Campaign spotlight: Libel bashing
By Staff blogger - 17 December 7:06

Dr Evan Harris MP, Liberal Democrat spokesman on science and a member of the Commons select committe

Quran and country
By Nabila Ramdani - 17 December 7:06

The words "British" and "Muslim" turn out to have a great deal in common

Leader: It is time for Britain’s real progressives to unite
By Staff blogger - 17 December 7:06

We would welcome a left-liberal coalition, committed to wholesale constitutional and economic reform

Bite-sized briefing: UK
By Staff blogger - 17 December 7:06

The government was accused of trying to suppress evidence of the UK's role in torture at a high court hearing.

And so to Sam’n’Dave’s Christmas knees-up . . .
By Gideon Donald - 17 December 7:06

What is notable is who will not be "hanging with the Camerons" this Yuletide. There is no place for

Good idea: Transparent trap
By Alyssa McDonald - 17 December 7:06

Strange, really, how much more glamorous "reporting corruption" sounds than "reporting anti-corruption" does, with its bureaucratic lexicon of "compliance", "implementation" and "corporate responsibility".

Commons Confidential
By Kevin Maguire - 17 December 7:06

TV, fridges and too-tight tailcoats

The sperm lottery
By Irwin Stelzer - 10 December 5:47

Our tax system is inequitable, but it seems neither main party is capable of change – Labour is obse

Bite-sized briefing: UK
By Staff blogger - 10 December 5:47

The pre-Budget report was presented in parliament. The Chancellor, Alistair Darling announced measures including:

Coalition could make Labour work
By Roy Hattersley - 10 December 5:47

Proportional representation would free Labour to be radical again

A genocide denied
By Geoffrey Robertson - 10 December 5:47

Newly uncovered Foreign Office memos show how New Labour has played politics with the massacre of th

Camp Cameron and the progressives
By Anne McElvoy - 10 December 5:47

The extraordinary reaction to Speaker Bercow and his wife shows that Cameron and his allies only rea

John Pilger on why the invasion of Iraq is the crime of the century
By John Pilger - 10 December 5:47

The purpose of the Chilcot inquiry is to normalise an epic crime by providing enough of a theatre.

Deniers, bankers and royal snappers
By Peter Wilby - 10 December 5:47

Climate change deniers should reveal whether they hold lucrative 'catastrophe' bonds

“Gordon is like me – he’s an axeman”
By James Macintyre and Sophie Elmhirst - 10 December 5:47

As he prepared to fly out to the Copenhagen summit, John Prescott reflected on his regrets about the

Leader: Our craven calculations in Iraq must not infect Afghanistan
By Staff blogger - 10 December 5:47

The Iraq war was a ruinous mistake. The lessons from it have not yet been learned.

Bad idea: Growing Gatwick
By Alyssa McDonald - 10 December 5:47

If ever there was a bad week to start talking again about extra airport runways - and not just at Heathrow, but Gatwick, too - surely this was it.

Bonus of contention
By Alyssa McDonald - 10 December 5:47

Before Alistair Darling had announced the one-off 50 per cent tax on bonuses over £25,000 - before he'd even stood up to present the pre-Budget report - bankers were hitting back at government plans to tax them.

In the bleak midwinter, frosty Ffion made moan
By Gideon Donald - 10 December 5:47

Christmas comes but once a year, which means, fortunately, so do carols with the Howards.

Labour must go for growth
By Rachel Reeves - 07 December 13:57

Alistair Darling must use the pre-Budget report to explain why the Tories would take us deeper into

Take a walk on the dark side
By James Burgess - 03 December 14:34

The Conservatives' European journey

Cameron gives the Tories some welly
By Gaby Hinsliff - 03 December 5:20

Cameron may be comfortable with his personal blend of retro and metro, but bridging such gaps within

Tony still has the X-factor
By Fran Reddington - 03 December 5:20

I feel like I've gone back in time. We are drowning in the sticky stew of Iraq once more thanks to Chilcot.

Leader: Britain’s chilling libel laws must be reformed
By Staff blogger - 03 December 5:20

The UK's libel system has enabled an extraordinary assault on free speech to take place. Labour must

Keep the stimulus going, Darling
By David Blanchflower - 03 December 5:20

Now is not the time to start paying off the debt, cutting public expenditure or raising taxes

Blair, Iraq and climate comrades
By Peter Wilby - 03 December 5:20

Apologies to Mark Lynas, George Monbiot, Ed Miliband and all my other green friends, but I have decided I no longer believe in man-made global warming.

A little boy lost in the City
By Gideon Spanier - 03 December 5:20

George Osborne could soon be running the nation’s finances. He may be politically savvy, but bankers

Return to sender
By Shami Chakrabarti - 03 December 5:20

A vulnerable young man, Gary McKinnon, will soon be extradited to the US for a crime he committed from his bedroom in London.