Secrets, lies and diplomats
By Carne Ross - 26 February 12:00

We know next to nothing of how our overseas embassy staff operate in our name. In an astonishing exp

Come back, euro - all is forgiven
By Ivan Massow - 26 February 12:00

In one area, David Cameron refuses to budge from old certainties - the single currency. Here, a Tory

Don't kiss the ring
By Kevin Maguire - 26 February 12:00

Team Benn shares initials with a fatal disease. Worse still, it shares them with the PM

The 365 ways to say No
By Sam Alexandroni - 26 February 12:00

Observations on Trident

Free Ocalan ... or should that be Borat?
By Mark Thomas - 26 February 11:48

You can't beat terrorism by banning parliamentary book launches

Britain is not a force for peace
By Jamie Allinson - 26 February 11:03

As the Trident debate looms, Gordon Brown's alma mater does not share his belief in the need for an

Blink and you'll miss it
By Ben Davies - 23 February 14:42

Party animals, awards and winter sun

An issue for Clareification
By Jack Sommers - 19 February 16:01

Controversial cartoons and free speech

A corrupt system that affects us all
By Peter Wilby - 19 February 12:00

I am not suggesting your council will accept a bribe to nod through your rear extension...

An oofily good idea
By Kevin Maguire - 19 February 12:00

Blame is pinned on Mandy's little helper for inviting oddballs to sign web petitions

How to stay a minister
By David Owen - 19 February 12:00

Observations on sport

Sponge cake and deep-fried Toblerone
By Red Box - 19 February 12:00

Ed prepares a glitzy extravaganza for Tony, Cherie hatches a cunning plan for Gordon, only for Leo t

Interview: Hilary Benn
By Martin Bright and John Kampfner - 19 February 12:00

He's made no enemies on his way up but does this would-be deputy leader's inoffensive demeanour mask

Petition power cannot be brushed aside
By Martin Bright - 19 February 12:00

The road pricing crisis should be seen as the first challenge of the Gordon Brown era. It will be Br

We love capitalism
By Richard Reeves - 19 February 12:00

Were trade unionists looking in the wrong place when they fought for better pay and shorter hours? T

Politicians cannot save the world
By Oliver Postgate - 16 February 17:23

Oliver ponders the dangers faced by the world

How time mellows us all ... sort of
By Owen Walker - 16 February 17:15

The wars in blogosphere and how one senior political editor rated Westminster's most fanciable

We're independent, are you?
By Martin Bright - 16 February 16:08

Bright responds to Guido Fawkes

Not Bright's Blog IV - Lost Left
By David T - 13 February 14:45

The author of Harry's Place is the latest guest blogger

Civilised debates at the ICA and the RCP...
By Martin Bright - 13 February 12:48

A good tempered debate prompts memories of being hijacked by the Revolutionary Communist Party

Is there a mole in Downing Street?
By Martin Bright - 12 February 16:36

A well-placed Labour source says the police have a mole in Number 10

Permission to brag
By Ben Davies - 12 February 15:47 breaks the 125,000 hits barrier and continues to climb

Birmingham: the questions remain
By Shiv Malik - 12 February 12:00

In Sparkhill, Shiv Malik finds that scepticism and "agendas" surround the alleged plot to kidnap and

The guilt trip
By Mary Riddell - 12 February 12:00

A revolution in crime policy is being put forward to ministers in which criminals are encouraged to

Wanted: leader with a ruthless streak
By Martin Bright - 12 February 12:00

Ming Campbell continues to underperform. As senior Lib Dems jockey for position, they ask whether t

Capitalism's dirty business
By Peter Wilby - 12 February 12:00

We need to know about private equity: it sacks staff, cuts wages, sells off assets, outsources, scre

Are we good - or a freaking shambolic dirge?
By Gary Lightbody - 12 February 12:00

The rest of the band were smartly dressed for our meeting with Peter Hain. But I looked like a vagra

And then there were four
By Kevin Maguire - 12 February 12:00

Mrs Two Shags wants a hairy chap as ghost-writer. Diary secretaries need not apply

A deal that shames Blair
By Andrew Mitchell - 12 February 12:00

Observations on fraud investigation

Pigeons for a purpose
By Red Box - 12 February 12:00

Tony abolishes disgrace, Gordon abolishes suffering, Cashpoint abolishes posterity, while Margaret h