The NS interview: Armando Iannucci
By Sophie Elmhirst - 20 March 0:28

“Satire is a black-and-white programme with Dudley Moore”

Leader: A hung parliament could yet be the saving of Labour
By Staff blogger - 18 March 7:11

Progressive realignment in one party, like socialism in one country, doesn't work.

The Tories play it Coulson
By Kevin Maguire - 18 March 7:11

Andy "I Knew Nothing" Coulson is feeling the strain.

If Dave doesn’t win, it’s open season
By Rafael Behr - 18 March 7:11

If Cameron delivers only a small win, many Tories will consider him exposed as a charlatan.

Whelan and dealing
By George Eaton - 18 March 7:11

The Conservatives' decision to launch an all-out attack on Unite and its political director, Charlie Whelan, reveals concern that the union's marginals strategy will hurt the party.

D’you want my lightning Boulton or my nice but Dimbleby?
By Gideon Donald - 18 March 7:11

The polls are chaotic, the public thinks that we, not Labour, will raise taxes, and Nick Clegg is so smug at the prospect of dominating the news agenda for the duration of a hung parliament that he looks fit to explode.

The Lib Dem dilemma
By James Macintyre - 18 March 7:11

Chris Huhne, a former Labour man, is reluctant to rule out a
Tory-Liberal coalition. But he must k

Leader: In fear of the petrolheads
By Staff blogger - 18 March 7:11

In the pursuit of electoral success, it is wise to expect the unexpected.

Turning the tides
By Mike Smithson - 18 March 7:11

Churn changes
So many pollsters are carrying out general election surveys now - each with its own approaches and baselines - that the best way to get the

Labour MP Ashok Kumar found dead
By Ian K Smith - 15 March 17:45

Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Ashok Kumar has died at the age of 53.

Brown’s a big softie
By Kevin Maguire - 15 March 8:41

Gordon Brown may be a lapel-grabber, pen-stubber and Nokia-thrower - allegedly - but Oop North, where Labour people are really hard, he would be derided as a big softie.

Why the Falklands must remain British
By Gerald Kaufman - 15 March 8:25

Hillary Clinton would be advised to keep her mouth shut.

The islands of black gold
By Peter Wilby - 15 March 7:23

Nobody dreamed in the 1970s that a few years later Britain would be waging war over the Falklands. N

The NS Interview: Tim Montgomerie
By Sophie Elmhirst - 12 March 7:08

“God is not a Conservative, but Christianity led me to the party”.

Paying the price for Ashcroft’s millions
By Mehdi Hasan - 11 March 7:08

Lord Paul has been described as the "Labour Ashcroft", yet the differences between them are stark.

Seeing Gordon’s best bits
By Mark Watson - 11 March 7:08

The Cameron-Brown-Clegg showdowns can't come soon enough. I'll probably buy the DVD box set.

Leader: Bungling over James Bulger
By Staff blogger - 11 March 7:08

The government is right not to reveal the reason why Jon Venables, one of the killers of the toddler James Bulger in Merseyside in 1993, has been returned to prison.

Leader: Labour is back on track with its high-speed rail promise
By Staff blogger - 11 March 7:08

Andrew Adonis's ambitious high-speed rail project proves that there are still good ideas coming from

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 11 March 7:08

Foot notes

Stick to Countdown, for God’s sake Carol
By Gideon Donald - 11 March 7:08

Another day, another shambles. And I'm lying low when who should, to use a Rawnsleyism, sashay into my office but Carol Vorderman.

Inside “Next Labour”
By James Macintyre - 11 March 7:08

Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband are not only spearheading Labour’s election campaign, but leading

Swing when you’re winning
By Mike Smithson - 11 March 7:08

David Cameron and his party look short of the seats they need for a majority.

What if... There had been a 2007 election
By Dominic Sandbrook - 11 March 7:08

After winning a 21-seat majority, Brown invited the Lib Dems to join a centre-left coalition.

The “people like us” party
By George Eaton - 11 March 7:08

The post-election outlook for Labour's left isn't a promising one.

"God bless the Muslims. They'll need it when they're burning in effing hell."
By Daniel Trilling - 05 March 16:25

The English Defence League marches on parliament.

Boy 'Band and his groupies
By Kevin Maguire - 05 March 11:39

Big brother must be green with envy at Miliband Jr's popularity. Ed, the Climate Secretary, is now so hot that fans give him the full pop-star treatment.

Back in the race

Could Labour seize a surprise election victory? Cabinet ministers and pollsters reveal how the party

“I told David Cameron’s man to get lost”
By Mark Seddon - 04 March 7:08

Derek Simpson, Britain’s most powerful trade union leader, says that the unions shouldn’t talk to th

The zombies of Westminster
By Rafael Behr - 04 March 7:08

Cameron's team sees itself as the good guys but, viewed from the outside, the whole system is decomp