Big bad John
By Kevin Maguire - 08 May 13:00

Kevin Maguire recalls breaking the news of Tracey Temple to the Deputy Prime Minister

Let's keep our nerve
By Tessa Jowell - 08 May 13:00

The government is humble but unbowed

By Martin Bright - 04 May 13:13

Sorry the situation is even worse than I thought. . .

Home Office admits terrorist suspect slipped deportation net
By Martin Bright - 04 May 13:08

This may seem a strange introduction to my blog but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you. . .

Labour's criminal hypocrisy
By Staff blogger - 01 May 13:00

An aura of incompetence has been added to accusations of sleaze and arrogance. The Home Office débâc

Village life - Kevin Maguire finds an irony-free zone
By Kevin Maguire - 01 May 13:00

An irony problem at the BNP, the plot for the Speaker's chair, and second prize for T Blair

The media column - Peter Wilby on why ministers are touchy
By Peter Wilby - 01 May 13:00

Ministers profess indifference to the views of the chattering classes. But it can't be pleasant if,

A struggle to exist
By Tim Lezard - 01 May 13:00

Tim Lezard on Iraqi trade unionism

Rory's week - Rory Bremner checks out Geoff Hoon's lunch box
By Rory Bremner - 01 May 13:00

For every trip by car, ministers plant a tree. For every trip by plane, they plant a small area of w

Is union man back?
By Martin Bright - 01 May 13:00

As public sector workers get restive and rich donors back off, the Labour Party is being forced to r

The politics column - Allyson Pollock
By Allyson Pollock - 01 May 13:00

Blair says his NHS reforms are bearing fruit - and so they are, for investors in PFI schemes and for

Urban life - Darcus Howe sees mischief in Margaret Hodge
By Darcus Howe - 01 May 13:00

Hodge is being vague, and in politics vagueness always conceals mischief

The politics column - Martin Bright
By Martin Bright - 24 April 13:00

I can't say that the Euston Manifesto has changed my whole way of thinking, but progressives, whatev

The Euston Manifesto
By Norman Geras and Nick Cohen - 17 April 13:00

It started with some like-minded progressives meeting in a London pub. Disenchanted with what they s

The politics column - Martin Bright
By Martin Bright - 17 April 13:00

The debate about how best to tackle inequality is everywhere and it is precisely the discussion the

This time we need the complete truth
By Staff blogger - 17 April 13:00

With a conventional, if not nuclear, strike in prospect, we have an absolute right to know the exten

Tory leaders: spot the difference
By Paul Eastham - 17 April 13:00

Observations on portraits

Don't mess with convention
By Staff blogger - 10 April 13:00

If any of the rules of war are to be rewritten, the UK and US are the countries least suitable to as

The media column - Peter Wilby on the Mail's new best friend
By Peter Wilby - 10 April 13:00

Paul Dacre, the <em>Daily Mail</em> editor, has long had a soft spot for Brown. He suspects Blair c

Village life - Kevin Maguire rubs toes in the lobby
By Kevin Maguire - 10 April 13:00

Prezza's newest fan, losing the mile-high message and a toe rub for Sir Winston

The politics column - Martin Bright
By Martin Bright - 10 April 13:00

The priority of the Blairites is to ensure that, even when Brown moves into No 10, he and his people

Village life - Kevin Maguire ducks off
By Kevin Maguire - 03 April 13:00

Tales of two deputies, lookalikes, a strange political coupling, and the latest on the Cameron hair

Rory's week - Rory Bremner plays cricket with Johnny Cash
By Rory Bremner - 03 April 13:00

Blair tells us: "The House of Lords appointments commission is given information, where relevant, ab

The politics column - Martin Bright
By Martin Bright - 03 April 13:00

The public will judge this government not by how bold it was in challenging left-liberal shibboleths

Now is the time for a new CND
By Will Self - 27 March 13:00

<b>Will Self<b> calls for a broad coalition to mobilise once again, and expel foreign warmongers fro

The Apotheosis of Mr Baldwin
By Kingsley Martin - 27 March 13:00

<strong>Taken from the <em>New Statesman</em> archive, 29 March 1937.</strong>

Within a few years

NS Interview - Peter Hain
By Martin Bright - 27 March 13:00

Northern Ireland's lord of the manor still has his eye on the main event in Downing Street

The media column - Peter Wilby finds too many papers lacking teeth
By Peter Wilby - 27 March 13:00

Splits used to be thought bad for political parties, but new Labour has managed to turn this rule

Bold visions, but where's the cash?
By Donald Hirsch - 27 March 13:00

Gordon Brown's worst nightmare is to be seen as a Chancellor who has run out of steam. In his tenth Budget, his ambitions for public spending and investment are as lofty as ever.

Trident: we've been conned again
By Dan Plesch - 27 March 13:00

The government says we need to update our "independent deterrent". Fresh evidence shows, however, th