Defend UK Uncut, even if you don’t agree with their tactics
By Daniel Trilling - 28 March 15:48

The anti-cuts movement should not be divided by the right’s narrative on violence at Saturday’s prot

The Lib Dems’ branding crisis
By Olly Grender - 28 March 14:24

A political party’s brand is more than a logo, it is its heart and soul.

Trouble ahead at the Treasury
By Gavin Kelly - 28 March 11:53

Unnoticed, the Lib Dems are driving through changes to the structure of personal tax allowances. And

Laurie Penny: What really happened in Trafalgar Square
By Laurie Penny - 27 March 17:22

Neither mindless nor violent, young protesters were forced into a stand-off with police.

Full transcript | Ed Miliband | Speech to TUC anti-cuts march | 26 March 2011
By Staff blogger - 27 March 16:35

"David Cameron, this is the big society."

Beyond the spectacle
By Steven Baxter - 27 March 16:18

How can the anti-cuts movement break through the media’s short attention span?

Laurie Penny: Why I'm marching today for anti-austerity
By Laurie Penny - 26 March 9:36

Like thousands of others, I'll be demonstrating in London because we need to fight for our principles.

Short-changing the kids
By James Mills - 26 March 9:18

This Budget put profit before young people.

You want a good degree? Pay up
By Duncan Robinson - 25 March 17:55

The only universities not charging the maximum amount for top-up fees are among the worst in the cou

What are we protesting for?
By Mark Barrett - 25 March 17:19

The Power of the People's Assembly!

Wake up, Labour
By Neal Lawson - 25 March 10:52

The party must tap in to the energy and liberating excitement of the anti-cuts movement.

Nick Clegg’s on-mike gaffe
By Duncan Robinson - 24 March 16:33

Clegg to Cameron: “If we keep doing this we won’t have anything to bloody disagree on in the bloody

Osborne set to break pledge to protect NHS spending
By George Eaton - 24 March 14:35

The IFS warns that higher inflation means NHS spending will be cut by 0.1 per cent.

The census may have a nugget, but Tesco already has the gold
By Chris Smith - 24 March 14:14

The government has nothing on supermarkets when it comes to keeping to tabs on people.

Ethical dimensions of an interventionist foreign policy
By Jason Cowley - 24 March 13:38

A fine essay by John Stuart Mill, first published in 1859, offers keen insight.

The Budget does nothing to dispel the dark clouds of my prophecy
By David Blanchflower - 24 March 13:38

George Osborne's Budget will be a failure.

It’s time Ted took on the BlackBerry Bruiser
By Kevin Maguire - 24 March 13:38

Miliband was miffed to see Balls engrossed in sending texts.

Leader: The perils of Ricardian-Osbornism
By Staff blogger - 24 March 13:38

The trouble for Osborne is that every economic indicator is heading in the wrong direction.

Is George Osborne right about the North Sea tax?
By Samira Shackle - 24 March 8:57

Labour argues that the windfall tax could be passed to customers – but this is not an effective line

More economic woe for Osborne
By George Eaton - 22 March 12:07

Higher borrowing and higher inflation figures announced the day before the Budget.

Forget the hype – Osborne’s Budget is an irrelevance
By Dan Hodges - 22 March 11:19

Expect no surprises tomorrow. In fact, the economic die has already been cast.

Full transcript | David Cameron | Statement on the UN Security Council Resolution on Libya | 18 March 2011
By David Cameron - 18 March 12:12

"We simply can not stand back and let a dictator whose people have rejected him kill his people indi

Budget 2011: shock doctrine in the UK
By Simon Reid-Henry - 18 March 11:16

George Osborne’s Budget will attempt a radical social re-engineering of the UK.

Holidays with Hosni and co
By Alan B'stard - 17 March 13:28

Well, I'm back and to say my winter holiday did not go according to plan would be an understatement along the lines of "the Lib-Dems didn't do terribly well in the Barnsley by-election".

Why rail against “benefits cheats” when the system encourages them?
By Alice Miles - 17 March 13:27

The right might complain about the welfare state, but the left don’t want to talk about it at all.

Pump it up!
By George Eaton - 17 March 13:27

Decoding the politics of fuel prices.

Behind the Black Door
By Alice Miles - 17 March 13:27

Sarah Brown’s memoir of public relations.

Oil hikes, treading on corgis and His Buffoon Highness
By Peter Wilby - 17 March 13:26

Peter Wilby’s engaging and entertaining take on the big stories of the week.

Theatre of conflict
By Francis Beckett - 17 March 13:25

Playwrights such as Arnold Wesker were a serious political force in the postwar years. We urgently n

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 17 March 13:22