Q&A Martin Jacques
By Staff blogger - 13 February 9:26

From this week Martin Jacques former editor of <em>Marxism Today</em> will be a regular NS columnist

Look on the bright side
By Andrew Grice - 12 February 10:29

Labour's attempts to rally Britain with a Blitz-type spirit might just work if the Tories keep insis

It wasn’t the media’s fault
By Alex Brummer - 12 February 10:29

Observations on the financial crisis

The truth will protect us all
By Clive Stafford Smith - 12 February 10:29

How has a basically decent person such as David Miliband got himself into such a muddle over torture

No seat at the top for another Old Etonian
By Kevin Maguire - 12 February 10:29

All the gossip from the Westminster village...

If not Brown, is it Balls?
By James Macintyre - 12 February 10:29

The Schools Secretary needs to be more of a team player if he is not to alienate his colleagues and

Too good for the workers
By Owen Hatherley - 12 February 10:29

Observations on architecture

Smith heads vulnerable MPs
By Staff blogger - 10 February 15:00

newstatesman.com looks at some of the Labour ministers whose seats look vulnerable at the next gener

A mutual crisis
By W Donald Patton - 09 February 11:01

In the first of our series on faith in a financial crisis the Presbyterian Church in Ireland's Moder

Worried Will Young
By Paul Evans - 09 February 10:27

The best of the politics blogs as brought to you by Paul Evans

Shakespeare's Globe
By Sebastian Shakespeare - 05 February 10:09

Jack Straw’s promise to reform the House of Lords is long overdue. Remember Lord Kagan?

''Soldiers don't trust a thing they're told''
By Stephen Armstrong - 05 February 10:09

The use of an inadequately armoured patrol vehicle has caused the deaths of 38 British troops in Ira

Interview: Charles Clarke
By James Macintyre - 05 February 10:09

One of Labour's most intellectually confident heavyweights would like to return to government. Charl

It's not all over, yet
By Steve Richards - 05 February 10:09

The Conservatives are ahead in the polls yet their isolationist policies could still be their undoin

Village Life
By Kevin Maguire - 05 February 10:09

Who's been caught by No 10’s candid camera? All the gossip from the Westminster Village

Charles Clarke interview in full
By James Macintyre - 05 February 9:55

Here is a the full transcript of James Macintyre's interview with Labour politician Charles Clarke w

Conway's rebuke
By Paul Evans - 04 February 10:30

Paul Evans trawls the politics blogs so you don't have to. This week relive the Derek Conway affair,

How liberal is progressive Conservatism?
By Oliver Letwin - 04 February 9:36

The progressive Conservatism advocated by David Cameron's party is thoroughly allied to a liberal ag

It's not cricket!
By Jonathan Calder - 03 February 11:13

If you are planning a long journey with Andy Burnham, take a supply of comics, colouring books and c

Looking back to go forward
By Samuel Jones - 02 February 17:04

As the recession bites, Samuel Jones looks to heritage and culture as a means of renegotiating socie

Closing Guantanamo
By Clive Stafford Smith - 29 January 10:35

It is the most potent symbol of the abuses of the Bush era: Obama's swift decision to shut down Guan

Interview: Alistair Darling
By James Macintyre - 29 January 10:35

The UK Chancellor has emerged from a year of upheaval with his reputation intact. He tells New State

The uneasy return of “Hush Puppy” Ken
By Kevin Maguire - 29 January 10:35

Peers-for-hire isn't the only scandal engulfing the House of Cronies. Well-upholstered Digby Jones is, I hear, putting faces out of joint on the cross benches.

Leaders of the pact?
By Sunder Katwala - 29 January 10:35

The time has come to think the unthinkable, argues Sunder Katwala: a coalition between Labour and th

Bringing up baby
By Richard Reeves and Sonia Sodha - 29 January 10:35

It's the quality of parenting in Britain, rather than the education system, that's really failing ou

How the Wild East came West
By Anne McElvoy - 29 January 10:35

The London Evening Standard, for which I work, has a new Russian owner. There is some poetic justice in this for my generation, whose defining event was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the opening up of the Wild East.

Panda-ing to politics
By Craig Redmond - 26 January 9:51

Trading wild animals as diplomatic gifts, indeed the whole concept of zoos, should be recognised as

Brent on Obama
By Paul Evans - 26 January 9:36

newstatesman.com' s weekly tour of the political blogosphere with your guide Paul Evans

It's time for us to make the rules
By Vincent Cable - 22 January 9:58

Forget the blame game; we have to get the system working

Shakespeare's Globe
By Sebastian Shakespeare - 22 January 9:58

My close encounterwith Harold Pinter: what had I done to offend him?