Memo to Andrew Cooper, Cameron’s “strategic corporal”
By Olly Grender - 16 February 15:19

It’s the policies that matter, not the presentation.

Michael Chanan’s video blog: Teachers and Learners
By Staff blogger - 16 February 13:05

FILM: Lecturers go on strike in Bristol.

At last! The “big society” defined
By New Statesman - 14 February 17:03

Helping DC with the #BS.

The reality of Britain’s War in Afghanistan
By Yasmin Khan - 14 February 13:58

As the conflict in Afghanistan enters its tenth year, a report by War on Want exposes the truth behi

Neil and Christine Hamilton in publicity-seeking shock
By Duncan Robinson - 14 February 11:46

The former MP and his wife release a picture re-creating the famous pottery scene from <em>Ghost</em

Full transcript | David Cameron | Speech on Government Procurement | London | 11 February 2011
By David Cameron - 14 February 10:30

"It’s about being more dynamic, in our economy, and in our public services."

My noble friends
By Joan Bakewell - 13 February 11:56

On entering the Lords, and joining the debate on arts funding.

Out of the woods
By Stanley Johnson - 11 February 16:14

The coalition’s proposed fire sale of English woodland will leave parliament powerless to decide on

“The Shoe Thrower’s Index”
By Duncan Robinson - 11 February 11:28

A new index by the <em>Economist</em> gives an evidence-based insight into unrest in the Arab world.

Will the royal wedding create a “Yes mood” for the pro-AV campaign?
By Samira Shackle - 11 February 8:44

The Yes to AV campaign reportedly plans to capitalise on the royal wedding – but this tactic is unli

Tinker at your peril: we love the NHS more than any government
By Alice Miles - 10 February 15:25

Many provisions in the English NHS reform plan will tilt the system in favour of private-sector prov

The British economy is struggling but the traders are smiling
By Alex Preston - 10 February 15:23

“Stagflation” is the buzzword of the day in London, but with over 70 per cent of FTSE earnings comin

Bashful bashing
By George Eaton - 10 February 15:00

Pleas for the banks to show "restraint" over pay have largely gone unheeded.

The little man with a big plan
By Gideon Donald - 10 February 12:06

If the upper classes have a flaw - and I, for one, am happy to concede the possibility - it is perhaps a tendency to overlook "the little man". This term, obviously, should not be taken literally.

Leader: The “big society” is unworkable in the age of cuts
By Staff blogger - 10 February 9:49

The speed and scale of the coalition's cuts threatens to strangle the big society at birth.

Saucy Sally doesn’t give a sheet
By Kevin Maguire - 10 February 9:49

That prisoners' friend, Ken Clarke, better watch out, because I hear Citizen Dave has started ridiculing the In-justice Secretary behind his back.

Where are today’s political intellectuals?
By Jason Cowley - 10 February 9:49

Once, we had Gladstone and Disraeli. Now, we have Clegg and Cameron.

Cameron’s cynical Muslim-bashing – and Labour’s shabby response
By Mehdi Hasan - 10 February 9:49

Why was Sadiq Khan the only shadow minister brave enough to speak up against the Tory leader’s straw

Sadiq Khan: champion of the underdog
By Mehdi Hasan - 09 February 18:04

The shadow justice secretary grew up poor – now, as a card-carrying member of Ed Miliband’s “new gen

A momentous – and under-reported – event in Welsh politics
By Victoria Mitchell - 09 February 16:44

The referendum that noone is talking about.

BBC bans the term “reform” when discussing AV
By Susannah Butter - 09 February 14:48

The term is “too positive” to be used when referring to the AV vote – but not when describing Camero

Michael Chanan's video blog: Defending libraries
By Staff blogger - 09 February 14:43

FILM: Mary Warnock, Blake Morrison and south London residents take action against library closures.

Want to understand youth joblessness? Just look at the diagram
By David Blanchflower - 09 February 9:58

Cameron and Osborne, please take note.

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher
By Duncan Robinson - 08 February 15:14

The actress will play the former prime minister in the forthcoming biopic <em>The Iron Lady</em>.

In praise of Iain Duncan Smith
By Olly Grender - 08 February 14:27

The former Tory leader might not be right on marriage – but he should still be listened to.

The Comeback Gid (part one)
By Gideon Donald - 08 February 13:37

"Might I suggest that we use the expression . . . 'blood libel'?" I said. The incomprehension in the room was total.

Stop worrying about inflation, part two
By David Blanchflower - 07 February 16:29

A graph and a table for anyone who doubts the MPC's overconfidence.

Why Mubarak shouldn’t stay until September
By Osama Diab - 07 February 12:08

If Mubarak’s security apparatus tightens its grip on power, Egypt will turn into a North Korean-styl

Stop worrying about inflation
By David Blanchflower - 07 February 11:36

It will go away but the danger of deflation remains.

Prisoner voting rights can make prison work
By Benjamin Fox - 04 February 16:15

The best way to put prison conditions on the political agenda is to give prisoners the vote.