Gillian Duffy backs David Miliband
By Caroline Crampton - 26 July 12:02

Woman at the centre of Gordon’s Brown’s “Bigotgate” blunder supports Miliband to succeed him as Labo

Ed Miliband wins backing of Unite
By Sophie Elmhirst - 25 July 11:52

The support of the UK’s largest union will give a major boost to his campaign.

Gordon Brown calls for “African century”
By Staff blogger - 24 July 13:53

Former prime minister makes his first major speech since leaving office.

David Davis slips up
By Staff blogger - 24 July 11:42

“Brokeback coalition” slur reveals rebel MP’s distaste at Cameron’s alliance with the Lib Dems.

A government of philistines
By Sholto Byrnes - 24 July 10:18

Cutting the arts is the last thing the coalition should be doing.

Radio 4 spurns Mandelson and Blair
By Caroline Crampton - 23 July 11:50

The coveted Book of the Week slot will go to the former Sunderland South MP Chris Mullin instead.

The NS Interview: Niall Ferguson
By Alyssa McDonald - 23 July 8:46

“I’m much more concerned about Iran than what’s going on in Gaza”

Andy Burnham.
Andy Burnham interview: extended transcript
By Jon Bernstein - 22 July 9:08

'Labour needs to make a clean break from the self-indulgence, the elitism, the factionalism..."

The Tories may endanger your health
By Alice Miles - 22 July 8:11

By the time Labour left office all patients were treated within 18 weeks. Plans for the health servi

The maverick –– Diane Abbott
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 July 8:11

It would be a mistake to take her apparently hard-left opinionising for yesterday’s argument: the lo

Coalition policies that are completely out of the blue
By Mehdi Hasan - 22 July 8:11

A series of untested policies could undermine the legitimacy of future coalitions.

The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour
By Peter Hain - 22 July 8:11

Peter Mandelson’s memoirs predictably fixate on gossip, intrigue, backbiting and self-dramatisation.

Grand times at the Gay Hussar
By Kevin Maguire - 22 July 8:11

To Congress House, where Labour's not-so-famous five flunked a "real-life" test at the Unite hustings.

The outsider –– Andy Burnham
By Jon Bernstein - 22 July 8:11

Although he was the second candidate to declare, the media insist on painting him as the man from ou

The insurgent -- Ed Miliband
By Jason Cowley - 22 July 8:11

As the rivalry in Labour’s leadership contest intensifies,
we talk to the five candidates about th

Leader: Start talking to the country, not just the party
By Staff blogger - 22 July 8:11

From the first official hustings, hosted by the New Statesman on 9 June, there have been clear differences of opinion among the five Labour leadership contenders, not least between the two front-runners, David and Ed

Historians (I)
By Stephen Brasher - 22 July 8:11

Thomas Babington Macaulay, the leading Whig historian, was in parliament for Calne, Leeds and Edinburgh between 1830 and 1856, and rose to become the secretary of state for war and paymaster general.

The favourite -- David Miliband
By Mehdi Hasan - 22 July 8:11

The shadow foreign secretary has been undisputed front-runner from the start and is miles ahead in a

“Big society” or big bonanza?
By Peter Wilby - 22 July 8:11

Peter Wilby on private enterprise, political phraseology, the media elite, who will save our savings

The fighter –– Ed Balls
By James Macintyre - 22 July 8:11

Many in Westminster see the shadow education secretary as a left-wing bruiser. But could his combina

Dave’s Blond ambition tour
By Gideon Donald - 22 July 8:11

Leaving Tebbit in the sunroom of the B&B in Walton-on-the-Naze howling at the moon, sun, clouds, or whatever happened to be passing, I hotfooted it to the Home of Cladding in order to hear the PM unveil our joint thinking

Will Unite follow Unison in backing Ed Miliband?
By James Macintyre - 21 July 14:18

The smart money says yes.

Nick Clegg triumphs at PMQs

Breaking news: he really believes this stuff.

The NS Interview: Ann Widdecombe
By Alyssa McDonald - 16 July 8:47

“Secularism means everybody is infallible except the Pope. Crazy”

Laurie Penny: We need a retroactive graduate tax
By Laurie Penny - 15 July 17:43

Vince Cable’s plans are bold and progressive, but could go further to reduce inequality.

Leader: Yet more top-down prescriptions for the NHS
By Staff blogger - 15 July 1:14

There is no evidence that GPs want this responsibility or have the skills to fulfil the task.

In the Souses of Parliament
By Kevin Maguire - 15 July 1:14

On the night of the long drinks in the Souses of Parliament, a snout muttered, a confused Ken Clarke marched into the Labour whips' office demanding to know when the Budget vote would be.

Five candidates without “the vision thing”
By Mehdi Hasan - 15 July 1:14

Labour’s leadership campaign is drifting badly, with none of the contenders able to describe what th

Boring Mandy and Eton outstripped
By Peter Wilby - 15 July 1:14

I must report that, for the second time, Peter Mandelson has sent me to sleep.

Talking to a Brick Wall
By Chris Mullin - 15 July 1:14

After the view from the foothills (in my first volume of diaries), and as we await the view from the Olympian heights (Blair's memoir will follow Mandelson's in September), comes the view from the focus group.