Boris Johnson set to leave a toxic legacy on air pollution
By Murad Qureshi - 10 December 14:09

The Mayor has finally woken up to the scale of the capital’s air pollution crisis, six years late.

PMQs review: Nick Clegg’s shattered strategy of “differentiation” from the Tories
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 December 12:53

A combination of Harriet Harman’s tricky questioning and Tory MPs’ enthusiasm destroyed the Lib Dem leader’s recent attempts to distance himself from his coalition partners.

Labour will be hardest hit by the collapse of Westminster’s three party system
By John Curtice - 10 December 11:40

Why is the Labour party struggling to benefit from the unpopularity of the coalition government?

They may have “a long history of chauvinism”, but Ukip is not the only party failing women
By Rainbow Murray - 10 December 9:21

With a harassment scandal rumbling on, and its leader's breastfeeding comments, it's been a bad week for Ukip. But it's not the only party failing women.

"Torture is always wrong": David Cameron responds to the CIA report
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 December 8:18

The Prime Minister comments on the shocking report published by Democrat senators on CIA torture techniques.

Sketch: Ed Miliband meets young people
By Harry Lambert - 09 December 17:25

We re-run yesterday’s unremarkable debate between Ed Miliband and young people.

Social democrats face irrelevance at best, extinction at worse
By Neal Lawson - 08 December 16:34

Labour could find itself in office come May, but without the power to act. Social democrats everywhere need to understand the crisis they are in and how much they need to change.

Steven Woolfe: “We have to understand that we do want immigrants in this country”
By Tim Wigmore - 08 December 16:13

Ukip's migration spokesman Steven Woolfe on racism, "old Ukip and new Ukip", taking on Labour, and renationalising the railways.

Ukip's high command remains confused about the NHS
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 December 15:46

To outsource or not to outsource?

Why Ed Miliband should reconcile One Nation ideals with New Labour rhetoric
By John Gaffney - 08 December 14:51

How the story of Ed Miliband’s leadership can still have a happy ending.

The two-against-one dynamic harms wiht the Tories while also exposing Clegg's party to the charge of hypocrisy.
How the Lib Dems' attacks on the Tories help Labour
By George Eaton - 08 December 14:49

The two-against-one dynamic harms the Tories while exposing Clegg's party to the charge of hypocrisy. 

There is nothing "ordinary" about the devastation of homelessness
By Jon Sparkes - 08 December 14:26

Homelessness charities will soon present evidence to the Supreme Court in a landmark case – a once-in-a-generation opportunity to challenge the way the law is used to turn people away to live on the streets.

Food banks: why can't people afford to eat in the world's sixth richest country?
By Frank Field and John Glen - 08 December 13:53

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty have published a new report into food banks, and how best to feed impoverished Britain.

How Chris Grayling's treatment of prisoners shows why Justice Secretary is a job for a lawyer
By Anthony Lloyd - 08 December 13:08

The story of the Lord Chancellor and the indeterminate sentence for the protection of the public.

Are there really similarities between The Road to Wigan Pier and poverty today?
By Cameron Tait - 08 December 12:05

After the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor criticised the BBC for making "hyperbolic" comparisons with George Orwell's 1937 exploration of poverty.

Slowing the coalition's dash for gas: Labour will overhaul shale gas regulations
By Tom Greatrex - 08 December 11:33

Labour’s amendments to the Infrastructure Bill would overhaul the existing framework and give us a regulatory regime that is fit for purpose.

How Labour's hostility towards private education could damage the disadvantaged
By Adam Afriyie - 08 December 10:55

The Labour party's attack on fee-paying schools is simplistic and harmful.

The Archbishop of Canterbury demands state support for food banks
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 December 8:57

A new report into hunger, supported by Justin Welby, blames benefit payment delays for increased use of food banks.

Coalition rift: Danny Alexander accuses Tories of looking to "inflict unnecessary pain"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 December 8:13

Conservative and Lib Dem ministers are exacerbating the coalition rift emerging from the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

Having concededed that a Labour government is superior to a Conservative one, the SNP will need to explain why it is working to prevent the former.
The awkward questions facing Salmond as he heads for Westminster
By George Eaton - 07 December 12:01

Having concededed that a Labour government is superior to a Conservative one, the SNP will need to explain why it is working to prevent one. 

Alex Salmond gives his final speech as SNP leader at the party's conference in November 2014. Photo: Getty
Alex Salmond to stand for UK parliament in 2015
By New Statesman - 06 December 23:51

The former first minister is expected to announce that he will stand for the Gordon seat held by retiring Lib Dem MP Sir Malcolm Bruce.

Middle-class war: how Labour should combat the Greens’ success
By Anoosh Chakelian - 05 December 17:05

As the Green Party goes from strength to strength, the middle-class green lifestyle is vulnerable to Labour's appeal to poorer households.

How a year-long battle against restricting books for prisoners played out
By Cat Lucas - 05 December 16:39

As Christmas approaches, it is extremely welcome news that families may once again be able to send books as gifts to their loved ones this year.

Despite its worsening poll ratings, the party remains confident of holding most of its 56 seats.
They're in fifth place, so why aren't the Lib Dems panicking​?
By George Eaton - 05 December 15:55

Despite its worsening poll ratings, the party remains confident of holding most of its 56 seats. 

Have party manifestos had their day?
By Kevin Meagher - 05 December 14:19

The evolution of our politics into a multi-party system would make traditional party manifestos redundant.

The Returning Officer: Cows II
By Stephen Brasher - 05 December 13:30

In 1955 David Ensor published his book Thirty Acres and a Cow. It related Ensor’s experiences in running dairy farms in the 1940s and 1950s in Hampshire and Dorset.

Christmas cards from David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage and Tony Blair
By Anoosh Chakelian - 05 December 13:08

It's the most wonderful time of year, when we can compare and contrast our politicians' families and spouses via their personalised Christmas cards.

Did David Cameron's favourite charity kill the Big Society?
By Lisa Nandy - 05 December 11:32

What's the story behind the two words the Prime Minister hopes you'll forget?