Children in Year Two play with crayons and other toys. Photo: Getty Images
We need to talk about inequality, even when it makes us feel uncomfortable
By Wes Streeting - 10 June 8:31

The failure of state education in so many white working class areas is utterly unacceptable. Not to talk about it or to have any answers for how we overcome it, equally so. 

Andy Burnham plays in the Labour vs the Lobby match at Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
We're beginning to see the outlines of the Labour leadership race
By Stephen Bush - 09 June 18:07

Both Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall have reasons to be cheerful after the GMB hustings.

Ed Miliband resigns after leading Labour to a heavy defeat. Photo: Getty Images
I lost to the Conservatives by just 378 votes. Here's what I've learned
By James Frith - 09 June 15:33

Labour didn't have enough to say to businesses, or enough for people on long hours not zero hours. That must never happen again. 

Andy Burnham addresses Labour Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour faces a fight for its very survival. Andy Burnham is the man to put the party back on track
By Owen Smith - 09 June 14:37

2015 might not be rock bottom for Labour. It's vital the party picks the right leader.

Commuters at Earl's Court. Photo: Getty Images
I'm backing Sadiq Khan to get a fair deal for London's commuters
By Ken Livingstone - 09 June 12:35

Helping the city's commuters is one of the biggest jobs of London's Mayor - and I should know.

Zac Goldsmith sitting in a meadow. Photo: Getty
Zac Goldsmith MP is running to be the Tory candidate for London Mayor - what chance does he have?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 09 June 11:47

The Tory MP for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, announces his intention to run for the mayoralty.

Caroline Flint addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Why I'm backing Caroline Flint to be deputy leader
By David Blunkett - 09 June 9:00

Caroline isn't afraid of confronting hard truths and she doesn't avoid hard work. She's my choice for deputy leader.

Angela Eagle addresses  Labour Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Angela Eagle: “We just have to get over it and get on with it”
By Caroline Crampton - 09 June 7:30

The deputy Labour leadership candidate talks to Caroline Crampton about her pitch to the party, what went wrong at the general election, and why she wants one of the top jobs after 23 years as an MP.

Sadiq Khan will serve a full term as MP for Tooting if he becomes Mayor of London
By Stephen Bush - 08 June 21:31

The move will head off fears that Labour will lose the seat in a by-election, but the Tories may use it against Khan.

London, viewed from the Shard. Photo: Getty Images
We're very different MPs - but we're backing the same woman for London Mayor

From Sure Start to the Olympics, Tessa has delivered for London before and she can do so again. 

Frontrunner Burnham warns that Labour must "take care not to distance ourselves from the last five years" on the issue of inequality.
Labour leadership candidates clash on the EU and the past at PLP hustings
By George Eaton - 08 June 15:57

Frontrunner Burnham warns that Labour must "take care not to distance ourselves from the last five years" on the issue of inequality. 

Manchester City celebrates its second title in three years. Photo: Getty Images
There are big questions to answer for Manchester's new mayor
By Daniel Kenealy - 08 June 13:07

Devolution to Greater Manchester was greeted with general celebration. But there are broader concerns about the role and how it develops.

Sol Campbell wants to be London's next mayor. Photo: Getty
Ex-footballer Sol Campbell running for London Mayor shows the Tories' celebrity strategy at play
By Anoosh Chakelian - 08 June 12:31

Sol Campbell is the most high-profile figure to declare his interest in being the Conservative candidate to succeed Boris Johnson so far.

Far out: Bloch reads much into Kitchener’s preference for the company of young men. Photo: THE PRINT COLLECTOR/PRINT COLLECTOR/GETTY IMAGES
A camp history of Westminster's queer MPs
By Chris Bryant - 08 June 12:02

Michael Bloch's book on homosexuality in the house is fun - but little more than a naughty pleasure.

Rupert’s racket: an anti-Murdoch protest during the Leveson inquiry, 2012. Photo: TAL COHEN/REX
Think Britain is as corrupt as Russia? It's time to get out more
By Peter Oborne - 08 June 11:28

The last prime minister to make a fortune out of public office was Lloyd George. Today’s cabinet ministers earn middle-class salaries, and most of them live in modest houses. So why do people think otherwise?

Tony Blair greets the crowd after his first landslide victory in 1997. Photo: Getty Images
Is Labour dead?
By Neal Lawson - 08 June 11:26

Time is running out for the party to prove it can revitalise itself.

Chuka Umunna addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour's next split: the referendum
By Stephen Bush - 06 June 9:30

Labour may soon find itself just as riven by Europe as the Conservative Party.

Caroline Flint launches her candidacy at Progress conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour deputy leadership candidate Caroline Flint unveils another 12 supporters
By Stephen Bush - 06 June 8:50

Caroline Flint has revealed the names of 12 more supporters, taking her total to 24 overall.

The First Minister, Peter Robinson, outside Stormont. Photo: Getty Images
Why an argument over welfare reform could have big consequences for Northern Ireland
By Ciara Dunne - 05 June 15:57

Welfare reform could have momentous consequences for Northern Ireland and the future of the Stormont parliament.

For sale signs go up outside a house in London. Photo: Getty Images
Solving the housing crisis will be at the heart of my mayoralty
By Sadiq Khan - 05 June 14:00

The single biggest thing that Londoners need from their next Mayor: a solution to the housing crisis.

Visitors to the National Gallery. Photo: Getty Images
The story of Britain is the story of immigration - and we must stand up for it
By Keith Burnett - 05 June 13:49

Immigration is part of our history, and our future must be neither narrow nor fragmented.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a Stop the War rally. Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr
Will Jeremy Corbyn make the ballot?
By Stephen Bush - 05 June 11:28

Jeremy Corbyn, the leftwing MP, has announced he will seek nominations for the Labour leadership race. His chances are better than they look.

Anti-market campaigners in 1975. Photo: Getty Images
Don't look back in anger: why both In and Out must move on 1975
By Sunder Katwala - 05 June 8:59

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Britain's last referendum on its membership of the European Union. But both In and Out must move on from that contest if they are to win the next one.

Voters head to the polling station on May 7 2015. Photo: Getty
It's not just what Labour does, but how the party does it, that needs to change
By Stella Creasy - 05 June 8:00

The way Labour does politics must change - or the party will simply lose again.

The former leader has quickly taken up the cause he championed in office.
Miliband's inequality speech shows he will be a participant in Labour's future
By George Eaton - 04 June 17:40

The former leader has quickly taken up the cause he championed in office.

Austerity for one, austerity for all: The Signing of Peace in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, 28th June 1919 by William Orpen (1919). Photo: IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON/BRIDGEMAN IMAGES
Amartya Sen: The economic consequences of austerity
By Amartya Sen - 04 June 16:33

The judgements of our financial and political leaders are breathtakingly narrow. Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen considers the alternatives.

The Bishopsgate today. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
The Returning Officer: City of London II
By Stephen Brasher - 04 June 15:53

Wood’s selection meeting took place at the London Tavern on Bishopsgate, a large venue used for public meetings.

A huge blaze following confrontation in Tripoli. Photo: Getty Images
Where next for Libya?
By Daniel Kawczynski - 04 June 14:28

Libya has fallen victim to poor planning and wooly thinking. But a document from the country's past could save its future.