Brown’s PR gamble
By James Macintyre - 25 June 11:37

Could a referendum on Scottish independence be held alongside a PR referendum on election day?

The bankers cannot believe their luck
By Vincent Cable - 25 June 11:37

The disgrace of the political class has been the salvation of the bankers. And lax regulation has le

The meaning of freedom
By Peter Wilby - 25 June 11:37

. . . on meddling in Iran, pay cuts for bosses and wasteful words

An embarrassment of Etonians
By Gideon Donald - 25 June 11:37

In theory, secret ballots are the cornerstone of democracy. But when the electorate is made up of conniving, duplicitous, self-deceiving politicians given a rare chance to vote in private, then all bets are off. The election of the Speaker was one such occasion.

Banking is too important to be left to greedy and reckless bankers
By Staff blogger - 25 June 11:37

It is sickening to see our wretched bankers dusting themselves down with taxpayers' money. Labour ha

Secrets of the Speaker
By Harry Phibbs - 25 June 11:37

Observations on the young Bercow

What a shambles
By Ken Livingstone - 25 June 11:37

Boris Johnson is under pressure following yet another high-profile resignation. How much longer can

Labour whips instruct MPs to vote for Beckett as Speaker
By James Macintyre - 21 June 21:10

• Party abandons unofficial support for Bercow.
• Whips' behaviour contradicts "non-partisan" pledg

Brown and Mandelson: It's Love
By Donald Macintyre - 18 June 12:11

Peter Mandelson once spoke of how Gordon Brown “wants to kill me before I destroy him”, but now the

Cameron's wobble

The Tories are ahead in the polls but remain unpopular. And there are divisions behind the scenes.

How the left lost its language
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 18 June 10:53

The global crisis exposed the intellectual hollowness of our politics. Despite signs of renewal, the

Diary: Bob Crow
By Bob Crow - 18 June 10:53

Boris Johnson thinks I'm demented

No room for closure
By Peter Wilby - 18 June 10:53

. . . on the Iraq inquiry, public spending cuts and Mandy’s manoeuvres

A total white-out
By Martin Jacques - 18 June 10:53

In Britain, black people are excluded from decision-making in top-flight football. It will take more

Vote Bercow for a real reformer
By Staff blogger - 18 June 10:53

He is the most progressive candidate in the race-a genuine reformer.

Cabinet happy families and the Gordian not
By Kevin Maguire - 18 June 10:53

The Monday Clubber-turned-moderate John Bercow’s ambition is boundless, so up he popped in Strangers’ Bar, canvassing Labour votes for the Speakership. Lord Lucan riding Shergar would have created less fuss than the sight of this Tory MP in a watering hole otherwise known as the Kremlin.

Nothing to turn back to
By Neal Lawson - 11 June 13:12

Irresponsible capitalism has left us in economic and political turmoil. The solution is a new democr

Enjoying a spot of hit and run with John Major
By Gideon Donald - 11 June 13:12

It will probably not surprise you to learn that when I am required by infernal HM Revenue & Customs to state my occupation, I usually plump for “professional backgammon player”.

Mandy is handy but will Cameron play the Field?
By Kevin Maguire - 11 June 13:12

Is Frank Field set to cross the floor?

20 ways to save Labour
By Staff blogger - 11 June 13:12

Figures including Germaine Greer, Richard Dawkins and John Pilger suggest policies to revive Labour

First among equals

Gordon Brown has survived, but humiliated and with his powers reduced. What can he do now?

Who owns our democracy?
By David Lammy - 11 June 13:12

From the success of the BNP to the expenses scandal, we are lurching from one moral crisis to anothe

Diary: Donald Macintyre
By Donald Macintyre - 11 June 13:12

Hazel Blears was not always an "ultra-Blairite"

The corrupted currents
By Jason Cowley - 11 June 13:12

As Jude Law brings a touch of Hollywood to the role of Hamlet, Jason Cowley draws parallels between

Cut out those clichés
By Staff blogger - 11 June 13:12

These are great days for the metaphor, the simile, the humble analogy. There’s nothing quite like a political crisis to inspire the wordsmiths.

The Politics Interview: Alan Johnson
By Gloria De Piero - 11 June 13:12

The amiable postman, the ‘‘good, cor blimey cockney’’, insists Labour must get behind its leader. Bu

The plot to kill off Labour
By Peter Wilby - 11 June 13:12

. . . on boardroom, bathroom and Purnell’s sideburns

Exclusive: Alan Johnson interview
By Staff blogger - 06 June 22:29

A preview of our exclusive interview with Alan Johnson, the new Home Secretary and the man tipped to

Forty winks in the Mock Gothic Fun Palace
By Kevin Maguire - 05 June 16:39

Bob Geldof didn’t like Mondays, but one of David Cameron’s posh boys has an aversion to Sundays. The surname of that one-time Charterhouse head boy, Jeremy Hunt, is deliberately mispronounced, I hear, in his Surrey backyard.