Tom Watson outside the High Court. Photo: Getty Images
What's going on in the Labour deputy leadership race?
By Stephen Bush - 11 June 14:39

The parliamentary Labour party is desperate for someone to stop Tom Watson. That's one reason why it's unlikely to happen.

Natalie Bennett on polling day. Photo: Anadolu Agency
"This leftwing label is potentially unhelpful": the Greens on why they missed their moment
By Tim Wigmore - 11 June 14:28

What happened to the Green Surge, and why aren't the Greens on a par with their European equivalents?

Don't be fooled by the new legislation, our fight against modern-day slavery in the UK isn’t over
By Michael Pollitt - 11 June 12:01

As the last bubbles drip from the champagne bottles that welcomed the Modern Slavery Bill on to the statute books, champions of the UK’s anti-trafficking legislation should take a sober look at what they've woken up with.

A portion of the Magna Carta, which Melvyn Bragg says is the foundation of modern freedom. Photo: British Library
It made us free: Melvyn Bragg on Magna Carta
By Melvyn Bragg - 11 June 9:50

Parliamentary democracy, trial by jury or habeas corpus - it can be argued that all these flowed from this document.

Helen Kennedy argues that the Magna Carta was influenced by the French. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
French Kissing: Helena Kennedy on Magna Carta
By Helena Kennedy - 11 June 8:58

As we congratulate ourselves on Magna Carta, let us remember that it came into being 150 years after the Norman Conquest and was probably greatly influenced by the French.

Charles Kennedy: the ideal Lib Dem leader. Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Charles Kennedy’s big what if, Murdoch says goodbye to Brexit, Blatter battered and testing tests
By Peter Wilby - 11 June 8:46

When politicians, the media and royalty are unanimous in their judgement that a man is a bad egg, I feel there’s probably much to be said for him.

The poisoning of King John: one of Magna Carter's terrible kings. Photo: British Library
Tom Holland: Magna Carta was forged from royal failure
By Tom Holland - 11 June 8:18

No coincidence that the most celebrated of all the waymarks on the road to freedom under the law was sealed by England’s most appalling king.

The Thames from the Shard. Photo: Duncan Harris/Flickr
The Returning Officer: City of London III
By Stephen Brasher - 11 June 8:16

By 1874, three of the City’s four MPs were Conservatives.

Charles Kennedy, in thought. Photo: Getty Images
It's time for Labour and the Liberal Democrats to talk about a merger
By Jamie Reed - 11 June 8:16

The reconfiguration of Scottish politics means a rethink is needed in England and Wales.

The coronation of King Henry III: is the Magna Carter a warning to radicals? Photo: British Library
Not so radical: Jesse Norman on Magna Carta's conservatism
By Jesse Norman - 11 June 8:02

Here, as so often in our history, it is property rights that secure individual freedom.

The party must be more nimble and shrewd in its economic positioning than in the last five years.
Can Labour avoid being outplayed on austerity by Osborne once again?
By George Eaton - 10 June 21:59

The party must be more nimble and shrewd in its economic positioning than in the last five years.

Demonstrators march outside Parliament. Photo: Getty Images
Here's why I'm nominating Rushanara Ali to be Labour's deputy leader
By Chi Onwurah - 10 June 18:08

I’m nominating Rushanara Ali so another voice will be heard. I urge my fellow MPs to do the same.

The Liberal Democrat leadership frontrunner on future coalitions, the Labour leadership contest and how his party can recover.
Tim Farron interview: Escape from the wilderness
By George Eaton - 10 June 16:52

The Liberal Democrat leadership frontrunner on future coalitions, the Labour leadership contest and how his party can recover. 

Leadership frontrunner says the Tories and Labour would have to promise the automatic introduction of proportional representation.
Tim Farron: Lib Dems would only enter coalition with guarantee of electoral reform
By George Eaton - 10 June 16:11

Leadership frontrunner says the Tories and Labour would have to promise the automatic introduction of proportional representation. 

Andy Burnham addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Here's why I'm backing Andy Burnham to lead Labour back to power
By Louise Haigh - 10 June 13:39

It’s hard to find a more genuine, decent person in politics than Andy, and I think people will connect with him at a time when we’re battling scepticism and apathy as much as we’re fighting the other side. 

The New Statesman endorsement for the Liberal Democrat leadership: Tim Farron, pictured here outside parliament. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images
The NS leader: why we're endorsing Tim Farron for the Liberal Democrat leadership
By New Statesman - 10 June 13:37

The road to recovery will be a long one. It is Mr Farron who offers the Lib Dems their best hope.

A worker in London's financial district. Photo: Getty Images
Don't be fooled. The country needs and wants a honest debate about tax
By Daisy Srblin - 10 June 13:18

Labour's chastening defeat has led some to claim the party is abandoning its commitments on tax. But that's a myth.

Sadiq Khan and Tessa Jowell are in a tight race as nominations close for Labour's London mayoral candidate
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 June 12:03

As Labour's London constituency parties' endorsements have rolled in, it looks like Tessa Jowell and Sadiq Khan will have a tough fight to the finish.

Andy Burnham and Stella Creasy work as DJs at a party fundraiser. Photo: Getty Images
Deputy leader? It's a Stella for me
By John Prescott - 10 June 11:51

Prezza for Stella may sound like I’m after a lager, but I think Creasy could refresh parts of the party other candidates cannot reach.

The party will need to decide whether to make the case for investment or to embrace fiscal conservatism.
Osborne's budget surplus trap will force Labour to finally offer economic clarity
By George Eaton - 10 June 11:03

The party will need to decide whether to make the case for investment or to embrace fiscal conservatism. 

Ragevan Vasan and Paige Round in Avaes Mohammad’s plays. Photo: Mark Douet
The absurd hunt for “Muslim toddler terrorists” exposes the extent of anti-Muslim prejudice
By Myriam Francois-Cerrah - 10 June 10:35

As the perception of a tacit complicity by the Muslim community in terrorist activity has gained traction, art has become a major outlet for protest and dissent.

What even is Britishness? Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
The culture wars of the left have contributed to Labour becoming unelectable
By John Bew - 10 June 10:21

Pseudo-radical academics do the same damage to the cause of the political left in Britain as the populist American right does to the Republican Party. 

Children in Year Two play with crayons and other toys. Photo: Getty Images
We need to talk about inequality, even when it makes us feel uncomfortable
By Wes Streeting - 10 June 8:31

The failure of state education in so many white working class areas is utterly unacceptable. Not to talk about it or to have any answers for how we overcome it, equally so. 

Andy Burnham plays in the Labour vs the Lobby match at Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
We're beginning to see the outlines of the Labour leadership race
By Stephen Bush - 09 June 18:07

Both Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall have reasons to be cheerful after the GMB hustings.

Ed Miliband resigns after leading Labour to a heavy defeat. Photo: Getty Images
I lost to the Conservatives by just 378 votes. Here's what I've learned
By James Frith - 09 June 15:33

Labour didn't have enough to say to businesses, or enough for people on long hours not zero hours. That must never happen again. 

Andy Burnham addresses Labour Party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour faces a fight for its very survival. Andy Burnham is the man to put the party back on track
By Owen Smith - 09 June 14:37

2015 might not be rock bottom for Labour. It's vital the party picks the right leader.

Commuters at Earl's Court. Photo: Getty Images
I'm backing Sadiq Khan to get a fair deal for London's commuters
By Ken Livingstone - 09 June 12:35

Helping the city's commuters is one of the biggest jobs of London's Mayor - and I should know.

Zac Goldsmith sitting in a meadow. Photo: Getty
Zac Goldsmith MP is running to be the Tory candidate for London Mayor - what chance does he have?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 09 June 11:47

The Tory MP for Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith, announces his intention to run for the mayoralty.

Caroline Flint addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Why I'm backing Caroline Flint to be deputy leader
By David Blunkett - 09 June 9:00

Caroline isn't afraid of confronting hard truths and she doesn't avoid hard work. She's my choice for deputy leader.