A tale of two Davids
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 17 July 10:22

Cameron is wasting no time. But what can the former shadow home secretary do with his?

Why tough talk on knife crime is not the answer
By Staff blogger - 17 July 10:22

The Youth Crime Action Plan, which has been months in the preparation, was intended to draw a line under the so-called Respect agenda of the Blair years.

A Green New Deal
By Mark Lynas - 17 July 10:22

A "war economy" social mobilisation harnessed, this time not towards fighting fascism, but towards h

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 17 July 10:22

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Budge

Party of the poor
By Oliver Letwin - 17 July 10:22

Oliver Letwin, who chairs the Conservative's policy review and Tory research department, on why he b

Wembley's tent city
By Claire Provost - 16 July 13:28

How a battle to save a football ground and stop an academy school prompted teachers and other citize

Thatcher's funeral
By Ed Waugh - 15 July 11:42

Playwright Ed Waugh, who co-wrote <em>Maggie's End</em>, attacks the news of a state funeral for Con

Hitler's head
By Ben Davies - 15 July 10:32

Goodbye Sian Berry, the 150th anniversary of Emmeline Pankhurst plus Tom Quinn, our Mormon correspon

Berry last blog
By Sian Berry - 14 July 12:18

Since newstatesman.com relaunched on 30 November 2006 Sian Berry has been a regular contributor on h

The real Mrs Pankhurst
By Frances Pugh - 14 July 11:35

Author Frances Pugh marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette

By Iain Simons - 14 July 10:35

The daggers are out in a very public spat between the organisation that lobbies on behalf of the UK

Why me for Labour's treasurer
By Mark McDonald - 12 July 13:52

Labour's troubles with funding come back to one basic issue - the fact that only once in 16 years ha

Token opposition
By Paul Evans - 11 July 12:01

To win back his seat, David Davis needed only to defeat a smokers' rights advocate and a man claimin

Hamas at Olympia
By Martin Bright - 10 July 18:44

Why I have decided to pull out of IslamExpo this weekend

Rape's a real crime
By Nicole Westmarland - 10 July 13:16

Rape has been seen as a 'woman's problem' for far too long and we urgently need more men to publicly

BBC staff aren't laughing
By Jeremy Dear - 10 July 11:22

Huge pay hikes for BBC executives, rewarded even when they mess up, below inflation rises for staff

Davis wins easily...
By Simon Hooper - 10 July 10:38

newstatesman.com's running commentary on the by-election triggered then won by David Davis over 42 d

Vaz-eline's slippery ways
By Kevin Maguire - 10 July 10:18

All the gossip from the Westminster Village

Daily bread
By Roger Alton - 10 July 10:18

I'm a huge admirer of Tony Blair but I come in for a good ticking-off from colleagues for a headline

You couldn't make her up
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 10 July 10:18

The Conservative candidate in Glasgow East is perfect for Dave's new, inclusive party

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 10 July 10:18

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Sticking the course

How Britain wages war
By John Pilger - 10 July 10:18

The military has created a wall of silence around its frequent resort to barbaric practices, includi

A Neet solution
By Charles Leadbeater - 10 July 10:18

Increasing numbers of teenagers stumble at the transition from school to work. There is an answer

A sea change on immigration?
By Martin Bright - 10 July 10:18

On public service reform, the government is at last beginning to listen to front-line staff, rather

Southern discomfort
By Jasper Gerard - 10 July 10:18

Few of the swells barrelling down the A303 in Porsche 4x4s to wealthy enclaves such as Rock or Fowey

‘‘I’ll leave when I finish the job’’
By Gloria De Piero - 10 July 10:18

In his most revealing interview yet, <strong>Gordon Brown</strong> talks exclusively to the New Stat

The true cost of Boris' policies
By Jenny Jones - 09 July 17:32

The Mayor's decision to drop the £25 emissions charge is just the latest in a series of environmenta

Vote for Little Britain?
By Simon Hooper - 09 July 11:23

Simon Hooper visits Haltemprice and Howden where David Davis has forced a by-election on civil liber

Blacklisted by Liberty Davis
By Shan Oakes - 09 July 10:26

The Green candidate in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election accuses David Davis of avoiding debate

We must cull badgers
By Daniel Kawczynski - 08 July 16:22

'I have sat with a farmer in my constituency who has been brought to his knees by Bovine TB and I do