Jeremy Corbyn has other jobs in his sight. Photo: Getty
Does Jeremy Corbyn even believe he can't be Labour leader? He's applying for another job...
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 June 15:03

The Labour leadership hopeful has sent an email out to his colleagues asking for their support for him to be elected to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

David Cameron leaves Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
What causes Islamic terror? David Cameron can't decide
By Stephen Bush - 26 June 14:55

David Cameron seems to have a different take on what causes Islamic terrorism every week.

Tessa Jowell attends the Evening Standard's Culture and Commerce luncheon. Photo: Getty Images
Tessa Jowell secures the backing of more than half Labour's local authority leaders
By Stephen Bush - 26 June 14:01

Tessa Jowell's campaign has recieved another boost with the endorsements of more than half of London Labour local authority leaders. 

Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin arrive at Potsdam shortly after the 1945 election. Photo: Harry Truman Library.
Why has Labour forgotten its past?
By Steve Fielding - 26 June 11:53

The anniversary of Labour's first majority has passed unnoticed in Labour circles. Why?

Ed and David Miliband embrace after the former beat the latter to the Labour leadership. Photo: Getty Images
Why Labour MPs could still decide the final result
By Chris Hanretty - 26 June 9:00

The backing of MPs could still have a decisive effect on the votes of Labour members.

A nebula, viewed by the Hubble Telescope. Photo: Getty Images
Will the trade unions pick the next Labour leader after all?
By Stephen Bush - 25 June 17:58

The small numbers of trade unionists signing up to vote in the Labour leadership election has some smelling a stitch-up. The reality is more mundane.

There are principled and pragmatic reasons for the Chancellor to act in his first Budget of the new parliament.
Why Osborne might well reduce the top tax rate to 40p
By George Eaton - 25 June 17:17

There are principled and pragmatic reasons for the Chancellor to act in his first Budget of the new parliament.

Iain Duncan Smith addresses Conservative Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Could Universal Credit hold the key to tackling child poverty?
By David Finch - 25 June 15:41

The troubled programme, if done right, could hold the keys to tackling child poverty. 

A reconstruction of the Lib Dem clearout (maybe). Photo: Guiseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: the Liberal Democrat clear-out sale
By Kevin Maguire - 25 June 15:08

Money raised goes into a “fightback” fund – although the flattened Lib Dems will need more than the odd jumble sale to rise, Lazarus-like, from the dead.

Liz Kendall wants to deliver "a true Low Pay Commission, not just a Minimum Wage Commission". Photo: Getty
Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall has pledged a "Living Wage society" – but what does it mean?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 25 June 15:03

The Labour leadership candidate wants to extend the Low Pay Commission's legal remit.

The poor are poor because of their own dependency, not because of government policies. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty
By rebranding child poverty, the Conservatives think they are saving the poor from themselves
By Frances Ryan - 25 June 14:35

Today’s figures are an exercise in muddying the waters – if you don’t like the answer, ask another question.

Books pile up in an old shop. Photo: Getty Images
Two books that Labour's next leader must read
By David Blunkett - 25 June 12:58

Labour must avoid suffering its own strange death. 

Illustration: Jackson Rees
In every gutter, you’ll find grim discarded evidence of Cameron’s “care in the community”
By Will Self - 25 June 10:33

The question of whether being institutionalised helps the mentally ill cannot be engaged with on these terms. Being crowded together with a lot of distressed people is always distressing, no matter how sane you may be.

Flats in the Hovsjoe district in south-western Soedertaelje, where many Syrian refugees in Sweden live. Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images
I’ve changed my mind about the Swedes. They took in 40,000 Syrian refugees last year: Britain took 24
By Nicholas Lezard - 25 June 10:23

One thing the Swedes definitely do better than we do, and where we ought really to look a bit sheepish, is in the welcome they give to immigrants.

Steve Hilton is offering energetic ideas with a liberal twist. Photo: Sarah Lee/Guardian News & Media
Kind of blue: why Steve Hilton's manifesto is a challenge to the left
By Jon Cruddas - 25 June 10:11

Where is the equivalent to Hilton on the left? We have not even touched on the questions of human fulfilment, power and radical democracy that are offered up by modern technological change.

Ed Miliband addresses Citizens UK. Photo: Getty Images
This is the true end of New Labour
By Stephen Bush - 25 June 8:00

Ed Miliband's political project was to bury New Labour. Today he succeeds, but not in the way he'd have wished.

Labour will not prosper if it is viewed merely as a repository of protest.
David Cameron has retreated from his promises on child poverty – but will it cost him?
By George Eaton - 24 June 21:48

Labour will not prosper if it is viewed merely as a repository of protest. 

A still from Channel 4's "Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker".
"It's soul-destroying and career-destroying": social workers in the firing line
By Rachel Schraer - 24 June 18:12

The side-effect of transparency is that some innocent social workers are being demonised, with their personal details splurged on hate sites.

David Cameron's attempts to move the goalposts on poverty are a disaster - but don't take my word for it
By Alison Garnham - 24 June 17:20

You can't define away poverty - and David Cameron himself has admitted that. 

Sixty-nine per cent of the 60 million acres in the UK is owned by 0.6 per cent of the population. Photo: Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Leader: A case for taxing land
By New Statesman - 24 June 15:39

With the exception of Spain, Britain has the most unequal concentration of land ownership anywhere in Europe. It's time we addressed this.

Unions said to restricting affiliated supporters' data to preferred candidates.
Trade unions accused of withholding members' details in bid to sway Labour contest
By George Eaton - 24 June 15:20

Unions said to be restricting affiliated supporters' data to preferred candidates. 

Jon Cruddas poses for photos during his bid for Labour's deputy leadership. Photo: Getty Images
Is an English Labour party on its way?
By Stephen Bush - 24 June 14:49

Jon Cruddas appears to have let slip that an English Labour party is on its way. But Labour insiders say the idea is not on the agenda - yet.

The Labour London mayoral candidate on why he is the "modern" figure the city needs, Tessa Jowell's "control freakery", and Islamist extremism.
Sadiq Khan interview: "London can't have somebody stuck in the 1980s or 1990s"
By George Eaton - 24 June 14:03

The Labour London mayoral candidate on why he is the "modern" figure the city needs, Tessa Jowell's "control freakery", and Islamist extremism. 

Abby Tomlinson's #milifandom became a surprising force in the general election coverage. Photo: Twitter/Rossalyn Warren
Life after Milifandom – and why Ed isn’t to blame if I fail my Russian history AS-level
By Abby Tomlinson - 24 June 13:21

The #milifandom leader Abby Tomlinson on A-levels, the election comedown - and why the voting age should be lowered to 16 for the EU referendum.

The Queen on a visit to Berlin. The hats don't buy themselves, you know. Photo: Getty
Is the SNP really trying to break up with the Queen?
By Caroline Crampton - 24 June 13:16

News that the Scottish government could withhold money from QEII has been exaggerated, but there is a political point to the SNP defining itself against the monarchy.

Labour's acting leader seized on the hole in the PM's argument by warning "You don’t get higher pay by cutting tax credits".
PMQs review: Harman exploits Cameron's tax credits problem
By George Eaton - 24 June 13:01

Labour's acting leader seized on the hole in the PM's argument by warning "You don’t get higher pay by cutting tax credits". 

Then Health Secretary Andy Burnham addresses activists alongside Ed Miliband. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Image
Andy Burnham thinks he is an outsider but he’s really just another member of the Guild
By Jason Cowley - 24 June 12:36

Burnham's populist pitch is disingenuous. In truth, he's part of what George Osborne calls the “guild” of professional politicians.

Nigel Farage addresses Ukip conference in 2014. Photo: Getty Images
Look behind you: how Labour can avoid the threat of Ukip
By Patrick Diamond - 24 June 12:03

Ukip did untold damage to Labour both in its heartlands and in the battlegrounds. What can be done about it?

Watch: Tessa Jowell's One London campaign video
By New Statesman - 24 June 11:42

Tessa Jowell re-introduces herself to Labour and to Londoners with a slick new video.