The books are open for Jacqui Smith's replacement
By Owen Walker - 16 November 14:20

Owen Walker on the Home Secretary's political woes, the Lib-Dem leadership contest and Hossein Derak

British justice's shaky history
By Paul Donovan - 15 November 15:35

The quashing of Barry George's conviction for the murder of Jill Dando puts the spotlight back on th

Two gatherings of the Brown fan club for the price of one
By Kevin Maguire - 15 November 13:44

All the gossip from the Westminster village

Tactical Briefing
By Staff blogger - 15 November 12:00

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Public quaking

''Brown and Cameron are illiterate and parochial''
By Martin Bright - 15 November 12:00

Nick Clegg dismisses charges he's the right-wing candidate in the Lib Dem leadership election. He's

Black & blue
By David Matthews - 15 November 12:00

Labour has long taken the vote of ethnic minorities for granted. But Afro-Caribbean voters have a na

The right to sell labour
By Peter Wilby - 15 November 12:00

There can be a coherent strategy for immigration

Jacqui Smith: a question of courage?
By Martin Bright - 15 November 12:00

Why do Labour Home Office ministers stumble so badly when they attempt to deal with immigration? Bec

A reformed character?
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 15 November 12:00

Jonathan Aitken is heading a Tory prison reform group. Some eyebrows are raised.

The curious business of taxation
By Martin O'Neill - 12 November 16:38

Wages have stagnated, corporations contribute less to Treasury coffers as their profits grow ever va

A royal non-event
By Owen Walker - 09 November 15:16

Owen Walker takes a look at the 'turmoil' the Queen's speech caused in the blogosphere

The politics of fear
By Martin Bright - 08 November 12:00

A legislative programme that contains many laudable goals will instead be dominated by authoritarian

Myths of empire
By Jonathan Wright - 08 November 12:00

<strong>God and Gold: Britain, America and the Making of the Modern World</strong>

Walter Russell

Why Brown won't read THAT book
By Anthony Seldon - 08 November 12:00

Jessica, my eldest daughter, asks: "Why are you writing these things that make people angry?"

Mind what you wish for
By Douglas Fraser - 08 November 12:00

The real test for Scottish Nationalists is still to come

Trains and chains and Victorian values in a modern setting
By Staff blogger - 08 November 12:00

Brown now has two years in which he should forget about polls and the press and lay some foundations

Tactical Briefing
By Staff blogger - 08 November 12:00

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Terrorism

Comical Ali is back, offering his pearls of wisdom
By Kevin Maguire - 08 November 0:00

All the gossip from the Westminster Village

The royal response
By Staff blogger - 06 November 19:53 brings you cross-party comment and analysis of Gordon Brown's plans for government,

Anarchy in W11?
By Vidisha Biswas - 05 November 17:23

Vidisha Biswas joins Ian Bone - once dubbed "the most dangerous man in Britain" - as anarchists decl

Costs saved, lives lost
By Brian Coleman - 05 November 16:45

The deaths of four young firefighters is a tragic indictment of our unwillingness to invest in publi

Policing and its consequences
By Martin O'Neill - 05 November 12:27

Proponents of 'hard-headed' policing lose sight of the moral difference between what is done to us a

Right question, wrong answer
By Sue Stirling - 02 November 16:51

Tory proposals for Engish votes on English laws would create more problems than they would solve

Did the Observer do it for Dave?
By Owen Walker - 02 November 13:44

Why were the results of a poll showing Labour with a 13-point lead not published?

Giving nothing away
By Chris Ames - 01 November 12:00

This government has routinely flouted its own freedom of information legislation

What did the Saudis know about 7/7?
By Martin Bright - 01 November 12:00

King Abdullah says Britain's security services ignored Saudi warnings, but what exactly did those wa

On the world stage
By Johann Hari - 01 November 12:00

<strong>State of the Nation: British Theatre Since 1945</strong>

Michael Billington <em>Faber & F

The property ladder of life
By Peter Wilby - 01 November 12:00

Our concept of a home is changing.

Change the law to make early abortion easier
By Staff blogger - 01 November 12:00

Women should be given the flexibility to make the best decisions they can in often impossibly diffic

A guilty, nostalgic treat
By Andrew Billen - 01 November 12:00

Frederic Raphael's series finds itself in much reduced circumstances

<strong>Fame and Fortune </s