Manners and the super-rich
By Jonathan Calder - 27 October 12:43

Magnates and oligarchs now spend most of their time on their yachts - hence Roman Abramovich’s stran

Sailing close to the wind
By Paul Evans - 24 October 10:30

Osborne splits the bloggers while Byron gets the recognition he deserves, this week in the politics

As the champagne corks pop . . .
By Peter Wilby - 23 October 14:43

Yachtgate leaves voters with the uncomfortable feeling that
the super-rich own our politicians.

George and Mandy Go Wild on Corfu
By Martin Bright - 23 October 14:03

Sometimes its the incidental details of a scandal that are most revealing

Dobbo's frank talk with Mandela
By Kevin Maguire - 23 October 10:17

Star turn of the tea room is the unlikely figure of Alistair "Now Everybody's" Darling. The country's bank manager has taken to boasting to the troops that he's halfway through implementing Labour's 1983 election manifesto.

A talent to amuse
By Stephen Calloway - 23 October 10:17

<strong>Cartoons and Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster</strong>

James Knox


George, Nat and me
By Gideon Donald - 23 October 10:17

I am pleased to report that while Ricky Gervais was in London drumming up business for his new major motion picture we met to discuss what we might do for each other.

The killing fields
By John Sweeney - 23 October 10:17

What are we doing in Afghanistan? A superb new history shows how successive invaders have tried, and

Bullingdon boys are still braying
By Staff blogger - 23 October 10:17

According to our correspondent Gideon Donald, writing on page 14, the feud between George Osborne, the Conservative shadow chancellor, and Nathaniel Rothschild, of the banking dynasty, stretches back to Oxford days and the Bullingdon Club. That may or may not be true.

An old-fashioned misery memoir
By Rachel Cooke - 23 October 10:17

A study of Victoria's melancholy youth puts clever women on our screens again


Getting money to the poor is morally right, and effective
By Staff blogger - 23 October 10:17

It was not the best of times to be reminded that politicians of all parties seem so easily to find themselves enjoying the hospitality of billionaires and plutocrats.

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 23 October 10:17

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Capital spending projects

Here we go again
By Martin Bright - 22 October 18:22

The Tories will face prolonged embarrassment and questioning about their funders following the Derip

Abortion and the Catholic vote
By Katy Taylor - 22 October 14:45

As MPs are denied the opportunity to debate abortion reforms, Diane Abbott points the finger at Cath

Mandy in the cold
By Paul Evans - 20 October 10:37

Chatter about migration, giant hedgehogs and how Mandelson felt the chill in Russia, this week in th

Generally pissed off
By Tara Hamilton-Miller - 16 October 17:33

Alan Duncan, Shadow Secretary of State for Business is on the war path. When I spoke to him this wee

A Living Wage for Britain
By Caroline Lucas - 16 October 16:45

During Blog Action Day, the Green Party advocates for raising the minimum wage to a living wage to t

Time for a fundamental rethink
By Barbara Stocking - 16 October 14:34

Short-term fixes alone for the financial crisis will not be enough, which is why we will also contin

Inside Westminster
By Kevin Maguire - 16 October 10:37

Mr Paper Clips and “Thumbscrews” Watson - all the gossip from Britain's favourite village...

We were warned
By Martin Bright - 16 October 10:37

It's turning into a golden autumn for <strong>Gordon Brown</strong> - but it would have been a bette

What's eating Campbell
By James Macintyre - 16 October 10:37

Alastair Campbell is back as Labour's most feared communicator and strategic adviser. He talks to Ja

The rise of economic nationalism
By Vincent Cable - 16 October 10:37

The ingredients are in place, in the UK and elsewhere, for a return to atavistic "politics of the so

Tactical Briefing
By Jesse Armstrong - 16 October 10:37

From: The Unit

To: GB

Subject: Omnipotence

If you want to get ahead, hug a Tory
By Gideon Donald - 16 October 10:37

David Cameron and I go back to the sinking of the Belgrano, both being “new bugs” at Eton

Brown's euro ambition
By James Macintyre - 15 October 14:54

Did Gordon Brown delay obstruct UK euro-entry so he could one day lead Britain into the single curre

Still a Rape Crisis crisis
By Theresa May - 15 October 13:52

'Harriet Harman doesn't seem to appreciate the difference between a SARC, which focuses more on imme

Campaign for Better Mental Health Care
By Katy Taylor - 15 October 12:30

Health workers campaigned for better treatment of the mentally ill. They want anti-psychotic medicat

Smith's humiliating climbdown
By Chris Huhne - 15 October 10:40

Ministers claimed to be seeking to build consensus to about extend detention without trial. They fai

The executioner's sword
By Kate Allen - 15 October 10:25

Despite executing an average of two or three prisoners each week, Saudi Arabia’s grotesque love affa

Let's Celebrate the Demise of 42 Days
By Martin Bright - 14 October 13:24

Gordon has saved the world for the time being, but let's reserve some cheers for the government's fa