2010 — the year in review
By Samira Shackle and George Eaton - 29 December 9:52

From another botched Labour coup to the election of a coalition government, this political year has

Merily’s verily smitten but Lembit’s no closer to mayoralty
By Kevin Maguire - 29 December 7:25

Nick Clegg will move heaven and earth to halt the crooked-toothed Lothario.

I resolve . . . to remain rich
By Alan B'stard - 29 December 7:25

The year 2010 certainly didn't last long. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? What do you mean, you aren't having fun? Who cares about you! This is my column.

Leader: Osborne must rethink this economically reckless tax rise
By Staff blogger - 29 December 7:25

The VAT rise will help guarantee an anaemic economic recovery.

Cameron’s captives and media myopia
By Peter Wilby - 29 December 7:25

Are Britons suffering from Stockholm syndrome over the coalition government? Also, Cable’s woes, whi

The coalition isn’t working for the jobless
By David Blanchflower - 29 December 7:25

The government is ignoring the growing problem of youth unemployment — even as it fails to kick-star

The Lib Dems have buyer’s remorse
By Mehdi Hasan - 29 December 7:25

As the Lib Dems start to feel the pain of being in a dodgy marriage to the Tories, they must wonder

Winners and Losers of 2010
By New Statesman - 24 December 11:00

Who did well in 2010 – and who had a year to forget.

Strictly come statecraft: Laurie Penny on how the government protects the rich
By Laurie Penny - 22 December 18:25

This is a government that sees the wealthy as its core constituency.

Laurie Penny on how twitter is changing the face of dissent
By Laurie Penny - 20 December 13:48

December 2010 will surely be remembered as the month when the global ruling class lost its monopoly over information.

Coalition backtracks on primary school sports cuts
By Duncan Robinson - 20 December 11:24

The Schools Sports Partnership will no longer be scrapped, but will still have its funding reduced.

A graduate tax is the fairest solution
By Tom Wright - 17 December 14:49

As a sixth-former, I think a graduate tax would increase social mobility and maintain world-class hi

Coalition plans will push 200,000 children into poverty
By New Statesman - 17 December 8:50

Upcoming spending cuts will also push 800,000 children into relative poverty.

Ending the detention of children is just the beginning
By Duncan Robinson - 16 December 16:25

Hundreds of former asylum-seekers are still stuck in a Kafkaesque system with no prospect of release

Captain Ska on "Liar Liar"
By Sophie Monks Kaufman - 16 December 12:16

An interview with the campaigning musician who hopes to be Christmas No. 1.

Former Labour minister calls for drugs legalisation
By Tom Wright - 16 December 10:34

Bob Ainsworth MP called for the legalisation of all drugs, claiming that current policy "perpetuates

What the royal poking says about our media
By Alison Banville - 15 December 17:31

Coverage of the student protests shows the limits of media impartiality in Britain.

Leader: All is changed, changed utterly
By Staff blogger - 15 December 14:51

There is an unprecedented opportunity to win support for a programme committed to economic and socia

Miliband’s new spinner offers fire and fury
By Dan Hodges - 15 December 14:33

Tom Baldwin is a mad, bad but inspired choice for Ed Miliband’s press supremo.

Coalition? This is a Tory government
By Mehdi Hasan - 15 December 14:32

Lib Dems have little say in a cabinet weighted in the Conservative Party's favour.

Smug and warm this Christmas
By Alan B'stard - 15 December 12:34

As we approach Christmas, when we celebrate the shortcomings of the Judaean hospitality industry, my mind turns to which people made

What the US can teach Oxbridge
By David Blanchflower - 15 December 12:29

David Lammy was right to raise concerns about how few black students there are at Britain’s elite un

The Big Society: the Anatomy of the New Politics
By Jon Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford - 15 December 9:54

On Ed Miliband's journey to the good society, Jesse Norman is a fellow traveller. In previous works, he has developed a form of Toryism that shares a language with ethical socialism.

Snow scuppers Cameron’s “big society”
By Alice Miles - 15 December 9:40

It began as a flurry: a flake here and there, drifting on the wind. Soon it was falling faster and more heavily and beginning to settle.

A graffiti image of Jesus. Photo: Getty
Jesus was a lefty
By Mehdi Hasan - 15 December 9:19

Conservatives claim Christ as one of their own. But he was the unemployed son of two asylum-seekers with all the personal traits of a modern revolutionary. 

Liberalism and BS
By David Allen Green - 13 December 10:29

What now separates Clegg from the Tories?


Influential Lib Dem calls for closer links with Labour
By Daniel Trilling - 12 December 20:19

Tuition fees betrayal should make grass-roots members “sit up and think”, says former policy directo

Let the American anti-Quran pastor visit Britain
By Sholto Byrnes - 12 December 10:55

Theresa May is being urged to ban him. Free speech demands she shouldn’t.

Does the BBC really have a left-wing bias?
By Daniel Trilling - 12 December 9:53

If most of the corporation’s staff don’t vote Tory, that’s only a reflection of the country at large