Animal Rights
By Wendy Higgins - 06 November 12:31

The European Commission has created a proposal to revise the laws on the rights of animals used in s

By Martin Bright - 06 November 9:18

Whether they like it or not, Labour's senior figures still need to think about Gordon Brown's succes

More tales of the diaspora
By Sholto Byrnes - 06 November 9:18

<strong>Evening is the Whole Day</strong>

Preeta Samarasan

<em>Fourth Estate, 352pp, £16.99</em>

Patients required
By Fatema Ahmed - 06 November 9:18

<strong>All in the Mind</strong>

Alastair Campbell

<em>Hutchinson, 304pp, £17.99</em>

Michael Foot 1913-2010
By Mark Seddon - 06 November 9:18

The last published interview with the former Labour leader, who died today aged 96.

'My right to euthanasia'
By Brittany Peats - 05 November 11:44

The British MS-sufferer who went to court to try to ensure her husband wouldn't be prosecuted if he

A third runway?
By Joss Garman - 05 November 10:29

A campaigner against the expansion at Heathrow asks: who still wants another runway - and why?

Er, there's an election on...
By Paul Evans - 31 October 11:15

Yes, yes we've heard all about the US presidential election but what about the pitched battle that's

Will more choice help us through the maze?
By Joy Persaud - 30 October 12:00

Patients will want to take the path that leads them to the healthcare that they want, at a time when

Round table: Access all areas?
By Staff blogger - 30 October 12:00


Richard Armstrong Head of Primary Medical Care Contracting, Department of Health

Ben Bradshaw MP Minister of State for Health Services, Department of Health

Why I'm on the outside
By Martin Bright - 30 October 9:16

Membership of the Labour Party is, improbably, once more increasing. But the party must change if it

Sarah on the stump
By James Macintyre - 30 October 9:16

The Prime Minister's wife has been out pressing the flesh and leavening the Brown brand as Labour st

The banality of Jonathan Ross
By Staff blogger - 30 October 9:16

Jonathan Ross likes to think of himself not only as a popular entertainer, but also as something of an agitator and affronter: a fast-talking, wised-up joker. He likes to shock and offend.

What's new pussycat?
By Kevin Maguire - 30 October 9:16

All the gossip from the Westminster Village

The Brown bounce
By Steve Richards - 30 October 9:16

At the end of the summer Gordon Brown faced a host of severe challenges. But contrary to most predic

The John and Pauline show
By Rachel Cooke - 30 October 9:16

An invitation to laugh at the Prescotts is motivated by plain old snobbery

<strong>Prescott: the

Seeing double
By Gideon Donald - 30 October 9:16

The Tories' very own Blair and Brown

Celebrating masochism
By Ryan Gilbey - 30 October 9:16

The latest James Bond blockbuster is little more than the usual exercise in designer violence, while

Tory weighs into Ross/Brand row
By Brittany Peats - 29 October 17:42

Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt criticises the BBC for its reaction to the Ross/Brand prank cal

Heathrow plan attacked
By Chris Ames - 29 October 12:59

Amid growing rumours of a Cabinet split over Heathrow expansion ex-culture secretary turned Environm

Criminalising extreme porn
By Katy Taylor - 28 October 13:07

Feminists are split over government plans to ban so-called extreme porn with some groups arguing cen

Small dollar democracy
By Nick Anstead - 28 October 12:12

Changing the way UK parties are funded would cut out the need to find donations from millionaires, a

A conflict of interest?
By Tim Worstall - 27 October 16:29

Blogger and UKIP European parliamentary hopeful Tim Worstall gives his take on the financial arrange

Manners and the super-rich
By Jonathan Calder - 27 October 12:43

Magnates and oligarchs now spend most of their time on their yachts - hence Roman Abramovich’s stran

Sailing close to the wind
By Paul Evans - 24 October 10:30

Osborne splits the bloggers while Byron gets the recognition he deserves, this week in the politics

As the champagne corks pop . . .
By Peter Wilby - 23 October 14:43

Yachtgate leaves voters with the uncomfortable feeling that
the super-rich own our politicians.

George and Mandy Go Wild on Corfu
By Martin Bright - 23 October 14:03

Sometimes its the incidental details of a scandal that are most revealing

Dobbo's frank talk with Mandela
By Kevin Maguire - 23 October 10:17

Star turn of the tea room is the unlikely figure of Alistair "Now Everybody's" Darling. The country's bank manager has taken to boasting to the troops that he's halfway through implementing Labour's 1983 election manifesto.

A talent to amuse
By Stephen Calloway - 23 October 10:17

<strong>Cartoons and Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster</strong>

James Knox


George, Nat and me
By Gideon Donald - 23 October 10:17

I am pleased to report that while Ricky Gervais was in London drumming up business for his new major motion picture we met to discuss what we might do for each other.