John Pilger prefers the web to TV news
By John Pilger - 02 December 12:00

We like to think our broadcast news is impartial. But it is deeply and subtly biased and that is why

Alone they stand, against a dominant PM
By John Kampfner - 02 December 12:00

Tony Blair always believed in his heart that the unions were dangerous. Now he knows it, and he will

The Insider - Paul Routledge on an Adonis in search of a seat
By Paul Routledge - 25 November 12:00

Fiona wants a job, Adonis wants a seat, and MPs just wish they could go home

Politics - John Kampfner unmasks Gordon Brown's enemy
By John Kampfner - 25 November 12:00

Gordon Brown's allies believe that Alan Milburn is cultivating the role of supreme reformer so that

The road to Westminster
By Wendy Holden - 25 November 12:00

Number Ten

Sue Townsend <em>Michael Joseph, 336pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 071814368X

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 25 November 12:00

Don't believe it - "Firefighters losing public support"

Goodbye, lady with the lamp
By Theodore Dalrymple - 25 November 12:00

Observations on gobbledegook

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 18 November 12:00

Don't believe it - "Government to do deal with firefighters"

How students will pay
By John Kampfner - 18 November 12:00

Observations on university fees

Just like his pal Silvio
By Nick Cohen - 18 November 12:00

Tony Blair, assisted by a posse of unelected advisers, propaganda paid for by our taxes, and a subse

The Bain of their lives
By Robert Taylor - 18 November 12:00

Observations on firefighters

The Prime Minister prepares to retire
By Francis Beckett - 18 November 12:00

Francis Beckett reports from an alternative universe

Paul Routledge reveals an aborted spliff trip
By Paul Routledge - 18 November 12:00

An old Labour triumph, an aborted spliff trip, and the woman who sculpted Lenin

Music of chance
By Sarah Schaefer - 18 November 12:00

Finest and Darkest Hours: the decisive events in British politics from Churchill to Blair

Kevin Je

Be afraid, be very afraid . . . of gum on the pavement and graffiti on the wall
By Paul Barker - 18 November 12:00

Medieval handbooks laid down strict rules about spitting; today, staring may be an aggressive act. P

It is not a moral issue
By Staff blogger - 18 November 12:00

As Robert Taylor recalls on page 15 of this issue, Sir George Bain, when he became principal of the London Business School in 1989, secured for himself one of the most lucrative remuneration packages in the whole of academia.

Things can only get better
By Andrew Billen - 18 November 12:00

Television - Andrew Billen finds <em>The Project</em>, like new Labour itself, to be a big let-down

NS Interview - Jack Straw
By John Kampfner - 18 November 12:00

The Foreign Secretary is ready to wage war on tyrants, but blames many of the world's problems on Br

The insider - Paul Routledge reveals Robin Cook’s Irregulars
By Paul Routledge - 11 November 12:00

Robin Cook's Irregulars, Douglas Hogg exposed and MPs on the bottle

A restless ghost
By Stephen Howe - 11 November 12:00

Marx for Our Times: adventures and misadventures of a critique

Daniel Bensaid, translated by Grego

Bruised, battered and out of power
By John Lloyd - 11 November 12:00

The European left is in retreat. It stole the right's economic clothes; now the right threatens to s

Cristina Odone pities children at the law's mercy
By Cristina Odone - 11 November 12:00

Parenthood is no longer a matter of blood; it has to be defined by state regulation

Peering into the abyss
By Andrew Billen - 11 November 12:00

Television - Andrew Billen on why we should be sorry to lose a decrepit institution

NS Profile - Denis MacShane
By Francis Beckett - 11 November 12:00

Charming, egocentric and clever, the new minister for Europe "can't bear to talk like a woodentop".

Politics - John Kampfner on Kenneth Clarke, the Tories’ hope
By John Kampfner - 11 November 12:00

Ken Clarke is grinning broadly, knowing that he is in a perfect position to replace IDS

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 11 November 12:00

Don't believe it - "Queen suddenly recalls chat with butler"

A trawl that nets the innocent
By Richard Webster - 11 November 12:00

Observations on miscarriages of justice

Even the servants can't follow the royal script
By Staff blogger - 11 November 12:00

Even for the more dedicated royal-watchers, the "revelations" during and since the trial of Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales's former butler, may seem of the utmost triviality.

The business - Patrick Hosking finds that targets don’t work
By Patrick Hosking - 11 November 12:00

Targets are all the rage in industry as well as in government; but company bosses, at BP and elsewhe

Mark Thomas defends David Shayler
By Mark Thomas - 11 November 12:00

David Shayler is being pilloried because he exposed a secret service plot to fund al-Qaeda. Surely,