Yo, my name's Dave
By Kevin Maguire - 16 October 13:00

Eat your heart out, Red Dave. Cameron's kitchen-sink home movie is outwatched and outscored by YouTube video spoofs from two of the outgoing premier Tony Blair's assassins.

Rory's week: It was Kierkegaard who said you couldn't make it up. Or was it Littlejohn?
By Rory Bremner - 16 October 13:00

The conference season has confirmed in my mind that the real differences in British politics exist not between the political parties, but within them.

Come to the parties
By Geoff Mulgan - 16 October 13:00

Observations on reforming politics

Going global against 4WD
By Sian Berry - 09 October 19:03

Last week was a milestone in the battle against gas guzzlers - the first ever international conference of anti-4×4 campaigners.

So, Dr Reid, you're with the terrorists?
By Red Box - 09 October 13:00

Tony phones George to tell him about John, Gordon looks forward to Cherie's memoirs, while Roy recei

Talk of hanging in the Bournemouth juice bar
By Kevin Maguire - 09 October 13:00

Into Torytown, where security fences kept angry Middle England locked in and stopped tax-cutters fleeing Tax'n'Spend Dodgy Dave's old-time socialism.

Cuddly but not convincing
By Martin Bright - 09 October 13:00

The Tories presented a more modern face at their party conference, but David Cameron's newfound pass

Learning when to go from prime ministers past
By Francis Beckett - 09 October 12:35

Some history lessons on leaving No 10

Ken vs the black snot
By Sian Berry - 02 October 18:43

London’s new Low Emission Zone is the kind of sophisticated, targeted legislation I love.

When the best strategy is to do nothing
By Iain Dale - 02 October 13:00

If the price of the extra two million votes David Cameron needs is a few thousand "scorched earthers

Rural life: What is the CPRE actually protecting?
By Hester Lacey - 02 October 13:00

Here in Dorset, we have new-build executive homes coming out of our ears. Acres upon acres of immaculate, toytown-style developments with appropriately rural-sounding names crowd and jostle each other.

Time for a cold bath
By Red Box - 02 October 13:00

Tony praises Cherie's brilliant work, Peter learns his lines, and Gordon is given the bad news, only

Parties always hug a leader after stabbing him
By Kevin Maguire - 02 October 13:00

Into Tonytown where, behind the security fence, secret "clap teams" arrived at shindigs ahead of the retiring rock star to give him a rousing welcome. They shouldn't have bothered; parties always hug a leader after stabbing him in the back.

Warming up: a new double act
By Martin Bright - 02 October 13:00

With Blair bowing out in style and the search for a successor quickening, the Brown camp is glum. Bu

Rory's Week
By Rory Bremner - 02 October 13:00

How can Mandelson talk such nonsense without his tongue catching fire?

To silence his enemies, Gordon Brown should call an early election
By Staff blogger - 02 October 13:00

Gordon Brown had two tasks at the Labour conference: to make it harder for his enemies to mount a credible challenge against him, and to make it easier for the British public to imagine him as their leader.

Environmental viagra and the Green Goddess…
By Sian Berry - 27 September 18:41

I heard on the Sunday of conference that I had been elected as the new female Principal Speaker of the Green Party, which is nice.

How to turn women off
By Kira Cochrane - 25 September 13:00

They are not enamoured of the Tories, they loathe Labour's infighting and they crave a little honest

Observatons: Splitting in Scotland
By Stephen Low - 25 September 13:00

Observations on the far left

Cash for peerages: the new evidence
By Martin Bright - 25 September 13:00

With the Labour Party in effect now broke and the police probing ever deeper into the loans-for-hono

Some helpful advice for a successor who is yet to succeed
By Staff blogger - 25 September 13:00

Regrettably, Labour does not have a new leader in time for this year's party conference. So, regrettably, we won't be hearing the following speech:

Europe: teaching us a lesson
By Anthony Giddens - 25 September 13:00

As the candidates pledge to use Labour's leadership battles to debate new ideas, where should they l

Silvio's gone: is Italy missing him?
By Sidney Webb - 25 September 13:00

When he waved goodbye in April, Berlusconi left the public finances in terrible shape. Prodi & Co mu

Generous anger
By Alexander Larman - 25 September 13:00

<strong>The Tony Years</strong>

Craig Brown <em>Ebury Press, 444pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 0091909694

Could he just be Labour's future?
By Richard Reeves - 25 September 13:00

The most important person at Labour's Manchester conference will be nowhere in sight. Like Thatcher

The big issue that won't be discussed
By Neal Lawson - 25 September 13:00

The Liberal Democrats may have voted to drop their 50p top rate policy, but at least they had the co

Playing it even safer
By Steve Richards - 25 September 13:00

<strong>Moving Britain Forward: selected speeches 1997-2006</strong>

Gordon Brown


I didn't come into politics to sort out gambling
By Martin Bright - 25 September 13:00

Interview - Tessa Jowell talks to our political editor, Martin Bright, about super-casinos, the hand

A vote for no change
By Robert Taylor - 25 September 13:00

Observations on Sweden

Marching on Labour
By Sian Berry - 24 September 15:47

Today was another hectic day at conference. Aren’t they all?