12

The fundamental labour market problems behind the latest fall in unemployment.

A Daily Mail frontpage. Photo: Gideon on Flickr, via Creative Commons
How has press coverage of immigration changed?
By Alex Balch - 21 January 10:50

The way the UK media reported the immigration debate has shifted over time and is becoming increasingly “dehumanised”.

On the road in Essex: how Labour is trying to woo young voters and combat Ukip
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 January 9:44

The shadow universities minister Liam Byrne is travelling around estuary England this week in his party’s bid to make a manifesto for young people.

The Chilcot inquiry delay until after the election is down to Labour and Tory neglect
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 January 8:46

The inquiry into the Iraq war has reportedly been delayed until after May, in yet another set-back.

After the surge, the Greens may find the spotlight uncomfortable
By Craig McAngus - 20 January 18:36

The Greens' surge in membership gives them credibility - but it's not all good news for the party

Across Europe, those born abroad are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed
By Harry Lambert - 20 January 16:18

The UK’s foreign-born unemployment rate is comparatively low, and its unemployment rate is one of Europe’s lowest.

A Labour badge at the 2014 party conference. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Want to upset Britain’s flaccid intelligentsia? Join a political party
By Martin Plaut - 20 January 9:44

The London-based commentariat is quick to pontificate about the decline in our political culture, but slow to do anything about it.

On the 750th anniversary of parliament, we need parties to take a risk
By Kate Dommett - 20 January 8:31

It's Democracy Day, and time for our political parties to recapture their democratic potential.

Meet Ollie Middleton, the teenager running to be a Labour MP
By Anoosh Chakelian - 20 January 8:27

Ollie Middleton, a 19-year-old student, is the Labour candidate for Bath fighting to become parliament’s youngest ever member.

James Blunt on stage in 2013. Photo: Getty
The thing about privilege, James Blunt, is that those who have it can’t see it
By Frances Ryan - 19 January 17:51

It’s not being a “classist gimp”, as the singer termed Labour MP Chris Bryant, to point out that inequality has played a part in how people end up in positions of power in this country.

Jobs at any price are not enough to close the living standards gap
By Katie Schmuecker - 19 January 17:14

Full employment must go hand-in-hand with better pay and government support for low-paid workers as a new report highlights the gulf in living standards for many families. 

Tory supporters warn the PM against out-Ukipping Ukip on immigration
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 January 16:48

Most Conservative supporters want more immigration, not less, according to the centre-right think tank, Bright Blue.

Nearly half of MPs don't want to spend any money preparing for driverless cars
By Barbara Speed - 19 January 15:36

Mostly because they don't know much about them.

Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett on campaign poster
"What are you afraid of, boys?" The Green Party leader attacks Westminster's "three amigos"
By Ashley Cowburn - 19 January 14:37

As membership of the party grows to 44,175 in England and Wales, the party leader, Natalie Bennett, attacks the old boys' club of Westminster.

For the first time since the referendum, the polls show a swing against the SNP.
Is Labour starting to turn the tide in Scotland?
By George Eaton - 19 January 14:08

For the first time since the referendum, the polls show a swing against the SNP. 

How religious – and Islamic – is the UK?
By May2015 - 19 January 13:47

By one measure, nearly 60 per cent of Britons are religious. By another, fewer than 15 per cent are. 5 per cent of us identify as Muslim.

Broadcasters need the tension and drama of the leaders' TV debates too much to let them go
By Douglas Beattie - 19 January 12:49

Those who believe a "chicken" Prime Minister won’t go in for the televised leaders' debates are living in cloud cuckoo land.

There are different rules for women and men, both in front of and behind the camera. Photo: Getty
House of Lords wakes up to sexism in the newsroom
By Karen Ross - 19 January 12:07

Yet this report stops short of recognising the endemic sexism that means only one in every four expert contributors to flagship news programmes are women.

By trying to disguise its failures, Clegg's party is yet again treating young voters contempt.
We won't let the Lib Dems run away from their record
By Lisa Nandy - 18 January 8:48

By trying to disguise its failures, Clegg's party is yet again treating young voters contempt. 

students marching against tuition fees in central London
Where is Labour heading with its tuition fee pledge?
By Ashley Cowburn - 16 January 16:45

Ed Miliband has hinted at a big announcement on higher education, an area where the party seems confused at best.

Shared parental leave will deliver the flexibility that couples want
By Jo Swinson - 16 January 15:06

New rules mean working couples can share up to 50 weeks of leave and up to 37 weeks of pay.

Backbenchers who were in despair last autumn are confident that their party has had the best start to the year.
Why Labour MPs are in such good spirits
By George Eaton - 16 January 14:44

Backbenchers who were in despair last autumn are confident that their party has had the best start to the year. 

The question about the election is not whether Labour will govern, but how?
By Neal Lawson and Adam Lent - 16 January 12:47

If it wins the election, how will Labour rule with such weak underlying assumptions about our society and economy?

Why a Labour win in May might not stop us sleepwalking to Brexit
By Roger Liddle - 16 January 12:03

Pro-Europeans should speak up.

Andy Botham at the helm of the train
Andy Botham: the socialist train driver running against the Tory Transport Secretary
By Ashley Cowburn - 16 January 11:26

Having driven trains along the routes between Sheffield, London and Nottingham for 25 years, Andy Botham believes he is now on track to unseating Patrick McLoughlin in May 2015.