Dave tries to hide his smile
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 20 September 13:00

Tories try not to crow as financial disaster shows Brown is vulnerable

Group hug
By Suzanne Moore - 20 September 13:00

Gordon Brown has persuaded many that he is the "real thing", but that just shows we hardly know how

Interview: Jack Straw
By Martin Bright and John Kampfner - 20 September 13:00

The elder statesman of the Brown government is pressing ahead with radical reform of the UK constitu

The creator
By David Marquand - 20 September 13:00

At the heart of Gordon Brown's popularity is the fact he is not Tony Blair. Here David Marquand sugg

The grey man will not take tea
By Kevin Maguire - 20 September 13:00

All the gossip from the Westminster village

As arbitrary as ever
By Peter Wilby - 20 September 13:00

Why public schools still feed Oxbridge

The great crusader
By Amy Raphael - 20 September 13:00

Ken Loach's blistering new film about Britain's migrant workforce attacks the culture of "flexible l

Tactical Briefing
By Staff blogger - 20 September 13:00

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Thatcher

Zac responds to Sian Berry
By Zac Goldsmith - 19 September 12:37

Last week the Green Party's Sian Berry criticised the Tory Quality of life group report. Here Zac Go

It's the cycle, stupid!
By Alan Duncan - 19 September 11:22

It's Gordon Brown's economic management that's left Britain ill equipped to deal with problems posed

A humane solution to immigration?
By Nick Clegg - 19 September 10:34

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg explains his party's new policy on immigration saying he's

A brief turn in Brighton
By Peter Black - 18 September 11:51

Welsh Assembly member and leading Lib Dem blogger Peter Black
enjoys an all too short visit to Bri

The great leader debate
By Sian Berry - 18 September 11:16

It's time for a title with clear meaning says the Green Party's co-principal speaker argues Sian Ber

Power to Clarity
By Ted Honderich - 17 September 12:11

On 13 September, New Statesman contributing editor Sholto Byrnes wrote a piece in which he acclaimed

Start with a run end with an auction
By Jo Swinson - 17 September 11:44

Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson details an eclectic day at party conference which begins with an early morning

Go on Ming pick a fight!
By Lembit Opik - 16 September 11:11

The Lib Dem frontbencher dismisses talk of a coup against Sir Menzies Campbell insisting there are n

Beside the seaside...
By Ben Davies - 14 September 16:46

The conference season kicks off in Brighton, moves to Bournemouth and then ends up in Blackpool and

What's on the PM's mind?
By Owen Walker - 14 September 16:29

The cosy-up between Brown and Thatcher gets a mixed response from political bloggers as some ask if

Tackling climate change isn't about guilt
By Sian Berry - 14 September 10:25

In Sian's last key speech as Green co-principal speaker she explains tackling climate change is abou

Arms fair?
By Robbie Gillett - 13 September 16:56

Robbie Gillett reports from the protest at the DSEi arms fair and questions why it is less people to

A new background noise
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 13 September 13:00

Only when he finds the key to quality of life will Dave finally be able to define Cameronism

The dinosaurs, right all along
By Martin Bright - 13 September 13:00

The Inside Track with Martin Bright at the TUC plus <a href="/200709130016">Tara Hamilton-Miller</a>

Charlie's back
By Kevin Maguire - 13 September 13:00

... but this time he's playing for the other side

British citizens of history
By Ziauddin Sardar - 13 September 13:00

Jack Straw's green paper <em>The Governance of Britain</em>, published in July, has provided the bes

What they know about us . . .
By Peter Wilby - 13 September 13:00

Your postcode reveals more than your DNA can

What are the Lib Dems for?
By Chris Huhne - 13 September 13:00

The party's task in Brighton will be to answer that question more clearly

Green Tories? Not likely!
By Sian Berry - 13 September 10:09

Sian Berry reports from the Green Party conference on the day David Cameron's 'Quality of Life' revi

A day in the life
By Billy Hayes - 12 September 14:21

CWU chief Billy Hayes gives us a glimpse of how he spends his time at the TUC annual conference and

Union chief's warning to Brown
By Tony Woodley - 12 September 10:39

In the latest in newstatesman.com's 'Posh in 2007' series union boss Tony Woodley warns Gordon Brown

The vision of the Hip Hop generation
By Anthony Thomas - 11 September 18:45

Hip Hop is heir of slave rebellions, abolitionist, civil rights and Black Power movements and the si