The axeman cometh (too soon)
By Brendan Barber - 28 May 9:24

The first cut isn’t the deepest –– but it’s still far too early, argues the TUC’s Brendan Barber. Th

Leader: Labour must once more become the party of liberalism
By Staff blogger - 27 May 7:36

There are dissident, decentralising strands in Labour thinking, and it is time these were rediscover

Oik Osborne says dem the Laws
By Gideon Donald - 27 May 7:36

There is plenty of good sport to be had with members of the Little Party.

Don’t mention the P-word
By Mehdi Hasan - 27 May 7:36

The Tory-Lib Dem alliance claims to be the new progressives but on a raft of measures they are provi

Commons Confidential
By Kevin Maguire - 27 May 7:36

The funny side of the street.

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 27 May 7:36

Book club

Why Diane has raised the stakes
By Peter Wilby - 27 May 7:36

New Statesman readers will not be surprised to learn that I favour Ed Miliband for the Labour leadership over his brother, David, whose references to "Next Labour" make one wonder if he is sponsored by a frock chain.

Leader: A betrayal of children’s trust
By Staff blogger - 27 May 7:36

There was much to commend about the approach to taxation in the Lib Dems' election manifesto.

Do we want the BNP in our schools?
By Daniel Trilling - 26 May 14:28

Arguments over whether or not Adam Walker’s comments were “racist” obscure the real issue.

What is liberalism?
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 26 May 13:16

Whatever it is, there’s more to it than David Laws would have you believe.

Labour leadership: who’s nominated who
By George Eaton - 25 May 20:22

Our running guide to how each of the six candidates is faring.

Labour and immigration: the debate continues
By Daniel Trilling - 25 May 17:43

More voices speak out against a lurch to the right.

Child Trust Funds to go
By Matthew Hepplewhite - 24 May 17:05

Programme to be axed by coalition government.

Labour: the wilderness years
By Vernon Bogdanor - 24 May 8:52

Historically, Tory and Liberal coalitions have been unstable. But this one could be different. It en

Ad-libbing with people (not) like us Gideon Donald
By Gideon Donald - 21 May 9:33

"Gidster," says Dave, eating a croissant, "before Cleggy, did we ever know anyone who had gone to Westminster?"
“No one that I can recall."
“That's odd."

What if . . .TV debates were old news
By Dominic Sandbrook - 21 May 9:24

With so much attention lavished on the debates between Messrs Brown, Cameron and Clegg, it is surprising that so few commentators have looked back to the great prime ministerial debates of the past.

Slash away . . . but you can’t escape
By David Blanchflower - 21 May 9:16

The Chancellor, George Osborne, should make no mistake –– warm words from the governor of the Bank o

No 10’s 60-minute make-under
By Kevin Maguire - 21 May 9:08

The Buller boy played musical chairs to make his new digs appear less posh on Sunday-morning television.

This is no Lib Dem betrayal
By Philippe Sands - 21 May 9:08

Philippe Sands, QC, Liberal Democrat advisor, argues that there was no prospect of a post-election r

Follow the Mexican way

The fast pace of politics is damaging. Our new government could learn from the Zapatistas.

Leader: Be careful what you wish for
By Staff blogger - 21 May 9:08

We expected this election to result in a hung parliament, and have long argued the merits of coalition government.

Come on, Labour – stop beating yourselves up about losing
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 May 9:08

As Labour’s top dogs square up for the leadership contest, it’s time for much-needed debate and poli

The path to Con-Dem nation
By James Macintyre - 21 May 9:08

If Labour and the Liberal Democrats are parties of the
centre left, why did they struggle to form

George and David do the salsa
By Sophie Elmhirst - 21 May 9:08

So, David Cameron set off on his Grand Tour of Scotland and Wales ("the provinces", in CCHQ lingo). Watching politicians on the move is fun in the post-Gillian Duffy era.

John Pilger on why the economic heresy of the Greeks offers hope
By John Pilger - 21 May 9:08

Greece is a microcosm of a modern class war rarely reported as such.

Leader: The Ed’n’Dave show
By Staff blogger - 21 May 9:08

The Miliband brothers, David (the elder) and Ed, are both in the race for leadership of the Labour Party.

After we hung ’em
By Anthony Barnett - 19 May 16:04

Twelve immediate reflections on the coalition.

Should Labour become the “anti-immigration party”? Absolutely not
By Daniel Trilling - 18 May 17:42

David Goodhart is wrong -- and so was New Labour.

Deficit disorder: the Keynes solution
By Robert Skidelsky - 17 May 9:29

With the crisis in Greece as the trigger, the world monetary system is starting to disintegrate. Rob