The hand of history beckons
By John Kampfner - 17 June 13:00

One day next winter, the great moment will come: Gordon Brown will give the Treasury's verdict on th

Lula and Elisa reach for power
By John Lloyd - 10 June 13:00

While the left is beating a retreat in western Europe, it is gaining ground in Latin America. But, o

The Insider - Iain Dale on why Ben Elton is in Tony Blair's bad books
By Iain Dale - 10 June 13:00

Why Ben Elton is off the No 10 Christmas card list, and Ann Widdecombe may wear leather. Iain Dale r

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 10 June 13:00

Don't believe it - "Brown played no part in my swift return, says Wills"

Mark Thomas on why the Turks are popular at No. 10
By Mark Thomas - 10 June 13:00

New Labour backs the Turks over the Kurds because Turkey is the Richard Desmond of the British arms

NS Essay - Fighting the spectre of the far right
By Godfrey Hodgson - 10 June 13:00

Populist politicians who hold government in contempt and raise the alarm about "outsiders" can be st

Darcus Howe celebrates "Pablocito" Boateng
By Darcus Howe - 10 June 13:00

Will Paul Boateng's loyalty be stretched by Labour's plans for asylum-seekers? Asks Darcus Howe

Comrades up in arms
By Johann Hari - 10 June 13:00

Stalin still exerts a strange hold over some, not least Arthur Scargill. Johann Hari attends a Stali

Darcus Howe finds an intifada up north
By Darcus Howe - 03 June 13:00

What we are seeing, among young Asians in the northern towns, is an intifada

NS Essay - Whose culture are we talking about?
By Deborah Cameron - 03 June 13:00

In our attitudes both to immigrants and to foreign languages in schools, we take it for granted that

The rise of the dour technocrats
By John Kampfner - 03 June 13:00

Stephen Byers was one of the Blair gang, but he got carried away with his reputation for media savvy

You are wrong, Mr Blair: it is you who is prejudiced about science, and it is the people at large who have respect for the evidence
By Colin Tudge - 03 June 13:00

The Prime Minister believes in the unfailing beneficence of high tech. <strong>Colin Tudge,</strong>

Millbank mayhem
By David Cox - 03 June 13:00

Observations on the media

The Insider - Iain Dale
By Iain Dale - 03 June 13:00

Mandelson's outbreak of honesty, IDS's birth certificate, and an untimely belch

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 03 June 13:00

Don't believe it - "Beckham flying home"

Drugs: legalise, regulate and tax
By Staff blogger - 27 May 13:00

The cover of the latest report from the Commons home affairs select committee asks: "The government's drugs policy: is it working?" But no committee is required to answer that question. The government's drugs policy is not working, and nor is any other government's.

The two faces of the working class
By Mark Hayhurst - 27 May 13:00

In the mid-1950s, two books were published about the working class of Bethnal Green which, though sharing the same subject matter, appeared to describe different planets.

The laptop fascists
By John Gray - 27 May 13:00

Do not dismiss Europe's far-right parties as simply reactionary. They are all the more menacing beca

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 27 May 13:00

Don't believe it - "Brown to push euro"

The Insider - Paul Routledge on why Jack Straw is brassed off
By Paul Routledge - 27 May 13:00

A brassed-off Foreign Sec, the riddle of the Sunderland Empire and a missing cartoon

We should soak the landowners
By Antonia Swinson - 27 May 13:00

Lloyd George favoured it; so did Churchill and Adam Smith. Denmark has one, as does Sydney, Australi

Mark Thomas searches for buried truths in Tanzania
By Mark Thomas - 27 May 13:00

Were more than 50 Tanzanian miners buried alive? The mine owners deny it, but local people claim the

The NS Profile - The Duncan Smiths
By Johann Hari - 27 May 13:00

They include a Spitfire pilot linked to a Nazi spy ring, a Europop queen, a fashion king and a balle

Why privatisation makes railways unsafe
By Staff blogger - 20 May 13:00

The sequence of events after a rail disaster is now familiar: first, the speculation (or the hope in some quarters) that vandalism or, more excitingly, sabotage is the cause; next, the attempt to blame some lowly worker (a driver, an engineer or a signalman); and finally, an inquiry which establ

The riddle of the porn baron's cheque
By John Kampfner - 20 May 13:00

Nobody at Labour HQ knew anything about Richard Desmond's donation. Or so they say. But the party is

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 20 May 13:00

Don't believe it - "Labour in new sleaze row"

The long struggle
By Tony Travers - 20 May 13:00

Observations on devolution

Watching Brief - Amanda Platell
By Amanda Platell - 20 May 13:00

If it can't bury bad news beneath a real funeral, <em>a la</em> Jo Moore, this government is prepare

The Insider - Paul Routledge
By Paul Routledge - 20 May 13:00

Selling Gibraltar, a new club for top people, and computer-nerds-are-cheerful shock reports Paul Rou

The NS Essay - How my father spied for peace
By Natasha Walter - 20 May 13:00

Forty years ago, activists, among them Nicolas Walter, found secret government plans for the British