Hugh Gaitskell, 1960
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:42

Hugh Gaitskell, speech on nuclear disarmament, Labour party conference, October 1960.

Margaret Thatcher, 1984
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:40

Margaret Thatcher, Brighton bomb speech, Conservative party conference, October 1984.

Neil Kinnock, 1985
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:35

Neil Kinnock, Militant speech, Labour party conference, October 1985.

Geoffrey Howe, 1990
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:33

Sir Geoffrey Howe, resignation speech, House of Commons, November 1990.

More political speeches
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:27

Three more speeches that didn't quite make our top ten.

Robin Cook, 2003
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:25

Robin Cook, resignation speech, House of Commons, March 2003.

David Cameron, 2005
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:22

David Cameron, leadership bid, Conservative party conference, October 2005.

Tony Blair, 2006
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:19

Tony Blair, last conference speech, Labour party conference, September 2006.

Great political speeches
By Staff blogger - 04 February 8:19

The New Statesman's top ten UK political speeches.

Colne Valley
By Stephen Brasher - 04 February 6:28

Victor Grayson is always the first name mentioned in Colne Valley, elected in a 1907 by-election as an Independent Socialist, only to be defeated in 1910 and disappear in 1920.

“He could run and win the leadership”
By Jason Cowley - 04 February 6:28

An interview with Jon Cruddas

Pope on the ropes, and Maggie’s soap
By Peter Wilby - 04 February 6:28

When I became the editor of the New Statesman in 1998, several readers protested after I appointed Cristina Odone, a prominent Roman Catholic, as my deputy.

Cameron is worse than we imagined. Much worse
By Dominic Sandbrook - 04 February 6:28

2015 – David Cameron’s Tories have been in power for
five years, Britain is ravaged by deep cuts,

Leader: It need not be a nightmare on Cameron Street
By Staff blogger - 04 February 6:28

David Cameron's opposition to electoral reform means the Conservatives are once more the party of th

Who’s going to “do a Portillo” this time round?
By George Eaton - 04 February 6:28

The Tories are aggressively targeting Ed Balls's seat

Forget Blair – it’s Brown or bust
By Mehdi Hasan - 04 February 6:28

"Brown can't win" will become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless Labour casts it aside.

What if . . . Enoch Powell had had a cold
By Dominic Sandbrook - 01 February 8:12

Over Easter 1968 the MP for Wolverhampton South-West, Enoch Powell, went down with a heavy cold. He had been planning to deliver a speech to a Tory group in his native Birmingham. He had even prepared a text for the press.

Tony’s attempt at war was just bloody bad form
By Gideon Donald - 29 January 10:35

It seemed timely, with the Grand War Criminal about to appear before Chilcot, for those of us on the side of the angels to hammer out our precise justifications for a war, should we desire one.

Nine Wartime Lives: Mass Observation and the Making of the Modern Self
By Vernon Bogdanor - 29 January 10:34

In a democracy, so Robert Worcester, founder of MORI, tells us, public opinion is king.

Beware the power of the tweet
By Will Straw - 28 January 14:33

Political parties need to leave the old command-and-control structures behind

Leaders’ debates 0, football dates 1
By George Eaton - 28 January 7:06

First cut is the deepest

Leader: We are still teetering on the edge of a perilous cliff
By Staff blogger - 28 January 7:06

Neither main party has a convincing policy for growth

The bulletproof case against Blair
By Mehdi Hasan - 28 January 7:06

In the build-up to the invasion of Iraq, our prime minister insisted that he didn’t want war – yet h

Mad stares, Thatcher and dodgy stats
By Peter Wilby - 28 January 7:06

New Labour has proved capitalism's best defence against social-democratic change

By Stephen Brasher - 28 January 7:06

Marmaduke Constable MP fought at Flodden Field in 1513 and was a knight of the shire for Yorkshire, then for Warwickshire.

Who puts out the rubbish?
By Ben Ferguson - 25 January 14:09

When Britain signed the EC Landfill Directive in 1999, we should have entered an era in which waste-

Carrots, not sticks
By Samira Shackle - 25 January 13:51

The head of the Environment Agency favours tough action against polluters – but won’t support puniti

Closing the circle
By Peter Jones - 25 January 12:38

We’re only beginning to understand where waste actually comes from, and how to go about reducing it

Dave and the Hairdresser’s Dilemma
By Gideon Donald - 22 January 9:10

It is safe to say our leader-in-waiting, as probably the only non-scholarship boy in Eton's (to use one of the few Americanisms I can abide) storied history to have housed a Corby trouser press in his room, might be described

See-sawing Clegg must decide
By James Macintyre - 21 January 7:37

Liberal Democrat MPs and strategists are pushing for Clegg to rule out an alliance with the Tories