In full: Shaun Woodward's "Guns of August" memo
By Dan Hodges - 31 August 13:11

Labour analysis of David Cameron's shift right may read well, but does it hold much weight?

A poll bounce for the Tories
By George Eaton - 31 August 12:22

Latest YouGov poll puts the Tories on 39 per cent, just a point behind Labour.

Andrew Mitchell caught with cabinet papers on show
By George Eaton - 30 August 15:26

International Development Secretary photographed holding confidential papers on Afghanistan.

Is the Scottish subsidy unfair?
By George Eaton - 30 August 11:30

The Daily Mail's analysis fails to take into account North Sea oil revenues. But the Barnett Formula

Scot fee
By George Eaton - 29 August 1:00

For the 200,000 people who missed out on a university place, reapplying next year could prove very costly indeed.

Leader: If EU students get free tuition in Scotland, English ones should
By Staff blogger - 25 August 9:06

It is absurd that EU students receive a free university education in Scotland, while UK students pay

Tommy goes to Hollywood
By Kevin Maguire - 25 August 9:06

Muchas gracias to the snout who forwarded me the wheelchair user Sean McGovern's unexpurgated account of his confrontation with Iain Duncan Smith, after finding the benefit cutter blocking a disabled toilet at

Cameron’s leadership — a holiday persistently interrupted by reality
By Rafael Behr - 25 August 9:06

The Prime Minister has long positioned himself above the fray, at the expense of a coherent message

When being the Prime Minister gets in the way of a good holiday
By Steven Baxter - 24 August 12:09

Clamouring for Cameron to come back from holiday when things get tough just feeds his Etonian ego.

The coalition's confidence trick
By Jonathan Portes - 24 August 1:00

The government has put reducing the deficit ahead of growth and jobs. Ignore the scaremongering.

The Politics Interview — Sir Hugh Orde
By Jon Bernstein - 24 August 1:00

The coppers’ favourite to become commissioner of the Metropolitan Police talks about the challenges

Stumped for words
By Gideon Donald - 24 August 1:00

"Shot," said the PM, taking a gulp of bitter and looking tremendously pleased with himself.

Boys in hoods
By Gavin Knight - 23 August 11:00

Violence plagues our inner cities, but we chose to ignore it until now.

Looted at the Ledbury
By Alan B'stard - 22 August 1:00

Last week's edition of this self-important propaganda sheet was full of so-called experts pontificating about the riots. It was all theory and surmise, however, because they weren't there in the thick of it.

Family breakdown and the riots: Ruth Lister
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Two-parent households aren't always best.

Don’t mention the family
By Jason Cowley - 22 August 1:00

Right-wingers have blamed the riots on “moral collapse” and absent fathers. Here, we invite 11 leadi

Family breakdown and the riots: Marc Stears
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Blaming everything on inequality is a cop-out

Family breakdown and the riots: Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

Poverty is the real issue here, not fathers.

These tax cut whispers are about to get louder
By Gavin Kelly and James Plunkett - 21 August 12:49

Bizarrely, abolishing the 50p rate remains top of the Chancellor's list.

Tony Blair: there's no moral decline in this country
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 21 August 10:55

Former PM challenges left and right to think again about the riots.

Leader: After the riots, David Cameron has retreated into pessimism
By Staff blogger - 18 August 10:42

"Zero-tolerance" policing is neither possible nor desirable.

John Pilger: Damn them or fear them, the truth is that the London riots were an insurrection
By John Pilger - 18 August 10:42

Bankers loot the Treasury, MPs fiddle their expenses . . . and then the establishment turns on deprived young people in England’s inner cities and calls them criminals. The August disturbances weren't riots: they were the revolt of the working class.

Labour's response to the riots has to be conservative and radical
By Jonathan Rutherford - 17 August 19:10

The party must defend the integrity of family life and those institutions that promote the common go

Time for a compulsory civic service scheme
By David Lammy - 17 August 17:18

The riots have shown that we cannot afford not to teach our young people lessons of civic duty.

Riots and randomness: the search for an explanation
By Sean Carey - 17 August 12:59

There is no consensus about how to classify what went on, but "randomness" is unlikely to be the ans

My zero tolerance for these politicised police chiefs
By Graeme Archer - 17 August 11:50

They have forgotten their most important directive: they police with our consent.

The feral political underclass is moving in
By Dan Hodges - 17 August 9:57

Self-appointed defenders of white society are taking advantage of Britain's anger and disillusionmen

Q&A: Shabana Mahmood MP
By Sophie Elmhirst - 16 August 18:10

“There are some very well-to-do people that did some stupid stuff in my city.”

Full transcript | Theresa May | Speech on police reform | Reform | 16 August 2011
By Theresa May - 16 August 14:03

"I want police officers to hear this message loud and clear: as long as you act within reason and th

Miliband denounces Starkey's "utterly outrageous" and "racist" comments
By Sophie FitzMaurice - 15 August 17:42

The Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, has called on all politicians to condemn the popular historian's con