David Cameron discusses strategies to end FGM and forced marriage at the Girl Summit last summer. Photo: Oli Scarff/WPA Pool/Getty
What are the practical steps we need to take to end FGM in the UK?
By Anna Leszkiewicz - 29 January 14:07

As MPs discuss a national action plan to end FGM, campaigners explain the practical steps the country needs to take to eradicate this abuse.

Jon Cruddas’s speech on love and work: full text
By Jon Cruddas - 29 January 12:48

"Love, empathy and relationships".

Fewer mature students are graduating. Photo: Robert Nicholas
The real victims of this government's changes to tuition fees have been forgotten
By Tim Wigmore - 29 January 12:32

The number of part-time students has fallen by a third since 2010.

Cumberbatch; Redmayne. Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP; Ethan Miller/Getty
Leader: What Cumberbatch vs Redmayne tells us about Britain
By New Statesman - 29 January 12:22

Political parties love to discuss social mobility. But with a society ever more skewed in favour of the rich, has cultural life become the preserve of the posh?

Lord Michael Ashcroft. Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: No respect for the Pollfather
By Kevin Maguire - 29 January 11:45

UKIP volleys, SNP follies and a dip in Lord Ashcroft's reputation. 

Totnes. Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
The Returning Officer: Totnes
By Stephen Brasher - 29 January 9:56

Bolsheviks in Devonshire.

Photo Op (2006) by Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps.
The return of big history: the long past is the antidote to short-termism
By David Reynolds - 29 January 9:29

Historians Jo Guldi and David Armitage have created a powerful, ambitious rebuttal to "the spectre of the short term".

Play your cards right. Photomontage by Dan Murrell
The art of the political wager: how to make money betting on the general election
By Matthew Engel - 29 January 8:37

The only certainty about this year's election is that it will break all previous betting records. So who should you be placing your money on?

BBC rejects the DUP's demand to be included in the TV debates
By Anoosh Chakelian - 29 January 8:05

The Democratic Unionist Party's request to participate in the BBC's seven-way panel has been rejected.

As Miliband’s party has shed votes to the SNP and the Greens, the Tories have emerged in front merely by standing still.
The divided left could cost Labour the election. Can Miliband recover?
By George Eaton - 28 January 21:37

As the party has shed votes to the SNP and the Greens, the Tories have emerged in front merely by standing still.

Defeated parties do not regain power by fighting old battles but by convincing voters that they have changed.
Miliband won't win by telling voters how great New Labour was
By George Eaton - 28 January 16:16

Defeated parties do not regain power by fighting old battles but by convincing voters that they have changed.

What are the political implications of moving Trident to Wales?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 28 January 16:10

Whispers of our nuclear deterrent relocating from Scotland to Wales could be a clever move by the Tories.

The PM's sheer chutzpah allowed him to command the session.
PMQs review: Cameron's "weaponise" charge throws Miliband off balance
By George Eaton - 28 January 13:27

The PM's sheer chutzpah allowed him to command the session. 

Labour's NHS plan: selective rhetoric or socialist principle?
By Benedict Cooper - 28 January 11:04

Key details are "thunderingly absent" in Andy Burnham's ten-year plan for the NHS, but his stark anti-market tones are comforting after four-and-a-half years of business talk.

Residents protest the redevelopment of the estate. Photo: Paulette Singer.
How council promises have fallen away, leaving the West Hendon estate in dire straits
By Chris Godfrey - 28 January 10:27

Residents claim 95 per cent of current tennants will be evicted as regeneration scheme prices out locals.

What the Katie Price benefits row reveals about our paradoxical attitudes towards the system
By Anoosh Chakelian - 28 January 8:57

The celebrity model has defended spending taxpayers’ money on care for her disabled son.

London's planning regulations are weaker – and affordable housing has suffered
By James Murray - 27 January 15:52

We're going to have to be clear what homes we want, clear how we're going to get them – and clear when to stare our opponents down.

Labour can't escape its Blairite past on the NHS, so it should stop crying "privatisation"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 27 January 14:50

Alan Milburn, the former Health Secretary under Tony Blair, has criticised Ed Miliband's agenda on the health service.

Labour will focus on tackling domestic violence – new research could help
By Vera Baird - 27 January 13:42

A Police and Crime Commissioner is making the case for domestic violence perpetrator programmes.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip
The Queen would have to wait over eight years for a council house
By Ashley Cowburn - 27 January 11:38

Over half of first-time Green voters support retaining the monarchy. It’s unlikely they would be thrilled to see the Queen placed on the social housing register.

“Coalition is a contract, not a marriage”. Photo: YouTube screengrab
“We aren’t dead”: the new Lib Dem president Sal Brinton on her party’s prospects
By Anoosh Chakelian - 27 January 9:04

The Lib Dem peer who has just taken up the party's presidency talks electoral strategy, the Lord Rennard case, and why Nick Clegg shouldn't have made coalition look like “a marriage”.

"I want to go and debate": David Cameron on the televised leaders' debates
By Anoosh Chakelian - 27 January 8:42

The Prime Minister has said he would only agree to the TV debates under certain circumstances.

Why the TV debates would hurt the Lib Dems
By George Eaton - 26 January 17:05

Without a distinctive message to offer, Nick Clegg's party could be left looking irrelevant. 

Students mock Nick Clegg / Peter Macdiarmid
Reducing tuition fees: is Labour about to propose a tax cut for the rich?
By Tim Wigmore - 26 January 16:18

Labour’s mooted tuition fee policy would increase inequality.

The irony of arch EU prevaricator David Cameron crying "economic uncertainty" over Syriza's win
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 January 13:57

The Prime Minister is concerned about the financial instability Syriza's win could bring to Europe – when he's the one promising a referendum that would be deeply destabilising.

"A decision for them": Ed Miliband's notably cautious reaction to Syriza's win
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 January 13:17

The Labour leader has responded rather late, and very carefully, to the Greek anti-austerity party's election win.

The Labour left demand a change of direction - why their intervention matters
By George Eaton - 26 January 11:08

The party's backbenchers recognise that political instability could allow them to increase their influence over the leadership. 

Are we any closer to a deal on the televised leaders' debates?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 January 9:17

The broadcasters' new offer of a seven-way panel means the Tories are willing to negotiate.

Anti-austerity party Syriza wins Greece’s general election
By New Statesman - 26 January 8:35

The party’s leader, and future prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has vowed to end Greece’s “five years of humiliation and pain”.