Beware of the blog
By Adam Bienkov - 17 September 6:48

Boris underestimated the web

Leader: A very long engagement . . .
By Ken Livingstone - 17 September 6:48

The New Statesman supported me when I was being battered from pillar to post by the tabloid press

Bring it on
By Ed Balls - 17 September 6:48

We can and will expose Cameron Conservatism to be as out of touch and unsuited for these times as La

Why we should scrap Trident
By Jarvis Cocker - 17 September 6:48

How can we demonise other countries for daring to have nuclear weapons development programmes while

Leader: Labour must change to survive
By Ken Livingstone - 17 September 6:48

The Labour government remains a superior option to the Tories but it needs credible policies to meet

Questions for Ken
By Staff blogger - 17 September 6:48

Pop, politics, and what he’d do with his hour on the plinth – New Statesman readers ask, Ken Livings

BNP on BBC wrong, wrong, wrong
By James Macintyre - 10 September 8:56

Question Time was discussing inviting Nick Griffin on long before the BNP's "breakthrough"

Enter a daredevil
By Alex Brummer - 10 September 8:56

The chairman of the troubled Financial Services Authority, Adair Turner, is courting political contr

Eat canapé, avoid catastrophe
By Peter Wilby - 10 September 8:56

. . . on the 10:10 luvvies, Keith Waterhouse, and football’s castrati

Emission impossible?
By James Macintyre - 10 September 8:56

Ed Miliband will need all the political skills he can muster to get a deal in Copenhagen

Meet the candidate – a complete fruitcake
By Gideon Donald - 10 September 8:56

So damned fluid are the classes these days, I had seemingly mistaken mistress for maid

Leader: Have we learned nothing from the economic catastrophe of 12 months ago?
By Staff blogger - 10 September 8:56

Without a proper reassessment of the role of finance in our economy, the crash could easily happen a

The story from the inside
By David Blanchflower - 10 September 8:56

In this exclusive account of decision-making at the Bank of England, David Blanchflower reveals how

Vince Cable: Beneath the halo
By Mehdi Hasan - 10 September 8:56

Vince Cable is hailed by right and left as a prophet who predicted the crisis. But is he quite the informed economist of repute? And what about his time at Shell?

Citizens or subjects?
By James Burgess - 07 September 16:15

Should Americans in Britain have the right to vote in UK general elections? A report from a debate a

Questions for Ken
By Staff blogger - 03 September 11:10

In two weeks' time the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone will attend a high-level NS editorial summit and we want you to set the agenda.

The socialist’s guide to camping
By G A Cohen - 03 September 8:19

Just because humans are selfish, should we give up on the ideals of equality and community? Oxford p

Megrahi was framed
By John Pilger - 03 September 8:19

The trial of the “Lockerbie bomber” was worse than a travesty of justice. Evidence that never came t

Labour's Crisis
By Jon Cruddas - 03 September 8:19

Labour is in the middle of its gravest crisis in 30 years. It needs to rediscover the radicalism tha

Leader: In Afghanistan, political success remains as elusive as military triumph
By Staff blogger - 03 September 8:19

The leaders of the coalition are now ignoring allegations of fraud and corruption that they have not

An ideological map
By Stuart White - 03 September 8:19

How can we build a “good society”? Four evolving strands of progressive thought and the guiding spir

Sell off the Roads!
By Peter Wilby - 03 September 8:19

. . . on James Murdoch’s bananas, political dynasties and a game of cards

Notting Hell of Osborne’s celebrity dinner
By Gideon Donald - 03 September 8:19

At dinner Osborne placed me between Dominic Mohan and someone called Alan Davies

The new progressives
By Stuart White - 03 September 8:19

There is a common belief across the four new ideological trends that the state must be restructured

Quango pickle
By Leo McKinstry - 03 September 8:19

Observations on housing

The drowned world
By James Macintyre - 03 September 8:19

Time is running out in Bangladesh where floods caused by climate change threaten to engulf entire is

“They hoped I’d be pro-torture”
By Peter Hitchens - 27 August 8:07

The BBC could not handle a right-winger against the Iraq war

Coulson, a twit at the wicket
By Gideon Donald - 27 August 8:07

I was meant to be with Major at the Oval, but found myself in a basement (Andy Coulson "doesn't do daylight") listening to our esteemed Director of Communications and Planning delivering a lecture on "The Future".

The folly of devolution
By James Macintyre - 27 August 8:07

The furore over the release of the Lockerbie bomber may hasten the decline of the union

Good migrations
By Daniel Trilling - 27 August 8:07

Luton – described as a breeding ground for militants and a tinderbox of racial tension – has an imag