20 years after Srebrenica, the Rohingya are the Bosnians of today
By Yasmin Qureshi - 11 July 8:01

After Srebrenica, the world said "never again". But yet another cleansing is happening in Myanmar, while the world watches. 

Which CLPs are nominating who in the Labour deputy leadership contest?
By New Statesman - 11 July 0:44

The race now moves onto supporting nominations from constituency Labour parties: who will emerge the strongest?

Jeremy Corbyn attends an anti-austerity march. Photo: Getty Images
Just how good are Jeremy Corbyn's chances?
By Stephen Bush - 10 July 20:13

Jeremy Corbyn continues his remarkable surge. But how worried should his opponents be?

A wallet with coins, lies on a desk. Photo: Getty Images
It's not a National Living Wage, but it's a step in the right direction
By Cameron Tait - 10 July 16:35

George Osborne has at least made a start on the problem of low pay, argues Cameron Tait.

George Osborne holds his red box aloft. Photo: Getty Images
George Osborne's latest budget leaves us all a prisoner of debt
By Louise Haigh - 10 July 16:04

Britain's resilience is lower than it was before the last crisis, and this budget has piled yet more debt onto households, warns Louise Haigh.

The deck of the HMS Bulwark. Photo: Getty Images
What makes a mother put her child on a "lilo with sides"?
By Kirsty McNeill - 10 July 14:16

Yesterday, I visited one of the boats rescuing people crossing the Mediterranean. Here's what I learned.

A doctor's stethoscope lies abandoned on a desk. Photo: Getty Images
Without anyone noticing, doctors are leaving the NHS in droves
By Benedict Cooper - 10 July 13:40

Increased paperwork, increased hours, and ever more pressure are forcing GPs out of the NHS - either to the private sector, or abroad.  

Norman Lamb addresses Liberal Democrat conference. Photo: Getty Images
I'm voting for Norman Lamb so we can get the Liberal Democrats back where they belong: in government
By Charlie Kingsbury - 10 July 13:24

We can't just campaign ourselves into the ground. We need to prove we have ideas worth voting for: that's why we need Norman Lamb, says Charlie Kingsbury.

Police stop and search a protester in the Westminster area. Photo: Getty Images
The Met has three tests to pass on Stop and Search

Tessa Jowell and Doreen Lawrence write on what the Met can do to ensure Stop and Search works for everyone. 

Alexis Tsipras attends a conference of European left parties. Photo: Getty Images
It's not yet time for the British Left to contemplate Brexit
By Michael Chessum - 10 July 11:04

Recent events in Greece have shaken the British Left's pro-Europeanism. But the Left case for Brexit is still unmade, argues Michael Chessum.

Watch: David Lammy's latest campaign video
By New Statesman - 10 July 10:24

In David Lammy's latest campaign video, the candidate's friends and family tell his story, going from growing up poor in Tottenham to becoming a barrister and MP.

Alistair Darling on the campaign trail. Photo: Getty Images
Alistair Darling backs Caroline Flint
By Stephen Bush - 10 July 8:00

Caroline Flint's campaign for the deputy leadership has recieved a boost thanks to the endorsement of Alistair Darling, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and head of Better Together.

Tony Blair and Ken Livingstone pose for photographs at a Downing Street reception. Photo: Getty Images
Seriously, could Jeremy Corbyn win?
By Stephen Bush - 09 July 16:28

The endorsement of Unite, tumbling odds with the bookmakers, and now second place among local parties all raise the same question - could Jeremy Corbyn really win?

Chris Grayling said the new welfare plans are "grounded in common sense". Photo: BBC
Government cries "common sense" as it refuses to debate Budget plan that could require women to prove rape
By Anoosh Chakelian - 09 July 16:01

Leader of the House Chris Grayling has dismissed MPs' calls to set aside time to debate what has been described as an "incredibly distasteful" policy.

In those days, everyone was “Troops out”. He just seemed more “Troops out” than a lot of people. Picture: University of Ulster
My Irish lover thought sex the ultimate sin. I like that in a man
By Suzanne Moore - 09 July 14:34

Our casual affair became more serious when we went to meetings in a back room of a pub on Holloway Road.

George Osborne presents the red box to cameras. Photo: Getty Images
George Osborne has made a big gamble - Labour must make sure he pays for it
By Karim Palant - 09 July 14:27

Amidst the noise about a living wage and the Labour leadership race, George Osborne has left a big hostage to fortune. Labour must hold him to it.

Margaret Hodge, anti-tax avoidance campaigner and Kendall backer. Photo: Getty Images
Liz Kendall appoints Margaret Hodge to investigate Britain's £100bn tax relief bill
By Stephen Bush - 09 July 13:26

The Labour leadership has appointed the former head of the Public Affairs Committee and anti-tax avoidance campaigner Margaret Hodge to review the £100bn that Britain gives away in tax relief each year. 

The new £9 rate will give the UK one of the highest minimum wages in the OECD.
Osborne's living wage will increase immigration - but he won't mind
By George Eaton - 09 July 13:09

The new £9 rate will give the UK one of the highest minimum wages in the OECD. 

Is Boris' trademark blond mop showing a peroxide tinge? Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Commons Confidential: Tom and Jerry, the Corbyn effect and rumours of a bottle blond Boris
By Kevin Maguire - 09 July 12:52

The Prime Minister’s closest circle accuses his wannabe successor of dyeing his hair.

New Broadcasting House. The BBC is a fine institution, but needs to get its house in order. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Leader: Blind faith in the BBC
By New Statesman - 09 July 12:41

The BBC is the best broadcaster in the world - but it needs to get its house in order.

Ham-face: what do you do when your family love the politicians you despise? Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/WPA Pool/Getty
What it’s like to be the lone left-winger in a right-wing family
By Jessica Brown - 09 July 11:57

My grandma thinks Cameron’s a charming, intelligent young man. I think he's a slippery, gammon-faced Putin-lite.

MEPs vote against TTIP yesterday. Photo: Getty Images
The battle over TTIP is far from over - and we're not ready to give up the fight
By Jude Kirton-Darling - 09 July 10:48

The Left won a partial victory in the European parliament yesterday - but the battle continues.

MEPs vote against TTIP yesterday. Photo: Getty Images
The battle over TTIP is far from over - and we're not ready to give up the fight
By Jude Kirton-Darling - 09 July 10:48

The Left won a partial victory in the European parliament yesterday - but the battle continues.

A 1920 map of the Midlands. Photo: Harmsworth's new Atlas
The Returning Officer: Warwick II
By Stephen Brasher - 09 July 10:09

Walter Leslie Dingley's hunt for five policewomen, plus local curriculum quandaries.

Popular politician Denis Healey with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
Does everyone hate politicians - or can they be popular?
By Edward Pearce - 09 July 9:59

New Statesman parliamentary sketchwriter explains what politicians can do to make themselves liked.

Life of a salesman: Richard Desmond in June. Photo: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian
Richard Desmond's autobiography is just a supersized OK! feature
By Helen Lewis - 09 July 9:35

Newspaper proprietors find it relatively easy to opt out of public life but Desmond is a salesman to the core.

George Osborne and Alistair Darling face off. Photo: Getty Images
Budget 2015: George Osborne misses his targets again
By Nida Broughton - 09 July 8:55

George Osborne has offered some reprieve on austerity. Let’s hope it gets used wisely.

As with Thatcher’s privatisations, the Chancellor is confident that his reforms will become part of the common sense of the age.
Osborne may yet fall to earth, but he has already reshaped the state in his own image
By George Eaton - 08 July 22:22

As with Thatcher’s privatisations, the Chancellor is confident that his reforms will become part of the common sense of the age. 

George Osborne holds the red box aloft. Photo: Getty Images
Once again, the biggest losers from George Osborne's budget are women
By Yvette Cooper - 08 July 19:50

Labour needs to have the strength to stand for a better approach – for a stronger economy with sustainable public finances and a fairer, less divided country.


Rihanna's BBHMM music video is an example of the Ballardian Atrocity Exhibition. Photo: YouTube Screengrab
BBC imperialism, the enigma of John Freeman, and Rihanna’s Atrocity Exhibition
By Jason Cowley - 08 July 17:26

The Rihanna video is a prime exhibit in what J G Ballard called modern society’s Atrocity Exhibition.