The saddest tweet of all: a minister who didn't know he had been reshuffled
By Media Mole - 11 May 11:58

He's not crying. It's just raining on his face.

Reshuffle: Who will be in David Cameron's new all-Conservative cabinet?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 11 May 11:10

David Cameron has re-appointed some key figures, and reached out to his backbenchers, in forming the new Conservative majority government.

Why I'm backing Tim Farron
By Andrew Emmerson - 11 May 7:52

We must no longer split the difference, or indeed ride of the coat tails of Labour or the Tories. It is a cliché that we must develop radical liberal identity, but it is true now more than ever.  Other parties can’t do this, we must.

Dan Jarvis rules himself out of the Labour leadership race
By Stephen Bush - 10 May 21:25

Dan Jarvis has bowed out of the Labour leadership race.

How will the Labour leadership election work?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 May 20:06

Labour is looking to elect a new leader. What’s the process?

Liz Kendall MP confirms she will be running for the Labour leadership
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 May 14:06

The shadow minister for care and older people confirms she will be running.

Boundary changes, Scotland and a new Tory leader mean the task is formidable. But five years is an eternity in politics.
How hard will it be for Labour to win the next election?
By George Eaton - 10 May 14:01

Boundary changes, Scotland and a new Tory leader mean the task is formidable. But five years is an eternity in politics. 

Why were the polls so wrong?
By Maya Oppenheim - 10 May 12:23

It wasn't just Labour and the Liberal Democrats who suffered a heavy defeat last Thursday - the opinion pollsters did too.

Who'll be where in Harriet Harman's "micro-shuffle"
By Stephen Bush - 10 May 11:56

Harriet Harman, Labour's acting leader, will conduct a minor reshuffle once the Conservatives have outlined their team.

Tom Watson MP sets up crowdfunding site for his deputy Labour leadership bid
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 May 11:05

Tom Watson has his eye on Labour's deputy leadership job.

Greens blame Tory majority on Labour's willingness to "accept the narrative of its opponents"
By Molly Scott Cato - 10 May 10:38

The Green party's economic spokesperson reflects on Labour and the media's pandering to the the Tory narrative.

The Lib Dems’ painful lesson: splitting the difference doesn't work
By Tim Wigmore - 10 May 10:08

The Lib Dems became the anti-conviction party.

Unannounced rival campaign accuses shadow ministers of "behaving like family members taking jewellery off a corpse".
Chuka Umunna and Liz Kendall attacked for early Labour leadership interventions
By George Eaton - 09 May 23:28

Unannounced rival campaign accuses shadow ministers of "behaving like family members taking jewellery off a corpse".

Chuka Umunna calls for Labour to target Conservatives and "aspirational, middle-class voters"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 09 May 22:07

The shadow business secretary gives a clear pitch for the Labour leadership, decrying the party's narrow appeal.

And we're off! Yvette Cooper's aides register domain name
By Stephen Bush - 09 May 18:12

The race to be Ed Miliband's successor has kicked off, albeit unofficially, with meetings between the key teams and recruitment already underway.

Can Jim Murphy hang on as leader of Scottish Labour amid calls for him to resign?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 09 May 17:01

One Scottish Labour shadow cabinet member has quit, and two unions call for Murphy to resign.

Don't give in: an angry population is hard to govern; a depressed population is easy
By Laurie Penny - 09 May 13:36

Don't let the bastards get you down – choose action over despondency when coming to terms with the general election result.

David Miliband reaches out to his brother. Photo: Getty
David Miliband: "My heart goes out to Ed"
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 May 19:46

The now former Labour leader's brother gives a short message of support.

A sad Ed Miliband
10 delusions about the Labour defeat to watch out for
By Ian Leslie - 08 May 17:16

As Labour tries to explain its defeat, look out for the following untruths.

A BNP canvasser in the 2014 European elections. Photo: Getty Images
A list of all of some of the minor parties who received more votes than the BNP
By Media Mole - 08 May 16:56

A small silver lining - the BNP's national vote has utterly collapsed.

Nigel Farage: could he return? Photo: Getty
Who will replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader?
By Tim Wigmore - 08 May 13:53

Now that Farage is standing down, who comes next?

Labour leader declares that his successor will "keep making the case for a country that works for working people".
Miliband stands by his argument in defeat
By George Eaton - 08 May 13:07

Even after the losses of last night, the Labour leader retains his conviction that his focus on inequality is right.

The count at Thanet. Photo: Getty
The NS liveblog: General Election 2015 results
By New Statesman - 08 May 13:06

The New Statesman team continue to bring the latest news, analysis - and resignations.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage loses in Thanet South
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 May 10:48

Ukip's disappointment is compounded by its leader's failure to win a seat.

Naz Shah won a landslide victory against Respect's George Galloway in Bradford West. Image: via Facebook.
We now have more black and Asian MPs than ever before
By Barbara Speed - 08 May 10:33

Black and minority ethnic representation in parliament is over 6 per cent for the first time ever, an increase of 50 per cent on last time.  

Nick Clegg has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Photo: Getty
Nick Clegg resigns as Lib Dem leader. Who will replace him?
By Caroline Crampton - 08 May 10:17

Tim Farron is the most likely candidate.

How many female MPs do we have now?
By Barbara Speed - 08 May 9:43

This election's seen the biggest increase since 1997 - but it's still not speeding us towards equality. 

Canvassing in Battersea, which Labour failed to win. Photograph: Getty Images.
Why did Labour lose so badly?
By George Eaton - 08 May 8:58

The fundamentals - the Tories' advantage on leadership and the economy - reasserted themselves.