Conflict over Heathrow third runway
By Chris Ames - 26 November 11:28

British ministers at the same environment conference have expressed conflicting views on the impact

Anger over BNP's 'white history month'
By Tim Lezard - 26 November 11:08

In the wake of publication of the BNP's membership list, Tim Lezard reports on the anger over the fa

Speculation about speculation
By Martin Bright - 25 November 16:11

Rumours of a June election just won't go away. But who is talking up a 2009 poll?

Darling's Big Mini-Budget
By Martin Bright - 24 November 18:12

The quiet man gets the tone right for the statement of his political career

Pre-Budget report
By Ben Davies - 24 November 15:32

The key points from this year's crucial pre-Budget report delivered to MPs in the House of Commons.

Britain's converted gun problem
By Jeremy Sare - 24 November 14:31

The blanket ban on handguns following the massacre of 16 children in Dunblane in 1996 means Britain

Frothing extremists
By Paul Evans - 21 November 12:31

The leaked BNP membership list has preoccupied the blogosphere this week. Paul Evans gives us his re

Is Smith right on prostitution?
By Mark Cowling - 21 November 9:52

Moves to tackle trafficking and prostitution may be well intentioned but is there a whiff of a moral

When greed was still good
By Andrew Billen - 20 November 9:30

Unlike his more didactic work, David Hare's latest play, about the Blair premiership, is a skillful

Everyone is to blame
By Marian Brandon - 20 November 9:30

Boundary wrangles between social services lie at the heart of the Baby P case, argues Marian Brandon

We will get there
By Alice O'Keeffe - 20 November 9:30

The New Statesman’s campaign to free children locked up in UK detention centres has made progress

Who's after George?
By Martin Bright and James Macintyre - 20 November 9:30

Is George Osborne "nerdy", "nasty" and "overpromoted", as his Conservative critics would have it, or

The best-dressed man
By Gideon Donald - 20 November 9:30

Who will rid me of this turbulent president? Ever since Guy Fawkes Night it has been a case of Obama this, Obama that. I am not a fool; it is a significant moment. But the world has not turned on its head, merely shifted on its axis.

The travelling man
By Martin Bright - 20 November 9:30

<strong>Gordon Brown</strong> likes to portray himself as a chancellor for the world. But he cannot

Old Labour's heroic age
By Anthony Howard - 20 November 9:30

<strong>The Tortoise and the Hares: Attlee, Bevin, Cripps, Dalton, Morrison</strong>

<em>Giles Ra

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 20 November 9:30

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Osborne on the rack

The revolution will be televised
By Rachel Cooke - 20 November 9:30

A drama proves that England's radical past is something we should celebrate

<strong>The Devil's Wh

The Yellow Peril gets on his scooter
By Kevin Maguire - 20 November 9:30

All the gossip from the Westminster village

End to rough sleepers estimate
By Chris Ames - 19 November 16:28

The commitment to end street homelessness in England “for good” could mark a landmark. But with virt

Revitalising politics
By Simon Woolley - 19 November 12:57

Like Obama's campaign, the parties in the UK should encourage minorities, immigrants and the young

Dear David...
By Sean Carey - 18 November 13:27

Sean Carey, who has written extensively on the plight of the Chagos islanders, pens an open letter t

Why GPs are leaving the NHS
By Jonn Elledge - 18 November 11:56

For the last few years the medical profession have been the main opposition to NHS privatisation - b

The future of fishing
By Jax Jacobsen - 18 November 11:07

There's widespread agreement the North Sea is severely overfished but will EU quotas be altered next

Sunday comment round-up -- 16 November 2008
By Martin Bright - 16 November 20:26

A good week for Gordon Brown but why is the commentariat still unconvinced?

Ginger beer for George?
By Paul Evans - 14 November 11:58

Paul Evans runs through his pick of the best of the politics blogs...

Here come the liberals
By Will Hutton - 13 November 9:32

For decades American conservatism defined global politics. Now we are about to witness a seismic cha

Recession blues
By Martin Bright - 13 November 9:32

Both Labour and Tories have yet to confront the realities of the downturn - least of the full horror

Seventy is the age at which "old" starts
By Joan Bakewell - 13 November 9:32

On my way to take part in a public conversation with Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, I cross the serene courtyard of the British Library in north London. Its broad, cool spaces induce just the mood of calm contemplation that books demand.

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 13 November 9:32

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Economic stimulus package

Mandy's fight with the wimmin
By Kevin Maguire - 13 November 9:32

Kevin Maguire brings you all the gossip from the Westminster village