A two-election strategy for Labour's demise
By Martin Bright - 04 December 12:00

The Cameron year has transformed the landscape. By focusing on green issues and poverty he has force

Nation of fools
By David Puttnam - 04 December 12:00

As the BBC reels from Michael Grade's shock defection, a far greater threat to the future of British

Another outing awaits
By Kevin Maguire - 04 December 12:00

A wry look at life in Westminster

Two skinny lattes and a vote, please
By Becky Hogge - 04 December 12:00

E-voting could make casting a ballot as easy as buying a coffee. Becky Hogge has reservations

Labour peer urged support for Tories in 2005 election
By Omar Waraich - 30 November 17:01

Exclusive: Labour's Lord Nazir Ahmed urged support for the Tories at the last general election

My peccadillos and passions
By Martin Bright - 27 November 14:44

I thought it might be helpful to give you an idea of what’s pulling my chain at the moment, so here goes:

The Latest New Dawn
By Martin Bright - 27 November 14:40

Can Bright redeem himself for the newstatesman.com relaunch?

Those Sunday Strasbourg moments
By Caroline Lucas - 27 November 12:00

I stomp out, recalling the quote from Gandhi that sustains me at such dishearteningly frequent momen

Brown's moral compass
By Richard Reeves - 27 November 12:00

The man likely to be the next prime minister is as concerned with the "moralisation" of Britain as i

Tony and Trimdon: soon no more
By Kevin Maguire - 27 November 12:00

Proof that Tony B is packing his bags in Sedgefield is slipped into my grubby hands: a copy of his constituency party minutes. The outgoing premier maintains in public that he intends to remain an MP after resigning as PM.

Neighbours From Hell
By Red Box - 27 November 12:00

Margaret devises a new policy for Iraq, Gordon practises his big clunking fist on John, while Cherie

A strange conversation
By Martin Bright - 27 November 12:00

A strange encounter with Tony Blair's friend, the Labour fundraiser Lord Levy, at a Guardian party

The deadly existence of a quiet man
By Darcus Howe - 20 November 12:00

Darcus Howe on Dhiren Barot, the al-Qaeda plotter who was jailed for life earlier this month

Neighbours from hell
By Red Box - 20 November 12:00

Cherie produces a gurgling surprise, Tony tries a spot of peacemaking, while Gordon and Sarah go all

Divided in peace
By John Kampfner - 20 November 12:00

Northern Ireland is on the verge of a historic power-sharing deal. But any pact between hardline rep

A poor way of banking
By Liam Halligan - 20 November 12:00

Observations on Farepak scandal which has left 150,000 families facing a miserable Christmas

Quiffy's offer to Fatty
By Kevin Maguire - 20 November 12:00

The dull thud of slapped backs echoed round 'ull football stadium when gel-head Alan "Mr Quiffy" Johnson expressed a desire to step into John Prescott's shoes, if not his underpants.

Smoking guns in Iraq
By Martin Bright - 20 November 12:00

Tony Blair gives evidence to a US inquiry into the Iraq situation, but refuses one at home.

No time to think
By Sian Berry - 20 November 9:55

Speeches, TV appearances, canvassing, photocalls - Sian's had a busy week!

Roll up, roll up! Peerages for a £1
By Mark Thomas - 18 November 16:47

Ever wanted to be a Lord or a Lady? Well why not put your name to this novel idea for changing the h

A new statesman?
By Oliver Postgate - 18 November 10:55

The Bagpuss and Clangers creator issues a stark warning about the fate of the planet unless some tou

A harvest of bitter fruit
By Clare Short - 13 November 12:00

<strong>Prickly Pears of Palestine</strong>

Hilda Reilly <em>Eye Books, 256pp, £9.99</em>


Iraq: the new cover-up
By Martin Bright - 13 November 12:00

<strong>Exclusive</strong>: A secret first full draft of the Iraq WMD dossier, which shows how Tony

Driven by a wretched and outdated currency
By Jon Cruddas - 13 November 12:00

In the workplace many are feeling insecure, as migrant labour is used by unscrupulous employers to p

Antisocial behaviour
By Red Box - 13 November 12:00

Tony turns down Leo's request for an Asbo, Lord Goldsmith tries his best to give Leo what he wants,

Dear Marina . . .
By Ben Davies - 13 November 12:00

When the <em>New Statesman</em> website relaunches, former glamour model turned eco-campaigner and L

Gallant protector
By Kevin Maguire - 13 November 12:00

Tory dominatrix Theresa May is proving quite an attraction at Thursday's business questions. Once famous for her shoes, the shadow leader of the house is now pulling in unreconstructed MPs eager to discover if she's wearing another of her daring low-cut tops.

A kinder, more caring Campbell?
By Andrew Gilligan - 13 November 12:00

Andrew Gilligan is not convinced by the rebranding of his old foe

Are Disabled People Dangerous?
By James Medhurst - 06 November 17:43

The aim of this blog is to tackle some of the issues, both personal and political, faced by disabled

How dare I say 'crip'?
By Victoria Brignell - 06 November 17:27

So were you surprised by the title of this column? Are you concerned that your socially-aware politically-progressive New Statesman has suddenly lost its marbles?