Immigration is back
By Matt Cavanagh - 11 May 13:16

Underneath the tactical manoeuvring, the differences in this area between Labour and the Tories are

Be liberal, Clegg
By Graeme Archer - 10 May 19:24

The Liberal Democrats cannot belong to a centre-right government and yet insist to supporters that t

The rich buying places at university? They already do, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 10 May 18:57

David Willetts's proposal merely formalises the process of purchasing access that already exists.

What to look out for in the Mosley privacy judgment
By David Allen Green - 10 May 9:18

The European Court of Human Rights ruling.

Thinking clearly about superinjunctions
By David Allen Green - 09 May 14:31

Do not be carried away by the current media frenzy.

Huhne: Cameron’s No will prove a pyrrhic victory
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 08 May 14:16

Energy Secretary warns PM that the genie of electoral reform won’t go back in the bottle.

Osbornomics, part 94
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 08 May 12:45

George, say after me: Britain is not Portugal (or Greece or Ireland).

Cable condemns Tory attacks on Nick Clegg
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 07 May 13:03

First Chris Huhne, now Vince.

Alex Salmond’s dilemma
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 07 May 11:59

Does the election result in Scotland threaten the Union?

What the Liberal Democrats should do next
By David Allen Green - 06 May 16:09

Why yesterday's electoral disaster is not the end.

Labour miss out on majority in Wales
By Duncan Robinson - 06 May 11:46

Wales fails to provide any consolation for Ed Miliband, as Labour miss out on majority by one seat.

Osborne set to miss deficit targets
By George Eaton - 05 May 13:50

Sluggish growth means that total borrowing will still be 3.6 per cent in 2015-16.

Laurie Penny on why princess craze is no fairy tale
By Laurie Penny - 05 May 13:31

Young women need different models of femininity.

Why I voted No to AV
By David Allen Green - 05 May 12:39

An explanation of a vote against the liberal consensus.

President Windsor
By Dominic Sandbrook - 05 May 12:09

The Queen has spent 60 years giving the impression that the monarchy is somehow detached from everyd

Are you Fergie in disguise?
By Alan B'stard - 05 May 11:49

I'll be glad when this royal wedding malarkey is over.

Cut of your jib
By George Eaton - 05 May 11:42

Since Barack Obama submitted his budget plan to Congress on 14 February, both George Osborne and Ed Balls have rushed to claim that the US president is on their side in the deficit war.

“No campaign used made-up figures”, says David Blunkett
By Samira Shackle - 05 May 10:05

The former home secretary admits that the £250m figure was invented, as coalition tensions run high.

If you want PR, vote Yes tomorrow
By George Eaton - 04 May 19:11

If the system can be changed once, it can be changed twice.

5 May elections: what’s up for grabs?
By Samira Shackle - 04 May 12:51

Confused? Here’s your essential guide to all the ballots taking place across the UK.

AV campaigns fail to stir the Twittersphere
By Duncan Robinson - 04 May 11:53

People care about the AV referendum only slightly more than they do about <em>Channel 4 News</em> an

How the uncrowned king of Scotland lost his way
By Rob Brown - 03 May 18:51

The Scottish National Party, under the clever leadership of Alex Salmond, is likely to retain power

Don’t vote against AV because you hate Clegg
By Olly Grender - 03 May 11:49

Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg will still be in the same jobs next week. A vote for or against AV

’AV faith
By George Eaton - 27 April 12:48

"England," Benjamin Disraeli once remarked, "does not love coalitions." It is perhaps for this reason that the No to AV campaign has warned that the Alternative Vote (AV) would institutionalise hung parliaments and coalition g

Bunga-bunga royal wedding
By Gideon Donald - 27 April 12:46

A common mistake made by non-Etonians (or should that be un-Etonians?) is to lump us all together in the same boat when there are as many varieties of Etonian as there are butterfly.

No cap or control system will keep determined immigrants out
By Alice Miles - 27 April 12:45

Alice Miles recounts a chance meeting in Belize with a savvy thirtysomething Bangladeshi. To David C

Behind the Irish crisis
By Maurice Walsh - 27 April 12:45

The new coalition government portrays the crushing defeat of Fianna Fail as a cathartic, revolutiona

Gilbey on Film: Chronicle of Protest, previewed
By Ryan Gilbey - 27 April 12:43

Activist video is providing a corrective to the mainstream media - but nothing beats the power of a

Migration myths, really radical voting reforms and enforced jollity
By Peter Wilby - 27 April 12:37

David Cameron says he wants a calm, rational debate about immigration, but he is a long way from getting it.

The New Statesman Politics Interview — Yvette Cooper
By Sophie Elmhirst - 27 April 12:31

On the road in the West Midlands for the local election campaign, he shadow home secretary talks abo