No solution for the poor
By guillaumehar820 - 09 August 13:00

Observations on fraud

Get it right this time
By Caroline Lucas - 09 August 13:00

Observations on foot and mouth

The road fix
By Jonathan Leake - 09 August 13:00

Why do we keep building more roads? Because when it comes to planning, the deck is cynically stacked

Britain: our divided nation
By Marika Mathieu - 09 August 13:00

The income gap between rich and poor goes on getting bigger, yet we seem remarkably unconcerned

Bright in the Guardian
By Martin Bright - 07 August 15:00

Martin's interview in the Guardian's media section

Make a difference on 4x4s
By Sian Berry - 07 August 11:16

Sian calls on opponents of big polluting cars to stand up and be counted to make sure owners get hit

Iraq, the MOD and class warfare
By Matthew Holehouse - 06 August 15:38

How the 'positive' story of the Iraq war could be taught to British children

Does Lembit have the 'Mayor factor'?
By Owen Walker - 03 August 15:21

The cheeky Lib Dem milks speculation of a London mayoral bid for all its worth

YouTube Democracy?
By Raffaello Pantucci - 03 August 15:19

If politicians really want interactivity, then they'll have to do more than just 'connect' with vote

Wages for angels
By Peter Wilby - 02 August 13:00

Disgruntlement in the NHS is greater than ever

So very unprofessional
By Martin Bright - 02 August 13:00

How did David Cameron lose his nerve and his bearings in just one month? Martin Bright looks at the

It’s business as usual for Labour’s fat cats
By Kevin Maguire - 02 August 13:00

Is "Basher" Davis plotting to have Druggie Dave shot for crimes against Conservatism?

Ties with the US: a good start but still some worrying signs
By Staff blogger - 02 August 13:00

For all Brown's cooler body language with Bush, the early signs are that on strategic issues he, too

Tony Blair - a penitent Catholic
By Sholto Byrnes - 02 August 13:00

We have had a Jewish prime minister in Disraeli, a Methodist in Thatcher, but still not a Catholic

Jacqui Smith: The Interview
By Martin Bright and John Kampfner - 02 August 13:00

She may be using a softer language on the big crime and security issues of the day but Britain's fir

Cohen vs Hari: the battle of the pro-war Left
By Martin Bright - 01 August 18:56

Could the spat between Nick Cohen and Johann Hari provide the space for the left to discuss the cons

Dave's not in love with the common people
By Martin Bright - 01 August 18:29

Try as he might David Cameron just can't avoid patronising the lower orders

Shambo: Sacrificing Hinduism's credibility
By Jay Lakhani - 01 August 13:50

The "Save Shambo" saga has done severe damage to the public image of a majestic religion. For an alt

Shambo: the right to save or the right to slaughter
By Ramesh Kallidai - 01 August 13:40

As the saga unfolded, what was often overlooked is that there is more than one point-of-view. For an

The real thing?
By Mark Thomas - 01 August 12:29

The truth about working conditions inside Coca-Cola's "Happiness Factory": wage cuts, 12-hour shifts

Duncan slams Lib Dems in gay rights row
By Matthew Holehouse - 30 July 12:33

Alan Duncan says the Lib Dems should "eat their words" after criticising the Tories' voting record o

Goodbye Ulrich Mühe
By Ben Davies - 27 July 15:52

<a href="">The Lives of Others</a> really is one of the best

Cameron will have more to worry about than just his tan lines
By Owen Walker - 27 July 11:43

A round-up of the week shows Brown gaining an edge over Cameron

Schools need to be fair, not free
By Fiona Millar - 26 July 13:00

Gordon Brown may have handled the transition to No 10 with extraordinary success but trouble may lie

Brown v Cameron. Game over?
By Martin Bright - 26 July 13:00

The new Prime Minister has survived his first floods and his first terrorist threat while his Conser

Who was the greatest?
By York Membery - 26 July 13:00

Observations on liberals

Anyone spare a fiver for a portrait of Tony Blur?
By Kevin Maguire - 26 July 13:00

All the gossip from the Westminster village

EOC leaves a vacuum
By Viv Groskop - 26 July 13:00

Observations on gender

The lost tribe
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 26 July 13:00

Over at Tory HQ the mood is dire. After the Ealing fiasco, party members are asking if any of the Ca

Escape routes
By Jo Glanville - 26 July 13:00

<strong>Out of Iraq</strong>

Lewis Alsamari <em>Bantam Press, 320pp, £17.99</em>

ISBN 05930582