Middle England's new hero
By Martin Bright - 27 September 13:00

Gordon Brown's conference speech made the Labour tribe happy. Yet its main message was not for them,

The Sun comes out in Bournemouth
By Brian Cathcart - 27 September 13:00

Our top-selling daily seems to have taken against Gordon Brown. But does it matter any more what th

Tactical Briefing
By Staff blogger - 27 September 13:00

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Election/Conference

What Will said to Andy
By Kevin Maguire - 27 September 13:00

All the gossip from beside the seaside

Spies and their lies
By David Rose - 27 September 13:00

British intelligence has long used clandestine "deniable briefings" to release information real and

Can Dave deliver?
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 27 September 13:00

Cameron has been told his task is to present traditional issues in a modern way. The job is immense.

No model for girls
By Fiona Bawdon - 27 September 13:00

There is now solid evidence that images of super-thin celebrities in the media have a direct effect

The taxi driver's analysis
By Owen Walker - 27 September 12:21

A glimpse of the pied piper, a Chinese driver who thinks he knows the PM's secret, and much more...

The virgin delegate
By Val Price - 26 September 13:50

What the Labour women were getting up to and why some of them were on cloud nine after being 'follet

Mandy's flirtation with Communism
By Jessica Asato - 25 September 19:11

Jessica Asato observes that the fog has finally lifted, as Labour bounces back with renewed vigour,

Confidence floods back
By Martin Salter - 25 September 18:22

Martin Salter passes a hectic if alcohol-free conference, pausing to reflect on how Brown seems stre

We cannot be killed
By Sion Simon - 25 September 17:09

'Shortly there will be an election, in which Labour will increase its majority'

Proud to be unions
By Billy Hayes - 25 September 17:00

Billy Hayes reflects on Tony Blair's greatest achievement and attacks the comprehensive failure of t

A long-running 'feud'
By Brian Coleman - 25 September 13:23

The Tory London assembly member on what he says is one of the longest-running feuds in London politi

There's a buzz in the air
By Michael Cashman - 24 September 16:12

Ex-actor turned politician Michael Cashman on what's put a spring in Labour's step.

Benn's warning to Labour
By Tony Benn - 23 September 11:28

Veteran politician and campaigner Tony Benn warns moves afoot at this year's conference to shave yet

Stop blogging, start talking...
By Owen Walker - 21 September 16:21

Blogs have taken on a number of roles in recent years, but opinion is divided on the importance of t

Zac, are you serious?
By Sian Berry - 20 September 13:20

On 13 September, <a href="http://www.newstatesman.com/200709170001">Sian</a> gave her reaction to th

The history boys
By Martin Bright - 20 September 13:00

As Gordon Brown fends off troubles on all fronts ahead of the Labour conference, Martin Bright says

Tactical Briefing
By Staff blogger - 20 September 13:00

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Thatcher

Maggie's gift to Gordon
By John Gray - 20 September 13:00

David Cameron tried to break with the Tory past by modelling himself on Tony Blair. But with Margare

Dave tries to hide his smile
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 20 September 13:00

Tories try not to crow as financial disaster shows Brown is vulnerable

Group hug
By Suzanne Moore - 20 September 13:00

Gordon Brown has persuaded many that he is the "real thing", but that just shows we hardly know how

Interview: Jack Straw
By Martin Bright and John Kampfner - 20 September 13:00

The elder statesman of the Brown government is pressing ahead with radical reform of the UK constitu

The creator
By David Marquand - 20 September 13:00

At the heart of Gordon Brown's popularity is the fact he is not Tony Blair. Here David Marquand sugg

The grey man will not take tea
By Kevin Maguire - 20 September 13:00

All the gossip from the Westminster village

As arbitrary as ever
By Peter Wilby - 20 September 13:00

Why public schools still feed Oxbridge

The great crusader
By Amy Raphael - 20 September 13:00

Ken Loach's blistering new film about Britain's migrant workforce attacks the culture of "flexible l

Zac responds to Sian Berry
By Zac Goldsmith - 19 September 12:37

Last week the Green Party's Sian Berry criticised the Tory Quality of life group report. Here Zac Go

It's the cycle, stupid!
By Alan Duncan - 19 September 11:22

It's Gordon Brown's economic management that's left Britain ill equipped to deal with problems posed