Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's NHS manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
25 Labour parliamentary candidates back Liz Kendall for the Labour leadership
By Stephen Bush - 30 June 17:26

25 parliamentary candidates from across the country have endorsed Liz Kendall's bid for the Labour leadership. 

Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham sing the Red Flag at Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Let's be clear: there is no continuity candidate in the Labour leadership race
By Chris Bryant - 30 June 16:59

No-one in the Labour party thinks that "one more heave" is enough. No-one thinks the party doesn't need to change. The question is: how much change?

David Cameron leaves Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
Even in victory, the Conservatives must continue to reach out to Labour voters
By Daniel Kawczynski - 30 June 15:47

The election victory is an opportunity to speak not just to those voters who re-elected the Tories, but to those who stuck with Labour, says Daniel Kawczynski.

Particularly depressing as Watson did some interesting stuff around t'Internet and Flint is Labour's best media performer. #TUdebate
Fracking is in retreat; time to join the struggle
By Guy Shrubsole - 30 June 15:06

Recent days show that the establishment's fracking mania can be stopped by well-organised, well-meaning people, says Guy Shrubsole.

David Cameron greets Angela Merkel during his whistlestop tour of Europe. Photo: Getty Images
Does David Cameron have a "woman problem"?
By Stephen Bush - 30 June 14:00

Yvette Cooper makes great play of David Cameron's "woman problem", but it's Labour's "man problem" she should be worried about.

Catherine Bearder on the campaign trail. Photo: Getty Images
The last Liberal Democrat: meet Europe's lonely liberal
By Dave Keating - 30 June 13:06

Last month’s defeat for the Liberal Democrats was bad, but their defeat in last year’s European elections was even worse. One year on, Catherine Bearder is struggling with her role as the lone voice of British liberalism in Europe.

Zac Goldsmith delivers a speech. Photo: Getty Images
Labour should fear Zac Goldsmith
By Kate Hoey - 30 June 11:38

Zac Goldsmith is a formidable opponent who can only be defeated if Labour picks the right candidate, says Kate Hoey.

7/7, 10 years on: Tessa Jowell's memorial lecture
By Tessa Jowell - 30 June 6:52

On 7 July 2005, London was attacked by terrorists. Tessa Jowell's memorial lecture is below.

The PM declared that "we must be more intolerant of intolerance" and confirmed that the government would not accept any of the 40,000 refugees in Italy and Greece.
Cameron previews tougher stance on extremism and again rejects refugees
By George Eaton - 29 June 17:41

The PM declared that "we must be more intolerant of intolerance" and confirmed that the government would not accept any of the 40,000 refugees in Italy and Greece. 

Ed Miliband addresses a crowd of Labour supporters. Photo: Getty Images
Ed Miliband changed the Labour party in a way we don't yet fully appreciate
By Stephen Bush - 29 June 17:26

Ed Miliband leaves the party's left flank in ruder health than it has been for decades.

A Labour candidate awaits his count. Photo: Getty Images
There's a crisis in our democracy. Why isn't anyone talking about it?
By James Elder - 29 June 14:32

Just 24 per cent of people voted Tory. Just 21 per cent backed Labour. Why aren't we more worried, asks James Elder.

Anti-austerity graffiti in central London. Photo: Getty Images
Haven't I been on this march before?
By Michael Chessum - 29 June 12:44

The anti-austerity march left many people grappling with feelings of deja vu - but it doesn't have to be that way, says Michael Chessum.

Rather than cutting the top rate, the Conservatives would be wise to reduce the burden on the poorest fifth.
The Tories should remember that the poorest pay the most tax
By George Eaton - 29 June 12:40

Rather than cutting the top rate, the Conservatives would be wise to reduce the burden on the poorest fifth. 

Labour leadership hopefuls unite in promising a 50/50 gender balance and all-women shortlists
By Stephen Bush - 29 June 11:48

All four Labour leadership candidates have vowed to maintain all-women shortlists.

Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper leave a Cabinet meeting in 2008. Photo: Getty Images
Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham need to show why they're not just more of the same
By John Woodcock - 29 June 8:00

The same words with a different accent or gender will lead to the same result, warns Labour MP John Woodcock.

The government has questions to answer over the rail fiasco
By Lilian Greenwood - 26 June 15:43

Passengers deserve better than ministers who are happy to be photographed next to new trains but then withhold the truth from the public.

Jeremy Corbyn has other jobs in his sight. Photo: Getty
Does Jeremy Corbyn even believe he can't be Labour leader? He's applying for another job...
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 June 15:03

The Labour leadership hopeful has sent an email out to his colleagues asking for their support for him to be elected to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

David Cameron leaves Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
What causes Islamic terror? David Cameron can't decide
By Stephen Bush - 26 June 14:55

David Cameron seems to have a different take on what causes Islamic terrorism every week.

Tessa Jowell attends the Evening Standard's Culture and Commerce luncheon. Photo: Getty Images
Tessa Jowell secures the backing of more than half Labour's local authority leaders
By Stephen Bush - 26 June 14:01

Tessa Jowell's campaign has recieved another boost with the endorsements of more than half of London Labour local authority leaders. 

Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin arrive at Potsdam shortly after the 1945 election. Photo: Harry Truman Library.
Why has Labour forgotten its past?
By Steve Fielding - 26 June 11:53

The anniversary of Labour's first majority has passed unnoticed in Labour circles. Why?

Ed and David Miliband embrace after the former beat the latter to the Labour leadership. Photo: Getty Images
Why Labour MPs could still decide the final result
By Chris Hanretty - 26 June 9:00

The backing of MPs could still have a decisive effect on the votes of Labour members.

A nebula, viewed by the Hubble Telescope. Photo: Getty Images
Will the trade unions pick the next Labour leader after all?
By Stephen Bush - 25 June 17:58

The small numbers of trade unionists signing up to vote in the Labour leadership election has some smelling a stitch-up. The reality is more mundane.

There are principled and pragmatic reasons for the Chancellor to act in his first Budget of the new parliament.
Why Osborne might well reduce the top tax rate to 40p
By George Eaton - 25 June 17:17

There are principled and pragmatic reasons for the Chancellor to act in his first Budget of the new parliament.

Iain Duncan Smith addresses Conservative Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Could Universal Credit hold the key to tackling child poverty?
By David Finch - 25 June 15:41

The troubled programme, if done right, could hold the keys to tackling child poverty. 

A reconstruction of the Lib Dem clearout (maybe). Photo: Guiseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: the Liberal Democrat clear-out sale
By Kevin Maguire - 25 June 15:08

Money raised goes into a “fightback” fund – although the flattened Lib Dems will need more than the odd jumble sale to rise, Lazarus-like, from the dead.

Liz Kendall wants to deliver "a true Low Pay Commission, not just a Minimum Wage Commission". Photo: Getty
Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall has pledged a "Living Wage society" – but what does it mean?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 25 June 15:03

The Labour leadership candidate wants to extend the Low Pay Commission's legal remit.

The poor are poor because of their own dependency, not because of government policies. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty
By rebranding child poverty, the Conservatives think they are saving the poor from themselves
By Frances Ryan - 25 June 14:35

Today’s figures are an exercise in muddying the waters – if you don’t like the answer, ask another question.

Books pile up in an old shop. Photo: Getty Images
Two books that Labour's next leader must read
By David Blunkett - 25 June 12:58

Labour must avoid suffering its own strange death.