Is George Osborne right about the North Sea tax?
By Samira Shackle - 24 March 8:57

Labour argues that the windfall tax could be passed to customers – but this is not an effective line

More economic woe for Osborne
By George Eaton - 22 March 12:07

Higher borrowing and higher inflation figures announced the day before the Budget.

Forget the hype – Osborne’s Budget is an irrelevance
By Dan Hodges - 22 March 11:19

Expect no surprises tomorrow. In fact, the economic die has already been cast.

Full transcript | David Cameron | Statement on the UN Security Council Resolution on Libya | 18 March 2011
By David Cameron - 18 March 12:12

"We simply can not stand back and let a dictator whose people have rejected him kill his people indi

Budget 2011: shock doctrine in the UK
By Simon Reid-Henry - 18 March 11:16

George Osborne’s Budget will attempt a radical social re-engineering of the UK.

Holidays with Hosni and co
By Alan B'stard - 17 March 13:28

Well, I'm back and to say my winter holiday did not go according to plan would be an understatement along the lines of "the Lib-Dems didn't do terribly well in the Barnsley by-election".

Why rail against “benefits cheats” when the system encourages them?
By Alice Miles - 17 March 13:27

The right might complain about the welfare state, but the left don’t want to talk about it at all.

Pump it up!
By George Eaton - 17 March 13:27

Decoding the politics of fuel prices.

Behind the Black Door
By Alice Miles - 17 March 13:27

Sarah Brown’s memoir of public relations.

Oil hikes, treading on corgis and His Buffoon Highness
By Peter Wilby - 17 March 13:26

Peter Wilby’s engaging and entertaining take on the big stories of the week.

Theatre of conflict
By Francis Beckett - 17 March 13:25

Playwrights such as Arnold Wesker were a serious political force in the postwar years. We urgently n

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 17 March 13:22


What's your foreign policy, Mr Cameron?
By Brendan Simms - 17 March 8:47

The Libyan uprising forces the Tories to choose between old-style “pessimist realism” and a moral obligation to intervene.

Leader: After the quake
By Staff blogger - 17 March 7:20

This has been a year of profound shocks, from the revolts in the Middle East and North Africa to the earthquake and tsunami in north-east Japan and the continuing trauma at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Leader: The coalition’s anti-banking rhetoric fools nobody
By Staff blogger - 17 March 7:20

Should the coalition fail to break up the banks, it will make a repeat of the crash not just possibl

The princess and the PM
By Gideon Donald - 17 March 7:20

"To AV, or not to AV," said TV's Craig Oliver, who is no better at scansion than strategy, when he opened his PowerPoint presentation to the new inner circle.

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 17 March 7:20

Peer pressure

Here comes the summer of discontent
By Mehdi Hasan - 17 March 7:20

The unions are preparing to march. But where does Ed Miliband and the Labour Party stand?

Peacenik Ken’s no-control zone
By Kevin Maguire - 17 March 7:20

Clarke remains remains delightfully unspun in the era of control freakery.

Ed Miliband could be PM within three years. Here’s how
By Charles Falconer - 17 March 7:20

If AV fails, the Lib Dems will have little cause to remain in the coalition, writes Charlie Falconer

Comment is free – and pointless
By Olly Grender - 16 March 17:17

Can anyone give a good reason why ministers should bother reading commentary in newspapers?

More media myths about immigration
By Guy Taylor - 15 March 17:17

Misinformation provides cover for the coalition. Why isn’t Labour doing more to fight it?

Why the issue of tuition fees will not go away
By Duncan Robinson - 15 March 16:33

Average institutions charging top-rate fees will prove a continuing headache for the government.

The draft Libel Reform Bill
By David Allen Green - 15 March 12:54

The government presents its proposals.

The Lib Dem bells: alarm clock or wake-up call?
By Eduardo Reyes - 14 March 10:27

“Alarm-clock Britain” does not appeal to the party faithful.

Clegg needs to inspire his party’s members
By Olly Grender - 11 March 13:00

The Lib Dem leader needs to worry less about the public and more about his party at this week’s conf

The great property swindle: why do so few people in Britain own so much of our land?
By Kevin Cahill - 11 March 12:44

The myth spun about Britain is that land is scarce. It is not – landowners are paid to keep it off the market.

Why should we trust Osborne and Cameron? King doesn't seem to
By David Blanchflower - 11 March 11:41

The Bank of England governor has directly contradicted the Chancellor's claim that the recession was

The popular but dangerous sport of Lib Dem-baiting
By Mehdi Hasan - 11 March 11:41

The coalition has exacerbated Labour's worst tribalist tendencies.

Leader: The melancholy and turmoil of the talented Mr Hague
By Staff blogger - 11 March 11:41

Hague should ask himself whether his undoubted talents could be better used elsewhere in government