Tory Boyz come to town
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 21 August 10:28

A date at the theatre with Alan Duncan for an uncomfortably authentic portrait of Westminster life

Israel and The British Left: The Great Betrayal Revisited
By Martin Bright - 19 August 15:43

An article from earlier this year continues to provoke discussion, but it should not poison other de

Walktalk Reaches London
By Martin Bright - 18 August 18:53

Gill Hicks, a survivor of the 7/7 bombings, has walked from Leeds to London for peace, on prosthetic

New Statesman Investigates -- Update
By Martin Bright - 18 August 17:41

Readers are voting in numbers for an investigation into the government's asylum policy

Unsanctioned penguins
By Jonathan Calder - 18 August 11:42

Stalinism is all the rage, as think tanks seek to relocate the population. Meanwhile, Telford's peng

Sunday Roundup - 17 August 2008
By Martin Bright - 17 August 23:17

A weekly look at the politics stories and comment in the Sunday newspapers

Bright's Blog Top Ten
By Martin Bright - 15 August 17:19

Here they are: the best read articles on the blog. Feel free to read them again

Livingstone's £20,000 Chinese Takeaway
By Martin Bright - 15 August 16:47

The former mayor and his economics guru fly off on luxury Olympics junket

More blood for oil!
By Paul Evans - 15 August 12:39

Illegal invasions by imperialist armies are fine, so long they’re committed by Russia plus the commo

In east London – a model which could transform society
By Alyssa McDonald - 14 August 11:03

Alyssa McDonald visits a project where school leavers get a second chance

'Youth violence is not about race'
By David Lammy - 14 August 11:03

We are failing miserably to provide Britain's teenage boys with meaningful occupations, worthy role

The factions square up
By Martin Bright - 14 August 11:03

There is, as ever within Labour, a third way, and this one seeks a return to the party's true values

Nice deal for the drug companies
By Peter Wilby - 14 August 11:03

The NHS should exert its purchasing power

Rebranding Britain
By Stephen Bayley - 14 August 11:03

<strong>The Kit-Cat Club: Friends Who Imagined a Nation</strong>

Ophelia Field <em>HarperPress, 5

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 14 August 11:03

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Reshuffle

Big-shed nation
By Joe Moran - 14 August 11:03

They sit by the road, windowless and vast. But what are they for? Joe Moran on the warehouses, logis

England's ageing population
By Ivan Lewis - 13 August 17:21

The challenge we face is to decide where responsibility for care and support will lie in the future

New Statesman investigates...
By Staff blogger - 13 August 11:53

We want you to get involved in a first in British journalism by voting for the next New Statesman in

Brown and Miliband Left Standing
By Martin Bright - 12 August 17:10

As Nicolas Sarkozy races to Tbilisi with his foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, Britain is stuck in

New Statesman Ownership Battle
By Martin Bright - 12 August 13:13

A diary entry from January 1976 demonstrates the prominent part the NS has always played in UK polit

What is quality of life?
By Martin O'Neill - 12 August 13:05

The challenge of deciding how we should decide who deserves treatment from an NHS of finite resource

Caring for Japan's elderly
By Manami Hori - 12 August 11:03

Professor Manami Hori, of Tokai University explains how they approach care for the elderly in Japan

Caring for the vulnerable
By Jane Campbell - 11 August 18:08

Over-reliance on family members can seriously weaken the very relationships we are going to need. Pl

Labour's deep hole
By Nick Raynsford - 11 August 10:33

Ex-minister Nick Raynsford compares Labour's plight to the Tories in 1990 when the Thatcher governme

Sunday Roundup - 10 August 2008
By Martin Bright - 11 August 0:09

A weekly look at the politics stories in the Sunday newspapers

Woolly minded hippies?
By Rowena Macdonald - 08 August 15:16

Rowena Macdonald went to Climate Camp fearing "woolly-minded hippydom" but found a serious and commi

Where now for the people’s party?
By Ian Gibson - 08 August 10:36

Backbencher Ian Gibson attacks the "faceless" Blairite plotters who brief behind the scenes and urge

Rats to NHS patients!
By Paul Evans - 08 August 10:30

Could vermin infestations in Britain's hospitals be turned to the advantage of the nation's sick?

Provocative policing
By Caroline Lucas - 07 August 15:04

It's hard to see the police approach to this year's climate camp as anything other than a bid to pro

In a league of their own
By Peter Wilby - 07 August 10:21

The testing regime in schools does pupils no good