Tartan Tories strike back
By Alyssa McDonald - 03 May 8:21

The Conservatives hold just one seat for Scotland in Westminster, but starting with the help of a 26

By Sophie Elmhirst - 30 April 11:03

As in "Cleggmania". And "Tigermania". And "Twilight-mania".

The Returning Officer
By Stephen Brasher - 29 April 13:17

Lobby fodder

Commons Confidential
By Kevin Maguire - 29 April 13:15

Comical Ali’s laughable campaign.

Why deadlock means danger
By Peter Kellner - 29 April 8:12

A hung parliament with a large Lib Dem contingent is far better news for the Tories than for Labour.

“I know you are angry, but you must vote Labour”
By James Macintyre - 29 April 8:12

Douglas Alexander talks to James Macintyre

The NS Interview: Neil Kinnock
By Alyssa McDonald - 29 April 8:12

“Will we win on 6 May? At the moment, it doesn’t look like it”

Dave’s carrot to make well-hung Nick swing our way
By Gideon Donald - 29 April 8:12

To play the Dimbleby is a role that should be attempted only by an actor of Blessedian insensitivity, and to no one's surprise I collapsed a mere

Clegg’s vision of a Labour-free Britain
By Mehdi Hasan - 29 April 8:12

Cleggmania has galvanised British politics. But it would be a mistake to write off the Labour Party

The end of Dave
By Christopher Montgomery - 29 April 8:12

If Cameron loses the election, his modernisation of the Conservatives will be deemed a failure and h

What Britain needs is jobs
By David Blanchflower - 29 April 8:12

Ignore Cameron and Osborne’s scare tactics about the dangers of not reducing the Budget deficit as s

Fleet Street’s inconvenient truth
By Peter Wilby - 29 April 8:12

"Cleggalomaniac." "Vote for Clegg is vote for Brussels." "Clegg in Nazi slur on Britain." "Clegg, the donors and payments to his bank account." The Sun and Daily Mail don't do things by halves.

We need a progressive alliance
By Neal Lawson - 29 April 8:12

New Labour’s mistake was to change the ends of Labour politics, not the means. To avoid the disaster

Leader: This election presents opportunity, but also danger
By Staff blogger - 29 April 8:12

The most unpredictable election campaign in modern times moves chaotically towards its close, with David Cameron "ambushed" by the parent of a disabled child, and Gordon Brown overheard disparaging one woman voter as a "bigot"

Gilbey on Film: election special round two
By Ryan Gilbey - 27 April 17:40

Our critic's verdict on the (other) party political broadcasts.

24 director behind latest Labour broadcast
By Matthew Hepplewhite - 27 April 16:29

Stephen Hopkins to imagine Tory future.

"We're now the party of social justice"
By Daniel Trilling - 27 April 14:37

On the campaign trail with Green Party leader Caroline Lucas.

SNP to launch legal action against BBC
By New Statesman - 26 April 12:25

The Scottish National Party has set out plans to launch legal action against the BBC over its exclus

The republican moment

The Liberal Democrats understand, as the public does,
that our politics is broken. Now, the nation

The right hand of God
By Sunny Hundal - 24 April 11:54

Christian fundamentalists form a noisy wing of the Conservative Party, and their influence is growin

The Tories’ volcano economics
By David Blanchflower - 23 April 14:30

Gardeners understand that a late frost can kill off early growth. It is the same in the first days o

Cleggmania? You gotta be kidding
By Andrew Stephen - 23 April 9:16

Sorry, Nick: America just isn't ready for Cleggmania.

Luton, we have lift-off!
By Esther Rantzen - 23 April 9:13

Three-horse race

Britain calls it mellow yellow
By Mike Smithson - 22 April 8:06

Youth of today

Nick Clegg: international man of mystery
By Will Self - 22 April 8:06

I don't know Gordon Brown - do you? I don't know Dave Cameron, either, not even remotely. As for Nick Clegg, he's an enigma - albeit not one I feel driven to solve.

Harman power
By James Macintyre - 22 April 8:06

Labour’s deputy leader talks to James Macintyre about Cleggmania and Cameron’s “arrogance”.

Clegg may yet plump for Cameron
By Mehdi Hasan - 22 April 8:06

Inside Lib Dem HQ, there is talk of the party providing Cameron with "supply and confidence" in the

Polls, pacts and stranded Brits
By Peter Wilby - 22 April 8:06

As I write, opinion polls predict a three-way split in the election result.

What if .... Benn had been deputy
By Dominic Sandbrook - 22 April 8:06

It was late in the evening of 27 September 1981, and the tension in the Brighton conference hall was close to breaking point when the result was finally announced.