David Cameron. Photo: Getty
Why are the Tories making so many mistakes?
By Tessa Jowell - 08 April 16:22

The Conservative campaign has been error-prone and incoherent. But it's not a problem of tactics or personnel - they make the wrong choices because they have the wrong values.

The Greens' party political boyband broadcast is OK, but about two minutes too long
By Media Mole - 08 April 14:38

It's about two minutes too long, this Green party political broadcast.

Sadiq Khan. Photo: Getty
On the road with Sadiq Khan
By Stephen Bush - 08 April 14:24

Stephen Bush joins Sadiq Khan on the London Labour battle bus.

The debate. Photo: Getty
The New Statesman Podcast | Episode Eighty-Six
By New Statesman - 08 April 14:12

Seven-ways and non-doms.

David Cameron. Photo: Getty
The Tories' decision to oppose Labour's non-dom move is a serious error
By George Eaton - 08 April 12:58

By resisting this progressive policy, the Conservatives risk confirming their reputation as the political wing of the City of London. 

Nicky Morgan. Photo: Getty
Nicky Morgan appears to agree that non-doms should pay tax. What?
By Media Mole - 08 April 12:44

But she’s a Conservative minister! This mole is confused.

Ed Miliband. Photo: Getty
The left must think big to win
By David Clark and Paul Hackett - 08 April 12:44

Whatever happens in May, the only way forward for the centre-left is to raises it sights.

Nigel Farage. Photo: Getty
We can't just give Nigel Farage the silent treatment
By Will Heilpern - 08 April 9:46

Nigel Farage's attacks on the vulnerable - the unemployed, immigrants, and in this case, people with AIDS and HIV musn't go unchallenged.

The crown on Richard III's coffin. Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Labour in a trap, Cameron’s decade debacle, democracy at the Guardian and Leicester’s losers
By Peter Wilby - 08 April 9:10

Plus Richard III interred - and that end-of-term feeling as Parliament closes down.

1799 Clement Cruttwell Map of Scotland. Source: Wikimedia commons
The Returning Officer: West Fife II
By Stephen Brasher - 08 April 8:57

A novel solution and a reformed scotland.

Labour leader vows to end system under which wealthy individuals avoid paying tax on their overseas earnings.
Miliband pledges to abolish non-dom tax status
By George Eaton - 07 April 22:45

Labour leader vows to end system under which wealthy individuals avoid paying tax on their overseas earnings. 

4 things we learned from the Scottish TV debates
By Stephen Bush - 07 April 22:03

Nicola Sturgeon isn't half as impressive when someone gets up in her grill, and Labour must thank their lucky stars that Ruth Davidson isn't moving south any time soon.

Bring back grammar schools? Great news - for the rich
By Sam Bright - 07 April 17:00

Beneath the populist chatter, Ukip's preferred policy - grammar schools - would do nothing for the poor.

People protesting the bedroom tax outside the High Court in London in February 2014. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty
What has happened to the disabled people affected by the Coalition’s welfare reforms?
By Frances Ryan - 07 April 16:03

Frances Ryan revisits previous interviewees to find out how they are coping with the bedroom tax and the changes to benefits like the Disability Living Allowance.

There is an acute tension in Scottish politics. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Scotland and the clash of two nationalisms
By Gerry Hassan - 07 April 15:10

The election debate is being defined by the claim and counter-claim of two nationalisms – one Scottish and out, and one British and in denial.

The Tories and UKIP are preparing to work together
By Alan Johnson - 07 April 13:30

The Conservatives are getting ready for another coalition - this time with Ukip.

The former PM, who once said he didn't mind how much David Beckham earned, says he agrees "completely" with the Labour leader on the subject.
Blair's surprising agreement with Miliband on inequality
By George Eaton - 07 April 12:10

The former PM, who once said he didn't mind how much David Beckham earned, says he agrees "completely" with the Labour leader on the subject. 

No really, the SNP are going to win at least 50 of Scotland’s 59 seats
By Harry Lambert - 07 April 11:58

The swing in Labour’s heartlands is even greater than the swing implied by national polls.

5 things that we know for certain about the next election
By Steve van Riel - 07 April 8:00

The outcome of the election is uncertain. But there are some things that will definitely happen afterwards, regardless of the result.

George Galloway. Photo: Getty
George Galloway argues with Bradford pub that asked him if he was "still a thing" on Twitter
By Media Mole - 04 April 18:53

Bradford West candidate George Galloway suggested he would have Bradford Brewery investigated after its Twitter account asked him if he was "still a thing"

Winners, like Sir Alex Ferguson, are obsessives. David Cameron isn't. Photo: Getty
Cameron looks like a man who has lost his desire for the job - in politics as in sport, that's lethal
By Ian Leslie - 04 April 12:40

In the debates, David Cameron looked peripheral, a professional who has lost hunger. That could be the end of him.

Vote SNP, get Tory? Does a leaked memo reveal a secret Nationalist plot to install the Tories
By Stephen Bush - 04 April 11:28

A leaked memorandum has the SNP furiously denying the conversation ever took place and Scottish Labour elated. But if you think about it, it's likely that Nicola Sturgeon's words were neither as revelatory or as indiscreet as you might think.

The cost of a Conservative chancellor: Labour unveil new poster
By Stephen Bush - 03 April 23:00

Ahead of the new financial year, Ed Balls will unveil a new poster attacking the cost of the Conservative government.

Whoever wins, Britain will only thrive if we all come together
By Chuka Umunna - 03 April 14:54

Labour's shadow business secretary reflects on the first week of the campaign. 

How Labour must wish that Nicola Sturgeon were their leader
By Jason Cowley - 03 April 11:25

Last night’s debate made for good television but told us little we didn’t know and changed nothing. And so the jamboree goes on. 

Who won the seven-way debates? I watched with my girlfriend to find out
By Alan Martin - 03 April 10:41

Alan Martin's girlfriend didn't watch the 2010 debates and isn't interested in politics - so what did she make of the debates?

Miliband again impressed - but the limits of the format left him unable to land the knock-out blow against the PM he craved.
TV debate verdict: Cameron gets the murky result he wanted
By George Eaton - 02 April 23:15

Miliband again impressed - but the limits of the format left him unable to land the knock-out blow against the PM he craved. 

7 things we learned from the seven-way TV election debate
By Stephen Bush - 02 April 22:20

Ed Miliband erred in taking part in the challengers' debate, Nigel Farage is a one-trick pony, Nicola Sturgeon is a classy operator - and Leanne Wood isn't.

Whatever happened to the election posters in our windows?
By Ivor Gaber - 02 April 18:59

You could always tell it was election time from the posters in people's windows. Where have they vanished to?

The Liberal Democrats don't realise how much trouble they're in - but they will soon
By Ross McCafferty - 02 April 18:39

The Liberal Democrats a bad joke - and they're the only ones who don't get it.