Baron Cashcroft and the Old Etonian diet
By Gideon Donald - 17 June 8:12

Baron Cashcroft arrives in town anxious to discover the return on his considerable investment in the Tory party. Dave sends
me to the Connaught to defuse the situation.

Westminster’s pest problems
By Kevin Maguire - 17 June 8:12

Parliament is buzzing with critters.

To the schools that have, more is given
By Mehdi Hasan - 17 June 8:12

Labour’s academy programme at least had the noble aim of helping failing schools in poorer areas. Mi

What if . . . Granita had been closed
By Dominic Sandbrook - 17 June 8:12

At last, the release of Alastair Campbell's unexpurgated diaries has given us an insight into what happened on 31 May 1994, the night when Tony Blair agreed to stand aside for his great friend and rival Gordon Brown in the Lab

Leader: Sunday best
By Staff blogger - 17 June 8:12

Mark Saville's report into the killing of 14 protesters on "Bloody Sunday" in Derry 38 years ago was widely criticised before its publication on 15 June.

Labour leadership candidates: where they stand
By George Eaton - 16 June 14:36

Where the five Labour leadership candidates stand on Iraq, spending cuts, immigration, electoral ref

Our divided nation
By Danny Dorling - 14 June 8:51

Analysis of voting in the 2010 election shows that Conservative Britain is becoming ever more of a f

The NS Interview: Colin Firth
By Sophie Elmhirst - 11 June 9:19

“I didn’t feel like throwing confetti over Clegg and Cameron.”

Select committee chairs elected for the first time
By Caroline Crampton - 10 June 18:44

Margaret Hodge scrapes in as chair of public accounts committee, beating her nearest rival by six vo

One man’s tax evasion is another’s working cash-in-hand
By Alice Miles - 10 June 2:17

The coalition government’s policy on benefits is a puzzle. Early indications suggest that its planne

By Stephen Brasher - 10 June 2:17

These days, MPs rarely get the chance to go anywhere more exciting than Brussels if they leave parliament for a prestigious job elsewhere. This was not always so.

Out of one party, many cultures
By Neal Lawson - 10 June 2:17

If Labour is to survive in the age of new politics, it must transcend its instincts to descend into

Why the deficit hawks are wrong
By Mehdi Hasan - 10 June 2:17

The government is using the example of Canada in the 1990s to promote its proposed sweeping spending

Sam and Miriam’s handbags at dawn
By Gideon Donald - 10 June 2:17

The first fissure in the smiley happy coalition appears and, as the bookies predicted, it is between Samantha and Miriam.

What if. . . Britain had a Hollywood?
By Dominic Sandbrook - 10 June 2:17

Today, when Britain's film industry is the envy of the world, it is hard to believe that it might once have gone under.

Leader: Is this the end of the European welfare state?
By Staff blogger - 10 June 2:17

The task of articulating a convincing alternative to market liberalism is a formidable one.

Was Terry on Team Talibrown?
By Kevin Maguire - 10 June 2:17

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then portly Tommy "Two Dinners" Watson is enjoying a second helping.

Labour MP says something sensible about immigration
By Daniel Trilling - 09 June 12:25

Why it would be hypocritical to restrict movement within the European Union.

Gary McKinnon
America versus the hacker
By Sophie Elmhirst - 07 June 8:50

Gary McKinnon, still suffering from Asperger’s, has one last chance to avoid extradition to the US to face charges of hacking into Nasa and Pentagon computers. Will the new government keep its word and help him avoid a savage punishment?

Labour leadership hustings
By New Statesman - 04 June 13:07

Our guide to when and where you can hear from the candidates.

What happens to politics after the Sun dies?
By Sunny Hundal - 03 June 17:26

Whatever happened to “It’s the Sun wot won it”? Politicians of today need to forge a new relationshi

Why Refugee and Migrant Justice must not be allowed to fail
By Daniel Trilling - 03 June 16:10

Vulnerable people need an advocate in the face of an uncaring system.

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 03 June 8:07


North Korea shows the CIA is willing to lie about another war
By John Pilger - 03 June 8:07

The CIA set a precedent with the Tonkin “incident”, sparking off the Vietnam war. Today, we see the lie repeated.

Cairngormless Danny . . . nul points
By Gideon Donald - 03 June 8:07

Even to my surprise the Osborne Defences collapsed quicker than the Maginot Line.

Here’s to more woman power
By Alice Miles - 03 June 8:07

All the evidence shows it: more female MPs = more childcare = more women at work + higher birth rate

First cracks in the coalition
By Mehdi Hasan - 03 June 8:07

Divisions over capital gains tax highlight how precarious the coalition is.

Leader: The New Statesman leaders’ debate
By Staff blogger - 03 June 8:07

''The leadership of hopeless opposition is a gloomy affair," Disraeli wrote after the Conservative defeat in the election of 1865, "and there is little distinction when your course is not associated with the possibility of fut

Commons Confidential
By Kevin Maguire - 03 June 8:07

Dave’s easy riders.

I know what Laws has been through
By Alan Duncan - 03 June 8:07

Coming out as gay in 2002 wasn’t easy for Alan Duncan but he hopes it helped create a new atmosphere