Leader: Towards a progressive consensus
By Staff blogger - 26 November 5:41

Labour should prepare for a possible hung parliament by forming a partnership of principle with the

Bite-sized briefing: UK
By Staff blogger - 26 November 5:41

Police officers have made arrests simply to add people to the DNA database, a retired police officer told the Human Genetics Commission. The practice is "the norm", he said.

For the good of the country, Osborne must go
By Gideon Donald - 26 November 5:41

It is time for David Cameron to cast off the godfather who has become a liability

Glimmers of old truths
By James Macintyre - 26 November 5:41

Britain's latest inquiry into the invasion of Iraq has begun, and Sir John Chilcot, who shows every sign of recognising the need to address the war's unanswered questions, has promised his probe will be "rigorous, fair and fra

1974 and all that – the constitutional position
By Vernon Bogdanor - 26 November 5:41

In a hung parliament, Gordon Brown, like Edward Heath, would be constitutionally entitled to seek co

Iraq, Palin and building bridges
By Peter Wilby - 26 November 5:41

A trial is what those of us who consistently opposed the Iraq war desperately want

What are the odds?
By Peter Kellner - 26 November 5:41

Anything between a Labour lead of 1 per cent and a Tory lead of 10 per cent is likely to give us a h

No more leadership talk, please
By Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre - 26 November 5:41

Alan Johnson defends Gordon Brown and insists the debate on electoral reform is not over

Doing deals in Downing Street
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 26 November 5:41

Recent opinion polls have fluctuated wildly, but one thing is certain: there is still no great love

Education, education
By Sonia Poulton - 19 November 5:52

These are testing times for parents who educate their children at home.

Like it or not, Brown’s a war leader
By James Macintyre - 19 November 5:52

Public patience with the Afghanistan war is running out. Brown may yet regret becoming a war leader

What if... Hugh Gaitskell had lived
By Dominic Sandbrook - 19 November 5:52

Labour supporters looked forward to a new era of reform and modernisation

Oh, for a bonfire of banality!
By Fran Reddington - 19 November 5:52

Oh, it has been a dispiriting week. I have found myself questioning the very purpose of my vocation. Where does power really lie? In the hands of the elected? The righteous? The just?

Nurses, cricket and anti-Semitism
By Peter Wilby - 19 November 5:52

We should value nurses' distinctive qualities, not force them to take degrees

Bad idea: Political police
By Alyssa McDonald - 19 November 5:52

The debate over how to run the police force and whether some of its senior members should be elected is one of those arguments where each side is accusing the other of the same thing, like two tearful siblings each trying to c

Health reform beyond the hype
By Staff blogger - 12 November 9:44

How should services in the UK and US change, and what can they learn from each other?

The war for the poor
By Fran Abrams - 12 November 5:43

In the run-up to next year’s general election, poverty is back at the heart of political debate. In

Bite-sized briefing: UK
By Staff blogger - 12 November 5:43

Ten nuclear power station sites have been approved by the government in England and Wales. Most will replace existing plants.

Good idea: Thinkers unite
By Alyssa McDonald - 12 November 5:43

Earlier this month, just as Sir Christopher Kelly's report on MPs' expenses was launched, reigniting the righteous indignation of the British public, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) published its response to th

Backtrack or derail
By Neil Clark - 12 November 5:43

A pledge to renationalise the railways would be a clear vote-winner. So why do passengers’ demands f

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 12 November 5:43


Lisbon, chaos theory and poppies
By Peter Wilby - 12 November 5:43

The Tories have deluded themselves that Britain can enjoy trading advantages without the drawbacks o

The Sun sinks to a new low
By James Macintyre - 12 November 5:43

The Sun has returned to doing what it does best: bashing Labour. And, it seems, at any price

What if... Britain had lost the Falklands war
By Dominic Sandbrook - 12 November 5:43

It is hard to escape the war in Puerto Argentino. At the city's tiny airport, a gigantic mural commemorates the soldiers from the mainland who lost their lives.

Leader: The battle over poverty starts here
By Staff blogger - 12 November 5:43

A reduction in poverty should be the centrepiece of any future Labour programme

From boom to bleak: Labour’s record on poverty
By Mike Brewer - 12 November 5:43

Trends in poverty and inequality since Labour came to power in 1997 fall neatly into three stages. In Labour's first term, there was growth in income of over 3 per cent each year after inflation for the median household.

Kissinger has come to town
By Stephen Newton - 12 November 5:43

For all David Cameron's attempts to modernise his party, many Tories still hold a candle for the Reagan-Thatcher years.

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t Everyman, he’s Reptonman
By Gideon Donald - 12 November 5:43

Clarkson has shown his lack of class again by attacking Mandelson

Penance for our sins
By George Eaton - 11 November 10:49

In the days of the empire, Britain imposed its voting system
on other countries. Many of those ex-

I am a convert to the cause
By Michael Brown - 11 November 10:45

Restoring voters’ faith in the electoral system through reform should be the first duty of the next