“I told David Cameron’s man to get lost”
By Mark Seddon - 04 March 7:08

Derek Simpson, Britain’s most powerful trade union leader, says that the unions shouldn’t talk to th

The zombies of Westminster
By Rafael Behr - 04 March 7:08

Cameron's team sees itself as the good guys but, viewed from the outside, the whole system is decomp

Leader: Mr Cameron, you’re no Barack Obama
By Staff blogger - 04 March 7:08

The Tories may have appropriated Barack Obama's "vote for change" slogan but they remain the party o

Campaign Cameron gets Miked up
By Gideon Donald - 04 March 7:08

"Let me assure you, we will be watching you very closely," said Gove to one of those faceless females who are drafted in to present Newsnight at the last minute, when it becomes obvious that Paxo has ordered a second

Why Slasher Osborne scares me
By David Blanchflower - 04 March 7:08

The shadow chancellor still has no credible plan to raise growth or lower unemployment.

Back in the race

Could Labour seize a surprise election victory? Cabinet ministers and pollsters reveal how the party

Don’t be so down on Brown
By Norman Lamont - 01 March 11:36

Gordon's not a Gorgon
I am not surprised that Gordon Brown has got a boost in the polls after his Piers Morgan interview. I thought he did himself a lot of good.

Tandrew Rawnsley’s 24-carat party people
By Gideon Donald - 01 March 8:01

"Did you fall asleep on the sunbed or is this new look intentional?" I asked, looking up from my copy of the less-for-the-same Observer.

The Iron Lady’s lethal legacy
By John Burnside - 01 March 7:55

Corby was once a thriving town, but then a Tory government set about “deindustrialising” the steel r

Poor relations
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 01 March 7:55

The former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith talks about his “Damascene” conversion and how the “sharp b

Tory traits and the Guardian’s woes
By Peter Wilby - 26 February 16:08

Here are three arguments for voting Tory in the forthcoming election. First, a hung parliament might spook the markets, causing a run on the pound and a refusal to buy UK government bonds.

The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took their Children's Future - and Why They Should Give it Back
By Jenni Russell - 26 February 10:31

In the mid-1980s, when I was working for the BBC and buying my first flat in London, it seemed that my generation was having a much harder time of it than the cohort just ahead of us.

The gospel according to Dave
By Simon Heffer - 26 February 10:30

The party knows what it wants – grammar schools, immigration controls, spending cuts. But does the l

The new feudalism
By George Walden - 26 February 10:25

The Poundbury Toryism of Zac Goldsmith and his posh pals is ripe for caricature, writes George Walde

The NS Interview: Boris Johnson
By Jon Bernstein - 26 February 9:33

“This recession wasn’t caused by unions, it was bankers”

Boy George and the wily Fox
By Kevin Maguire - 26 February 9:12

George Osborne and Liam Fox are once more a happy couple of neocons after a Tory kiss-and-make-up to rival that of John and Toni Terry.

Boris's housing policy fails the poor
By Ken Livingstone - 25 February 15:12

The Mayor's housing policies only perpeturate London's wealth and class divisions.

Why Boris's housing plan will work for London
By Richard Blakeway - 25 February 14:41

The Mayor is on track to deliver 50,000 affordable homes.

Even Abraham Lincoln saw red
By Roy Hattersley - 25 February 7:07

Andrew Rawnsley's book has reduced what should be a debate about great issues into a gossip column.

10 people Dave should fear: Kenneth Clarke
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

Shadow secretary of state for business, innovation and skills

10 people Dave should fear: Edward Leigh
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

MP for Gainsborough

10 people Dave should fear
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

Which right-wingers pose the biggest threat to David Cameron?

In search of electoral El Dorado
By David Marquand - 25 February 7:07

David Marquand argues that the left dismisses David Cameron at its peril.

10 people Dave should fear: Margaret Thatcher
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

Former prime minister

10 people Dave should fear: Alan Duncan
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

Shadow minister for prisons and probation

Poll of Conservative Candidates: full results
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

The full results of the poll of Tory PPCs in this week's New Statesman.

Johnson's baddie power
By George Eaton - 25 February 7:07

With the Tories' poll ratings still on the slide, one would expect David Cameron to have bigger things on his mind than amending the Conservative Party's constitution.

10 people Dave should fear: David Davis
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

MP for Haltemprice and Howden

10 people Dave should fear: Nadine Dorries
By Staff blogger - 25 February 7:07

MP for Mid-Bedfordshire