Questions they don't want you to ask
By Neil Clark - 18 April 13:00

For most of us, a general election campaign is the only time we ever meet that strange creature, the British politician, and those who aspire to become one. But forewarned is forearmed.

I do like a high concept
By Zoe Williams - 18 April 13:00

The party leaders represent the three ages of man, and at the moment, Zoe Williams is rather fond of

Leader without a crowd
By Lucy Sweet - 18 April 13:00

Election views - Glasgow

My pledge card
By Staff blogger - 18 April 13:00

Don't like Tony's six election promises? What would you prefer?

Tangled web for ex-MPs
By Kathryn Corrick - 18 April 13:00

Election views - online

Hot air beside the seaside
By Janet Bush - 18 April 13:00

Election views - Devon

Nightmare on Downing Street
By John Kampfner - 18 April 13:00

If the Conservatives under Michael Howard really did win the keys to No 10 next month, what kind of

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 18 April 13:00

Don't believe it - "Labour election strategy in disarray"

See the election disappear
By Joe Moran - 18 April 13:00

Election views - Liverpool

The insider - Kevin Maguire on election brochures and butties
By Kevin Maguire - 18 April 13:00

US corporates prepare for Brown's rise, Marr upsets Howard, and Patricia Hewitt in trouble

Watching brief - Amanda Platell admires Sandra Howard's cardy
By Amanda Platell - 18 April 13:00

In which I eye up Camilla's couture tents, appreciate Sandra Howard's cardy, and peek inside Wayne a

For middle-class welfare, vote Lib Dem
By Staff blogger - 18 April 13:00

The horrible truth is that many thousands, perhaps millions, of people who have voted Labour all their lives will find it hard to support the party on 5 May.

Driven to distraction
By Andrew Billen - 18 April 13:00

Election views - TV

My pledge card
By Staff blogger - 11 April 13:00

Don't like Tony's six election pledges? What would you prefer?

The insider - Kevin Maguire enjoys John Reid's posh dinner
By Kevin Maguire - 11 April 13:00

Milburn covets Prezza's job, party rejects Blair fizz, and Mark Thatcher not guilty shock

The anxiety election: this time it's tribal
By John Kampfner - 11 April 13:00

Labour is going back to first principles, talking about investment in public services rather than "r

Muslim vote trumps pink vote
By Peter Tatchell - 11 April 13:00

Observations on gay equality

How to give Blair a bloody nose
By Staff blogger - 11 April 13:00

The <em>NS</em> guide to tactical voting

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 11 April 13:00

Don't believe it - ''The <em>Sun</em> has yet to decide whom to support''

A pope who said the unsayable
By Staff blogger - 11 April 13:00

How can it be that, while the prospect of a general election campaign is greeted with a collective public yawn, the death of an 84-year-old Pole grips the country's attention and imagination?

A greyer shade of pale
By John Harris - 11 April 13:00

Nobody would be surprised if one of the party leaders were to propose a traffic-cones hotline. In th

NS interview - Catherine McCartney
By Christopher Thornton - 04 April 13:00

"We're not the bravest women in Ireland. That's just media stuff. The only way to restore the value

NS interview - Caroline Spelman and Sarah Teather
By Viv Groskop - 04 April 13:00

Caroline Spelman, 46, has been MP for the rural West Midlands seat of Meriden since 1997. A former Conservative party whip, she is shadow secretary of state for local and devolved government affairs. She is married with three children, aged between ten and 14.

New Stateswoman
By Sue Matthias - 04 April 13:00

''Politicians are so dreadfully afraid that the women's vote would not be given en masse in support of their own party . . . They would be an unknown quantity in every constituency, and they are therefore dreaded by the party wirepullers."

The best that they can do?<br />
By Sandra Barwick - 04 April 13:00

With much fanfare, the main parties are presenting their policies for women. Sandra Barwick takes a

The most important election ever
By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - 04 April 13:00

Black and Asian women tell Yasmin Alibhai-Brown whom they'll vote for - and why this time it really

NS interview - Tessa Jowell
By Mary Riddell - 04 April 13:00

Macho politics has had its day: it's time for a new type of politician. Mary Riddell talks to Tessa

Botox ballot box
By Isabel Wolff - 04 April 13:00

Observations on illusions

By Alice O'Keeffe - 04 April 13:00

Interviews by <strong>Alice O'Keeffe</strong>