Part-time blues
By George Eaton - 27 June 1:00

The number of part-time workers who can't find full-time jobs has risen to a record high of 1.2 mill

Is Blue Labour anti-women?
By Daniel Trilling - 26 June 14:39

A senior Labour MP criticises the project for "harking back to a Janet and John era".

Strikes: a reader
By Staff blogger - 26 June 13:49

Essential reading ahead of Thursday's public sector walk-outs.

"Old Labour forgot about the public; New Labour forgot about the Party"
By Staff blogger - 25 June 14:02

Full text of Ed Miliband's speech to the National Policy Forum.

The real question about overseas aid
By Deborah Doane - 25 June 11:37

It's not the UK's aid budget that hinders development, it's free-market capitalism.

Is this the right time for Miliband to say "sack me or back me"?
By Olly Grender - 24 June 14:26

Ed Miliband has turned the shadow cabinet elections into a pointless test of his leadership.

Ed Miliband and the paradox of party reform
By Rafael Behr - 24 June 14:08

In order to open up their parties, leaders end up on relying on centralising devices.

Harman: "An all-male leadership is not acceptable"
By Samira Shackle - 24 June 13:18

One of the two most senior positions in the Labour Party should always be held by a woman, says Harr

Miliband to abolish shadow cabinet elections
By George Eaton - 23 June 23:33

Labour leader moves to assert his authority with historic reform.

Ignore the media scare-stories about strikes
By Steven Baxter - 23 June 13:34

Those who strike are not firebrands or ideologues, they are ordinary men and women who are fighting

I’ve lots of skin in this game
By Alan B'stard - 23 June 13:32

I'm sorry I haven't been here to brighten your alternate weeks for a while, but I've been busy pursuing my sporting interests. And what a wonderful summer of sport it has been.

Can't pay, won't pay
By Daniel Trilling - 23 June 12:43

It's right to protest against Glastonbury's headliners.

Oh no, minister
By Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay - 23 June 12:40

Satire thrives on scandal, say Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay, writers of the 1980s sitcom <em>Yes Mi

Brothers grim: Mehdi Hasan on the David/Ed split
By Mehdi Hasan - 23 June 12:40

Of course the contest between David and Ed Miliband for the Labour leadership was divisive. 

John Pilger: Brainwashing the polite, professional and British way
By John Pilger - 23 June 12:06

In Britain as in America, the object of training professionals in everything from banking to the media is to produce a class of “managers” who instinctively muffle dissent — even if no one tells them to do so.

Leader: Stop playing politics with public-sector pensions
By Staff blogger - 23 June 12:06

Ministers must negotiate with the unions in good faith.

Dave and Nick need to fake it now that the romance has gone
By Rafael Behr - 23 June 12:06

With the Prime Minister now attacking his deputy openly on the radio, it’s clear that the early truc

The Dark Lord’s fourth coming
By Kevin Maguire - 23 June 12:06

Mandelson could return to run the World Trade Organisation.

“I admire a lot of what Arthur Scargill did”: Mehdi Hasan speaks to Mark Serwotka about unionism
By Mehdi Hasan - 23 June 12:06

Mark Serwotka of the Public and Commercial Services Union is ready to lead his union into battle on 30 June. 

Small mercies at the Bank of England
By David Blanchflower - 22 June 17:55

Martin Weale is taking Andrew Sentance's mantle as the Monetary Policy Committee's resident clown.

Sharia isn't what many think it is, says Mehdi Hasan
Mehdi Hasan: it’s time to lay the sharia bogeyman to rest
By Mehdi Hasan - 21 June 14:15

Why are our lawmakers obsessed with “sharia law”?

The long-term problem for "generation rent"
By Vidhya Alakeson - 20 June 16:42

We need to stop relying on home-ownership as the only way to build wealth if we're to have an adequa

Ministers argue that pension plans are "fair"
By Henrietta Hitchcock - 17 June 13:56

Treasury minister Danny Alexander is due to announce the rise in retirement age today, along with th

Law firm accuses MP of 'misusing' parliamentary privilege
By Andrew Pugh - 17 June 13:11

Eric Joyce MP reffered to a client of ENRC as being a "shady little man".

How the “Work Programme” could make the poor poorer
By David Blanchflower - 17 June 11:00

Making work pay is a laudable goal but this scheme isn’t how to do it.

Exclusive — Rowan Williams in conversation with William Hague
By Rowan Williams - 17 June 8:25

The Foreign Secretary believes Britain abroad must temper idealism with pragmatism. The Archbishop o

Ed Miliband’s war on waste
By Matthew Sinclair - 16 June 17:34

How the Labour leader can make a convincing attack on wasteful public spending.

Politics and the pulpit
By Nelson Jones - 16 June 15:56

Who cares what an archbishop thinks, anyway?

Balls exploits the Tories' normality deficit
By Rafael Behr - 16 June 14:25

Calling for cheaper prices is an attempt to portray Cameron and Osborne as out of touch.